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Rank the Top 11 (S21)


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    • Girl Named Tom
    • Hailey Mia
    • Jeremy Rosado
    • Gymani
    • Jershika Maple
    • Joshua Vacanti
    • Holly Forbes
    • Jim and Sasha
    • Wendy Moten
    • Paris Winningham
    • Lana Scott

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1. GNT

2. Paris

3. Joshua

4. Wendy

5. Gymani

6. Jeremy

7. Jershika

8. Hailey

9. Lana

10. Holly

11. Jim and Sasha


For now I have this. It changes depending how they do each week for the most part.


My Top 4 haven't changed. Paris wasn't at his best this week but he still did very good and his body of work speaks for itself.


Gymani really sold me this week, so I put her above Jeremy, who I still love, but needs to step away from the big voiced diva ballads. Go back to the unexpected (but fitting) song choices like the blind and battles, or do some gospel.


Like I said, I'm done with Team Ariana at this point. Dont care what happens there.

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Gymani has been creeping up my list and she just shot up a ton after this performance and last night. It's so hard to keep justifying putting Holly so high though, since she has been disappointing so hard recently. 



2. Jershika Maple😍

3. Girl Named Tom☺️

4. Gymani😀

5. Hailey🤗

6. Holly🙂

7. Joshua😐

8. Wendy😕

9. Paris😔

10. Jeremy😖

11. Jim and Sasha🤢

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  1. Girl Named Tom
  2. Wendy
  3. Jershika
  4. Gymani
  5. Paris
  6. Jeremy
  7. Holly
  8. Lana
  9. Hailey
  10. Joshua
  11. Jim & Sasha

Power Rank:

  1. Girl Named Tom
  2. Wendy
  3. Paris
  4. Jeremy
  5. Jershika
  6. Holly
  7. Hailey
  8. Gymani [she will make the semis by winning IS in Top 11 and Top 10]
  9. Lana
  10. Joshua
  11. Jim & Sasha
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This is more based on who I'm pulling for right now, not on overall run.


My pick to win!

1. GNT - They continue to be spectacular even through the live rounds. It also helps that folk is my favorite genre of music!


Rooting for them to make it far.

2. Jershika Maple - She is unbelievably likable and a strong vocalist to boot. 

3. Joshua Vacanti - Not a fan of his pre-lives but he caught my attention with his last performance. One of the most interesting people left.


Great to have them around.

4. Wendy Moten - Not too invested in her tbh, but she's bound to deliver every week.

5. Gymani - She shot up my ranking with that incredible save performance. Hope she somehow survives next week.

6. Hailey Mia - Beautiful tone, was not as strong this week but I still think she has potential.


I like them too.

7. Paris Winningham - Good vocals but he needs to switch it up.

8. Lana Scott - Her tone has been growing on me but I prefer her on upbeat songs.

9. Jeremy Rosado - See Paris.


Team Ariana

10. Holly Forbes

11. Jim & Sasha Allen

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I need their autographs

1. Jershika Maple

2. Wendy Moten

3. Girl Named Tom

4. Gymani


Queen! But I want to see her go back to country pop a la KO

5. Lana


Very very very talented just haven't enjoyed them as much as I'd like to

6. Paris

7. Hailey

8. Jeremy


Not exactly my cup of tea but well done!

9. Joshua


Not convinced rn unfortunately

10. Jim & Sasha Allen

11. Holly



My ranking has DRASTICALLY changed it's insane. I think this week made me change my pov on Jim & Sasha mainly. Still love them as people, but their past performances haven't been it for me







