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  1. I won't discuss it because hopefully you are not a racist and even if you are you won't admit it
  2. Yes that's it. Racism + machismo + ageism (most of black women in finale are actually teens)
  3. It's called a token. There are 3 black finalists this season probably because of team quotas, since if we didn't have that, Cammwess wouldn't reach it. Now talking about winners we have only 3 black ones and only men, against 14 white ones. I'm not telling the whole audience is racist but a good part of them is, specially from team Minivan which is usually conservative.
  4. I would ask why team waffles but after seeing this pic I realized it
  5. Unfortunately racism only sees the appearance.
  6. Both of them happen to not have big range. In Rise up for example although sung beautifully Sam didn't reach the high part. So Toneisha usually does
  7. Tessanne is clearly mixed race. Even her parents aren't black and she looks like more asian than jamaican
  8. Toneisha also has a sad backstory and there are only guys to split the vote so...
  9. At least haters can't call her a screamer
  10. That's what I thought. But even with Team Blake support that she would barely have in AI, an AA woman can't win in the Voice. Sisaundra Lewis, Aliyah Moulden, Kyla Jade, Spensha Baker and Toneisha Harris come to my mind.
  11. In theory, AI and TV have the same American viewers, so why we had an AA woman just winning AI while Toneisha in TV probably ranking in the 3rd at most? Because of Blake's or even Kelly's stans? Because of Team Minivan? Because unlike AI, TV has team and coaches? Why?
  12. I also think Maelyn would take it since Alisan was polarizing because many haters told she screamed so much while Tessanne followed the diva style that is not so popular today. But who knows?
  13. Yes that's what I thought. Vote splitting may be true for coaches other than Blake, like Adam in S7. But team Blake and country cast massive votes that it's hard to beat even splitted.
  14. HOW YOU DARE? I think except for Season 5 and 10 (which I really don't know how would end), Queen Maelyn would win all of the other seasons If she managed to beat 3 country males artists from Blake, everything is possible.
  15. Robe robbery was the worst decision ever from Adam that backfired and made him quit the Voice the season right after.
  16. This is my top 10 of worst changes from TPTB. Discuss!
  17. It would be only fair in Season 16 after those dreadful Cross Battles that allowed Blake to have so many boring country acts. TPTB doesn't never get right
  18. For me it was last season because even in the finals Jake was mediocre, Ricky was average, Kate was polarizing and Rose didn't have any chance since she is an AA woman. Even Season 16 was better to see Blake defeated by Queen.
  19. Agreed. If Kelly hadn't miss her steal on TMH (who I think didn't deserve to be in that 4 way KO), she wouldn't have stolen Cammwess and would have avoided him to move forward.
  20. Agreed! Haha but I chose them only because of the hair color. Allegra the blonde, Joanna the brunette and Zan the almost redhead.
  21. Yes this is the bad side but this top 9 is so good that I need this delusion
  22. Yes for example that beautiful mini clip of Blowin in the Wind. Without this quarantine, we wouldn't see Zan dancing in the middle of forest
  23. He's neither country, gospel nor rock singer, just a Josh Kaufman's impersonator to get the prize again
  24. Yes I got it but why did you mention her instead of the other two? Just a matter of curiosity. Allegra sounds too pop for me.
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