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  1. AI pro: more screentime for contestants TV pro: stronger casting
  2. I really liked the new versions of Dead or Alive and Stay. Looked like Jordan and Cam switched their songs but for good
  3. Does anyone by chance have the IS performances from yesterday? YT and FB till now haven't posted them yet and I am especially curious about Corey and Gihanna.
  4. Yes, that is the word, TOKEN. And it's a shame that especially in this season this token was given only by coaches/TPTB, because NONE of the black women got the PV, in spite of their style diversity.
  5. Absolutely and I also think Kennedy should have won because Brynn in the season before won and both were talented and pop teenagers. Why one won and the other barely got 4th place (only because of IS)? For me at the moment a black woman will only win if: 1) she is a teenager (like Kennedy, We and Aliyah who reached the finale in a easier way); 2) she sings country (RIP Cecil); 3) she is on Blake Team; 4) TPTB pimps her since the beginning throughout the entire season AND 5) there is no country act in the finale. Hard, no? Definitely much harder than it was for a country guy who only needs 1) to be in the stage.
  6. Alisan and Tessanne won in the past. Even Jordan who is on your pic won and many of his songs were diva ones.
  7. Restarting this thread, I remember some people complained that AA women never win because their R&B genre is not popular. In this season we have so far three AA women with different styles (Pia with Reggae, Gihanna with Pop/Indie and Dana with Rock/R&B) and even so none of them managed to get a PV. Even when they sing country, like Keisha and Spensha, they don't receive enough support to win it all.
  8. I am also an Asian and my pick absolutely is Tessanne. HM and justice for the triple montage queen Katherine (W)Ho.
  9. Maybe he was the second one who received most votes overall, only after Kenzie.
  10. I don't think so. For example, in season 18 Thunderstorm was equally hyped as Cam and he managed to lose to Todd who was older and less country than Kenzie. I know that Cam at first would count with TB votes but I dunno if Minivan would support him. The last time they rooted for a non-country artist was back in season 13 and only because Chloe got a Landslide momentum and even outside Blake team.
  11. I started watching the season 4 and felt in love with Michelle, my first snowflake. Then in season 7 I found another favorite one, Matt McAndrew, and after that only in season 16 an angel called Maelyn Jarmon was discovered
  12. And despite the lack, two country females managed to win this show (Danielle and Chevel, not considering Cassadee who countrified herself afterwards) versus three country males (Craig, Sundance and Jake)
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