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  1. I am bittersweet and torn about her debut. While she is relevant as her songs are massively played in this season (or maybe it's just advertising?), I think she will make the panel less diversified. Adam, Gwen and even Nick had rock vibes, on the other side Ariana's genre collides with John's R&B and Kelly's pop, making as a result the choice of contestants less plural. Also I think there were other pop singers who already worked well as advisors such as Rihanna and Taylor and I would rather choose them than a brand new one.
  2. So have I! I also suggested on YT for her to sing "Spanish Guitar" by Toni Braxton to honor our queen Desz and "Smooth Operator" by Sade and a la Oliv Blu. Talking about past AA queens for now Zania is my favorite one and I dream she will avenge the others and break this curse
  3. Thanks to everyone and I appreciate if you can copy and paste the rest of Battles songs. There are so many posts here in this thread that is impossible to find, even with the search function
  4. Does anyone happen to know which song Savanna Wood and Zania will sing in their Battles? Didn't find anywhere
  5. Merry XMas to everyone and as a gift I thought to post this thread for us to share stunning performances from winners or standouts from TVs other than USA. I am starting with this beautiful act of IWALY from the fifth and youngest winner of Brazilian TV who performed this on a All-star TV show. And as the song says, I wish you joy and happiness but above all I wish you love!
  6. (off) Rant on this girl of only 14 losing this Brazilian contest after all many stunning performances! I felt a Kennedy Holmes' vibe there! https://youtu.be/VPCzzcfs7ho https://youtu.be/pjQZ72pnnP8 https://youtu.be/iOZwxk_dcPk
  7. As to Jim or Ian I would give "Baby can I hold you tonight" by Tracy Chapman. And for my Queen Desz "Love by Grace" by Lara Fabian
  8. Now that s19 is over I think that would be an awesome debut if Carter or John sang "Ben" by Michael Jackson in the finale
  9. Ops Big Girls Don't Cry sung by Madi is another song by Frankie Valli not Fergie!
  10. Honestly I didn't remember them and I started watching back to season 4. Thanks
  11. A beautiful rendition of Big Girls Don't Cry from a Brazilian kid here (starts at 1m30s)
  12. Jack Cassidy from season 12 already covered (unsteady literally haha) Some songs I never heard before although they are oversung around the world: Spanish Guitar - Toni Braxton (Queen Desz shined with Unbreak My Heart tho) Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana Roar - Katy Perry Black - Pearl Jam (would be awesome if Ian sang it) She Wolf - Sia Rock N Roll - Led Zeppelin Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie Piece of My Heart - Janis Joplin Crazy - Seal So What - Pink
  13. It's funny that coaches made questionable decisions like Gwen taking Ben over Payge, Kelly favoring Tanner instead of Marisa and John preferring Bailey rather than Sid and they all end up having no country artist in the finale while Blake has two
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