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  1. I realized it is kinda unfair for artists who received a steal and save, for example Todd Michael Hall. If he could choose between Kelly's steal and Blake's save, he would certainly prefer Kelly since on her team he would face just one person in KO, against three in the save round given for public vote. For me artists like him should opt between save and steal, letting the save for only the acts which didn't get a steal. Otherwise Blake hurt his chances by pressing his button earlier than Kelly.
  2. Sorry if I forgot someone, but for me these are the most remarkable performances! IMHO: 1. Queen Maelyn outsold by far; 2. Amber as a runner-up; 3. Cedrice & Thunderstorm being close third; 4. India & Clinton remaining fourth; 5. Alessandra & Joe who?
  3. Who else thought her BA yesterday amazing for her age? I saw her a much better Hello Sunday and given Kelly managed to take them so long last season, I think Anaya has a promising future in this show! I'm rooting for her not only making it too far, but even in the finale like Kennedy and breaking the curse of a AA woman not winning his whole show! I hope she controls her runs, otherwise she will end up like Shi'Ann. But Anaya has the looks, charisma, voice, original song selection and her best shot at taking it all is that she's a teen, which gives her high odds of being at least in the finale!
  4. As Todd Michael who has an unique voice, Mandi Thomas called my attention yesterday due to her opera skills that are very difficult to find and understand. Unfortunately these two voices aren't so popular, but among so many generic perfomances, they are standouts for me! Also a fun fact that Mandi and Mackenzie Thomas are both one-chair turner, better than most of acts, have the same surname and actually are very similar! 1.eidi 2.CaptainOggy6320 3.FloorWax 4.istersay
  5. The difference is that male R&B singers didn't win this show three times like male country singers and they also doesn't end up at least as a runner-up or third place.
  6. But I sincerely hope Blake won't turn him into a country-rock singer or give him mediocre songs like he did with Ricky last season (Run Rudolph Run for example haha)
  7. Yes! Even Blake said he won't take him away from his lane after Nick had told he would challenge Michael to sing outside his wheelhouse
  8. Why didn't the rockers and headbangers open this fan thred yet? Unfortunately I found out no covers of him on YT, but I hope he won't be another Jake HaldenVang from last season who started off very well and ended up being voted off by singing pop (?) songs.
  9. What race discussion has to do with politics? Democratic, republican... I think everyone should be against racism, right? Brynn won, that's a sign she was more popular. If Kyla was stronger than her at some point, it was history...
  10. Brynn was more popular despite the fact she was pitchier than Kyla and Spensha. Imagine that... You can say that she was a teen and pop but so was Kennedy and even so she didn't win. You can say that Kennedy lost to Chevel because she was country but so was Spensha that lost to Brynn. So you realize there isn't any other excuse than...
  11. A beautiful farewell to this year <3 For me Queen is the best. Better than: 1. Tessanne because her Indie style is more original than R&B; 2. Alisan since Maelyn doesn't scream, only resonates like a powerhouse angel; 3. Jordan because Maelyn can emote better than him; 4. Chloe considering Queen didn't have an off night like Chloe had with Bette Davis' eyes, for example; 5. Chris since she doesn't oversing; 6. Cass taking into account Maelyn's range. I won't talk about others because it's obvious she would defeat them even muted :bleh:
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