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  1. Some of them have placed in the top five more recently because of team quotas. But if you remember past seasons, we had barely them in the finale. Even if top 5 is an accomplishment, this fact is different from winning, obviously. People take part in this show to win, not to be fifth place.
  2. It's strange that after 20 seasons the main audience has never liked any black woman on this show, in spite of their differences. Most of them sang R&B, that was also supported when Tessanne Chin, Chris Blue and Cam Anthony won, but some of them were rockers like Chloe Kohanski, pop singers like Brynn Cartelli, Cassadee Pope and Carter Rubin and even country singers such as Craig Wayne Boyd, Danielle Bradbery and Jake Hoot. So why these names I called won and not any black woman?
  3. Sorry for the title. I hope someday this situation may change!
  4. I can also complain that we have barely Asian people winning this show (only Tessanne but she was multiracial) but I know that both Latino and Asian people take part less often than Black female people on this show. Also we are discussing only about Black female people here. If you feel other people are under represented, feel free to open another thread. A new discussion is always welcome
  5. Toneisha placed second which is the highest position ever for a black woman. But she had competition with Todd. I don't see any strong rival against Wendy that can take her crown, do you?
  6. And no pimped teens as well (maybe one, Hailey Mia, but def not a frontrunner). If Wendy does not win I will riot.
  7. Did you remember Kennedy Holmes? She was pop and teen like Jordin and didn't win TV still.
  8. If Idol and TV have similar viewship, why the former crowned 4 black women (Fantasia and Jordin in the past seasons and Candice and Sam recently) while in the latter no black woman won?
  9. It's high unlikely she'd get voted off because she took risks by singing her own songs
  10. With Wendy's leaked battle nailing as usual, her support on YouTube and lack of country male singers this season, I hope she is a contestant FTW
  11. Maybe Raquel is black? (Yes, she is latin but also black) And I agree with black female singers like Wendy and LiBianca going to Team Blake as only his team can push them at least to the finale.
  12. Actually there are some TV shows that allow groups like X Factor. I also think groups have more disadvantages. It is so hard to combine voices and tones that we barely have them after lives The major question is: why there are so many groups this season?
  13. I do not thínk Pryor was country at all. Kaleb was but from team Kelly who debuted that season. And regardless of other people, contry fans in general didn't embrace Spensha the same way they did with other country female singers like Danielle and Lauren
  14. Spensha was embraced by Blake's fans but not by country music fans. I remember some people here doubted she sounded country. Not much as Keisha but to some extent. Sorry why this is a unfriendly season for Minivan? I am not into gossip details. And TV managed to have two black winners in a row. They were the very first two but who knows, there is still a hope
  15. I wonder if country fans will embrace Wendy as a true country artist different from what they did with Keisha and Spensha. If so she will likely and finally win as a black (and Blake) woman
  16. AI pro: more screentime for contestants TV pro: stronger casting
  17. I really liked the new versions of Dead or Alive and Stay. Looked like Jordan and Cam switched their songs but for good
  18. Does anyone by chance have the IS performances from yesterday? YT and FB till now haven't posted them yet and I am especially curious about Corey and Gihanna.
  19. Yes, that is the word, TOKEN. And it's a shame that especially in this season this token was given only by coaches/TPTB, because NONE of the black women got the PV, in spite of their style diversity.
  20. Absolutely and I also think Kennedy should have won because Brynn in the season before won and both were talented and pop teenagers. Why one won and the other barely got 4th place (only because of IS)? For me at the moment a black woman will only win if: 1) she is a teenager (like Kennedy, We and Aliyah who reached the finale in a easier way); 2) she sings country (RIP Cecil); 3) she is on Blake Team; 4) TPTB pimps her since the beginning throughout the entire season AND 5) there is no country act in the finale. Hard, no? Definitely much harder than it was for a country guy who only needs 1) to be in the stage.
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