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  1. NOOO OMG. Wendy deserved it. The best artist to go on the show with the best performance of the show and she gets second
  2. A Wendy win would mean soooo much! I’m hoping she can overcome the odds
  3. Again no shock there. I hope Wendy wins she is the best. Girl Named Tom is good but Bekah carries, as a threesome they don’t begin to outdo Wendy.
  4. After last nights performance? Wow. Jershika deserved at least top 3.
  5. Wendy - 10 Jershika - 9.5 Hailey - 8.5 GNT - 8 Paris - 8
  6. This was such a great finale! The performances, the sets, wow what a great night for the voice
  7. Wow the sets tonight have been GORGEOUS. The team did what needed to be done
  8. A trio needs to win the voice tomorrow and that trio is Jershika, Wendy, and their combined vocals
  9. Oh my goodness I had to get up here, Jershika just obliterated! You guys have to vote for here I mean Jershika KILLED IT. Wow that was phenomenal that was a winning performance. I completely forget that she was in the instant save after that
  10. Wow what a great finale. I can’t believe Jershika actually made it, America had taste tonight
  11. I’m sorry I can’t say enough how sad I am that Bekah didn’t go on by herself. Imagine a Bekah and Hailey duet.... ok I’ll shut up now
  12. They definitely should’ve had Wendy close. Any other ending will seem lackluster
  13. Same. I really wasn’t feeling him all the way up til playoffs, but he earned his spot
  14. I know this might be mean, but Bekah should’ve came on solo. Her by herself is already winning material and a lot of times I wish I could just hear herself without the background vocals
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