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  1. Much better performance for Hailey here. The way they arranged Deja Vu was not great for her, but this was pretty great
  2. 1. Wendy 2. Jershika 3. Paris 4. GnT 5. Hailey I enjoy ALL of them though, and this is the best finale we have had since probably S14
  3. It really should be Gihanna, but we all know it's going to be Kenzie
  4. First time watching live this season tonight and the songs overall seem interesting. DW seems odd for Zania, but she can pull it off
  5. One of the fourway knockouts is already posted on YT i think lol
  6. I believe S15 was an all girl bloodbath (Kymberli, Sarah, MaKenzie, Reagan)
  7. Idol got rid of most of the people I like before the top 7 or whatever while I still like most of the top 9 on TV so TV wins.
  8. She reminds me of Brynn and I have enjoyed Brynn much more post show, and I like her.
  9. Toneisha is definetly one of the better ones so far, but yeah she feels underwhelming so far in comparison to Rose/Kyla/Kymberli. It also doesn’t help that Rose had an amazing performance with the same song as Toneisha the season before. It’s going to be met with a lot of comparisons between both of them which will make her a bit more forgettable.
  10. Kelly wants female country but she threw away all her female country last season before the lives even started lol
  11. Well if this is true/accurate, it seems like all the “Voice is Doomed” people are likely gonna need to wait a much longer time
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