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  1. Took some time to think, and here's mine (in no order yet) Katie Kaden "Always Remember Us This Way" Katie Kaden "Rolling In The Deep" Katie Kaden "I'm Going Down" Rose Short "Big White Room" Rose Short "God's Country" Rose Short "I Want To Know What Love Is" Ricky Duran "Let It Be" Myracle Holloway "Everybody Hurts" Max Boyle "When The Party's Over" Khalea Lynee "Best Part" My biases are clear :teehee:
  2. As the title says, list your top 10 favorite performances of this season! I need some time to think so I'll post mine later.
  3. It would just be a bunch of blonde white girls every season
  4. Time to start scouting for a diva to watch get robbed.
  5. What is with this production? Ricky gets two cameras and literally nothing else
  6. Yeah that wasnt a good song, she tried her best with it tho
  7. Rose but realistically I want Katie to win
  8. It will probably be brought up as a joke in his podcast with Lyndsey Parker LOL
  9. She had to sing for the Save, but so what!? We got another great performance from her!
  10. She is making all the viewers fall asleep so they cant vote for Rose!
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