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Personal Preference

  1. Wendy Moten (she is an icon, she is a legend, and she is the moment)
  2. Girl Named Tom (those harmonies and their consistency warrants this)
  3. Paris Winningham (one of the most consistent live vocalists and has had solid songs throughout his run)
  4. Jershika Maple (winner of Best Personality and those runs are something else)
  5. Joshua Vacanti (he’s fun to watch and a little off the wall with his song choices, which I can’t say I mind)
  6. Gymani (honestly deserves to be higher, especially after this week, so just assume having her here is a reflection of the talent pool and not of Gymani herself)
  7. Hailey Mia (solid pop vocalist and incredibly poised)
  8. Jeremy Rosado (arguably the best emotional connector of the remaining cast, and he comes across as genuinely likable on top of being a strong vocalist; again, his spot is a reflection on the talent pool and not the man himself)
  9. Holly Forbes (love her tone, and hopefully she gets her nerves under control, since I’ve heard her live vocals and she’s better than her on show work suggests)
  10. Lana Scott (haven’t really liked her too much until this week, and I think she’s talented, but I just prefer others)
  11. Jim & Sasha Allen (Sasha’s a hoot and a half on social media, but their vocals are unfortunately leaving a lot to be desired)
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1 Girl Named Tom
2 Wendy Moten
3 Jershika Maple
4 Holly Forbes (The Number 1 Target that I want out the Most!)
5 Lana Scott
6 Paris Winningham
7 Jim and Sasha Allen
8 Jeremy Rosado
9 Joshua Vacanti
Top Ten
10 Gymani (Required Instant Save in Top 13)
Top Eleven
11 Hailey Mia (Required Instant Save in Live Playoffs)
1 Girl Named Tom
2 Jershika Maple
3 Wendy Moten
4 Hailey Mia (Hahahaha I wish!)
5 Lana Scott
6 Gymani (Hahahaha I Wish!)
7 Paris Winningham
8 Jim and sasha Allen
9 Jeremy Rosado
Top Ten
10 Joshua Vacanti
Top Eleven
11 Holly Forbes (The Number 1 Target that I want out the Most!)
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Honestly, they're all good in their own way.


Jeremy Rosado is determined to go far and has a good voice and a good heart


Hailey Mia never gives up and has quite a surprising voice at `14


Jim and Sasha love what they do, and you can't help but root for them


Holly, like J&S,  is clearly doing this for the love of music, and like Jeremy,  Holly seems very sweet.


Joshua has a great voice, and pours his passion into his performances. He also represents outcasts (like me).


Lana Scott has the Dolly Parton style twang which is pretty cool, and gives her the "throwback" lane, now that Peedy's out, as well as the country lane.


Wendy Moten has a technically awesome voice.


Jershika Maple has great vocals and a unique tone


Girl Named Tom has great harmonies and seem to work well together.


Paris has  great voice and knows how to work a stage


Gymani can sing any genre, is very versatile, and has a great style of voice. I loved her IS song too.



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1. GNT - They sing my favourite genre at the moment which is country-folk, and delivered EVERY time. Also doesn't hurt that they are all good looking :giggle:

2. Hailey Mia - I love her tone especially the low notes, they are gorgeous, reminds me of Addison. It's impressive that she can hold her own under the pressure of live shows . And to be doing that at 14? Hello? 



3. Wendy Moten - Well she can sing her ass off for sure (it's a crime to put her any lower:dead:). I think it's just the fact that I know she can do no wrong that makes her not as interesting to root for.



4. Holly Forbes - I really think people are being a little too harsh on Holly. She has been quite consistent which is more than I can say for some others.

5. Gymani - Except for her BA and PO, I don't really care for any of her other performances (mostly because of song choices). HOWEVER, she let me HAVE it with her instant save performance tonight. She fed me and then took my wig away. The audacity :mad:



6. Jershika Maple - Tbh she flew under my radar until yesterday performance. It was such a pleasant surprise.

7. Jeremy Rosado - He has a pleasant tone, and I love his KO and BA. I don't necessarily vibe with his playoff song choices so far but here's hoping for next week.

8. Lana Scott - her KO was so pretty. However, her live performances have been a tad too pitchy for me. I hope she picks more pop-country songs in the future.



9. Jim & Sasha Allen - Their performance yesterday wasn't bad at all. Yes they are not the most vocally talented singers on the show, even comparing to the people lower on my ranking. That being said, I like Sasha as a person and it's just fun to follow his crazy antics on social media. Also, same with Holly, people are being way too harsh on them.



10. Joshua Vacanti - Considering Ben Platt is one of my most favourite singer, I'm very much into the theatrical performances. But for some reasons, Joshua hasn't done any thing for me personally. Maybe his tone? his whole aesthetic (boy can't dress to save his life)? I can't really tell ya :))

11. Paris Winningham - He can most definitely out-sing many people higher on my ranking. Unfortunately, I just don't vibe with him at all. Literally none of his performances bring out any excitement in me even though they were good vocally. (y'all can dragged me for this and I'll gladly accept it)

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GNT is my favorite right now but the top four switch places all the time!




1. GNT 

2. Hailey

3. Jershika

4. Wendy




5. Paris

6. Gymani

7. Lana




8. Holly - great tone, and would have been much higher earlier in the season, but hasn't quite lived up to expectations

9. Jeremy




10. Joshua - I recognize that he's talented but not a fan of his tone or persona. Purely personal preference




11. J&S - seem like amazing people, but their vocals aren't up to par with the rest of the top 11, or even some who have been eliminated (Raquel should be here!) 

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