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How do you think the coaches would do on The Voice


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How do you think this seasons coaches would do on the show? I think Kelly would definitely win, and Blake would make at least finale. John would probably make finale too unless he gets robbed before it. I think Gwen would place 11th if she even made lives.


Based on the competition each season how the voters were

16: I think Kelly might beat Maelyn if she was on her season but none of the others

15: I think all but Gwen could beat Chevel

14:I think all but Gwen and Blake could beat Brynn

13: I think John might have beat Chloe

12: I think none of them could beat Chris or Lauren but Kelly and John could probably make finale.

11: I think John could beat Sundance, with Blake in the finale but Gwen and Kelly out before that


What do you guys think?

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Kelly not making the finale in any season would be pure robbery.


She also should win most of the seasons, only real threats would be Maelyn, Jordan, Tessanne, Alisan.


But on other notes, John should be fine so he will prob make the finale no matter what.


Gwen yeah prob won't make the finale due to the voters not caring about her type of style.


Blake would make the finale because bro-country artist.

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Kelly and Blake should be able to get to the finale in probably all seasons with them being able to win a solid amount (Kelly because she's just an amazing vocalist and Blake because country and being a solid singer)


John should be able to get the finale in most seasons I feel.


And yeah, Gwen probably wouldn't end up making it far because her style isn't what the voters usualy like.


But yeah, any season Kelly doesn't make the finale would be a robbery lol.

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We have to pretend we’ve never heard of them, that they would be learning new songs every week (some of them not ideal choices), and put through the grueling schedule. Only Kelly has proven she can do all of that and handle the intense pressure of competition with millions watching.


Kelly would probably win almost every season as long as she wasn’t bussed. However, there’s always a chance she’d be knocked off by one of the teens. You never know who the audience will gravitate to.


John would probably get Mero’d. Those two have a similar arrogance to them. They even look similar.


Blake might make most finales, but he’s not the best vocalist. Hoot could sing him under the table, tbh. Blake has had a lot of country singers on his team over the years who are way better singers than him. There’s also a chance TPTB would bus Blake for TCO.


Gwen would have a difficult time making it through the producer auditions to even get a BA. If she somehow turned a chair, she’d be instant fodder.

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Kelly was on Idol, so she would probably make it pretty far for most of the seasons since she knows how to handle the pressure and has a lot of experience with competition shows


Gwen probably wouldn't do too well, but if she were to make the lives she could possibly make it to the finale in a couple seasons


Blake would get to the finale in most of them probably but he wouldn't win much IMO


John might make it to the finale in a few seasons but I couldn't imagine him winning

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Kelly and Blake would be locks for finale in almost every season imo...with Kelly prolly winning most of them.


John I could see making top 12/13...but not much after that.


Gwen would be extremely lucky to even turn a chair.

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Adam: Instant Save King tbh

Blake: MaleCountryOnTheVoice.jpg

CeeLo: Top 8 Instant Elimination prob at the absolute furthest

Christina: Team Minivan would say "bad attitude", but she could prob make the Finale? IS maybe?

Usher: He'd probably do alright, not a finale lock but wouldnt be surprising

Shakira: Pimped Pre-Lives but audience wont vote for her

Pharell: I can see him being the first one eliminated in the lives. Idk why

Gwen: LOL

Miley: LOL

Alicia: Could Spensha Baker her way there, they wouldnt call her a "Screamer" thats for sure

Jennifer: BlackFemaleOnTheVoice.jpg

Kelly: We saw her on Idol, she'd do well and prob win

John: He's good but idk if the audience would vote for him. Top 10 Elim / Top 8 Instant Elim TBH



Miley is interesting depending on "when" she auditions. If she auditions before the "Bangerz" era, she would probably do well and get the teen girl vote ngl. Afterwards, yeah. . .

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didn't realize we've had 13 coaches so far...!! so i'm gonna steal this from the eliminations thread


TOP 13

Bottom 3: Gwen, Pharrell, CeeLo - let's be honest...

Saved: Gwen - this is me being nice


TOP 11

Bottom 2: Gwen, Shakira - they're fighting for the same voters

Saved: Shakira - has spice


TOP 10

Bottom 3: Miley, Shakira, John - they've shown all they have

Saved: John - because he looks like he's about to cry



Bottom 2: John, Usher - usher got bussed

Middle 3: Alicia, Christina, Jennifer - legendary instant save tbh

Saved: Jennifer - her early exit from idol being corrected

Top 3: Adam, Blake, Kelly



4th Place: Jennifer - alas, kennedy'd

3rd Place: Blake - this is as generous as i'll get

Runner-up: Adam - for the thirsty demo

Winner: Kelly - duh!

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Kelly is a queen of covers and a remarkable vocalist, she would be a finale lock in most seasons. Winning is hard, since we know that the best vocalist of the season rarely wins.


Blake is a solid singer and pretty strategic, if he makes lives, he would be in the finale and has a high chance of winning many seasons. I think he would lose if there is a remarkable country vocalist, Sundance for example/


John is a good vocalist, if he could make a moment, he might reach finale, other than that, semi-finale is more likely. I don't see him winning tbh,


Gwen, I'm confident she would be a chair turner, but I feel like she would be eliminated before lives.


Adam, same with John.


Christina, she would be the screamer of the season after a few performances. Her performances would be either disaster or genius. I don't think she would win, but she would go far.


Shakira, either a no chair turner or eliminated in battle.


Alicia, she has a distinct vocal and is a true performer, but her technique is a bit poor. Vocal fatigue would be her biggest problem in the lives. If she could make a moment before her vocal chords are shot, she might go to the finale.


JHud, robbed in the semi-finale.

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4th Place: Jennifer - alas, kennedy'd

3rd Place: Blake - this is as generous as i'll get

Runner-up: Adam - for the thirsty demo

Winner: Kelly - duh!


You are being kind with Adam. I doubt he would reach the finale. Rock/pop singers like him usually have a hard time on this show. Jordan won, but because he was a vocal beast, differently from Adam.


Gwen looks like every quirky vocalist. That means DOA.


Miley is also quirky, but at least she is half country, so she would outlast Gwen.


Alicia isn't a screamer at all, as many viewers tend to label black women. But she will have the same fate of Vanessa, Spensha and other AA females. Not winning unfairly.


Usher has Chris Blue's vibes. I could see him taking it all.


John has Javier Colon's vibes, but with more potential, so with the right songchoices he could do it well, although the current audience is so much different from season 1.


Shakira is the spanish vocalist and like Adam never reached even a finale (maybe Joana will overcome that?)


Ceelo is not so strong, but neither Javier was and he won, so everything could happen.


JHud is like Amanda Brown, Sasha Allen, Kimberly Nichole, Kyla Jade and so on... so don't need to explain that she ROSE but probably would fall SHORT (and she doesn't have Kennedy's plus factor - her age).


Pharell is weak, but he can also do Jermaine'd.


Christina would luckily have the same fate of Alisan: both screamers and winners. Otherwise, she won't survive bloodbath, as usual.


Kelly is a differenty type of powerhouse. She would have the same journey of Tessanne: early frontrunner, but if she peaked too early, I think she wouldn't reach even lives.


Last but not least, Blake is the average country act, so if Red Marlow reached the finale and Craig managed somehow to win, he would certainly be the most successful one.

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