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  1. What race discussion has to do with politics? Democratic, republican... I think everyone should be against racism, right? Brynn won, that's a sign she was more popular. If Kyla was stronger than her at some point, it was history...
  2. Brynn was more popular despite the fact she was pitchier than Kyla and Spensha. Imagine that... You can say that she was a teen and pop but so was Kennedy and even so she didn't win. You can say that Kennedy lost to Chevel because she was country but so was Spensha that lost to Brynn. So you realize there isn't any other excuse than...
  3. A beautiful farewell to this year <3 For me Queen is the best. Better than: 1. Tessanne because her Indie style is more original than R&B; 2. Alisan since Maelyn doesn't scream, only resonates like a powerhouse angel; 3. Jordan because Maelyn can emote better than him; 4. Chloe considering Queen didn't have an off night like Chloe had with Bette Davis' eyes, for example; 5. Chris since she doesn't oversing; 6. Cass taking into account Maelyn's range. I won't talk about others because it's obvious she would defeat them even muted :bleh:
  4. I totally agree with you and the user above you, except for the fact that I think this kind of thread is needed, considering the amount of useless threads here (such as the multiples "Is Hoot a lock to win" and its variations), the lack of limitation for threads here and specially the opportunity to review some personal concepts that may be race biased. For example I am japanese and latino as well and I am aware of the little representation these two races has on the show but I know that is because rarely Asian people audition (and Tessanne managed to win still) and American audience usually don't like latin music. But black women are broader than an only genre as we told in details and even so they can't reach even 2nd place, which makes me wonder what's the other factor besides racism to prevent their victory.
  5. BRAVO! You pointed one thing I missed that is the fact Katie is much more a diva and "screamer" than Rose and even so Katie is receiving more support. Racism and prejudice are so incorporated into our minds that we unconsciously try to find excuses to something inexcusable. And why Blake's fans didn't support black women other than race bias?
  6. Talking about outdated songs and white divas, Tessanne managed to win even singing Whitney and other outdated R&B songs, while Alisan, in spite of being called screamer and diva, also won. The audience hates JHud because most of them call her "screamer", but support other powerhouses like Kelly. If Kennedy doesn't have charisma, what about Chevel? And what Tessanne, Alisan, Kelly and Chevel have in common?
  7. Even with Blake Shelton's support, Spensha, Sisaundra and other black women on his team didn't manage to win.
  8. I'm not sure if this is musical preference because we had so many black women singing different genres (for example Amanda and Kimberly with rock, Kennedy with pop, Spensha with country and even Christiana with indie) and they didn't win still. So it comes down to the other factor... Good point, but I'm not US resident, so could you please explain to me the main differences between Fox and NBD viewing demographics?
  9. Yes, looking on a bright side she ended up having more performances (counting her IS) than any other finalist.
  10. I've heard Aliyah called herself that way since her mother is Latina.
  11. Maybe they were trying to help Rose to give Gwen her first victory, since she will be out of the show, and ALSO because of Gabrielle Union's controversy?
  12. Yes, I agree with you, but it's bad that Blake didn't win that season with a deserving winner and instead we got... Brynn :| I know country acts tend to win these kind of singing competitions since AI because of the audience, but AI had three black female winners also (Fantasia, Jordin Sparks and Candice Glover). Why this changed? And if you tell me that the audience changed throughout the years, why La'Porsha placed as a runner-up, since she was on a recent AI season?
  13. Also it's noteworthy that TPTB attempted to bus Kyla Jade on S14 but yesterday with a pimp spot tried to boost Rose's votes. They are very unpredictable. You're right! Both of them were far from being "screamer divas" like people usually label them, and still...
  14. After last night performances that Rose nailed most of them (except maybe for her duet that Gwen dragged her down), and her odds to make only 4th place unfortunately, I am asking again in this thread: a black woman never will win The Voice? I still have hope that this day will come once there is this kind of combo: 1) a black female teenager; 2) singing country; 3) on Team Blake and 4) receiving pimp treatment since day one.
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