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  1. 1. Favorite finalist?

    • Grace
    • D. Smooth
    • Gina
    • Sorelle
    • NOIVAS

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Not who I expected at the top but I have no complaints with

1. Gina


NEVER EXPECTED THIS FOR SECOND but a pleasant surprise

2. Sorelle


Worthy winner but not my first pick

3. Grace


Technically fine, not my thing though

4. D.Smooth


I was so excited for you but now I don't care for you anymore because you're a tryhard who struggles to hit a pitch right


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Hard decision. Gina and Grace are great vocalists, but their style just isn’t my thing.  NOIVAS has had a great run, but seems to be loosing steam. Sorelle is great. And I enjoy D. Smooth. I voted for D. Smooth in this poll, but Sorelle could also have been voted too. 

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1 hour ago, Misirlou said:

Damn, people have lost respect for NOIVAS so much that they´re writing his name with lowercases now.

His decline in popularity has been brutal. iirc, he won the poll pre-season, but right now, he's at the very bottom.



I'm not complaining though. I know he's not the type of guy IDF gets behind, and he had his worst performance this week. 

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i love a good pop powerhouse but so far none of the men have been good lol. usually they’re really bland i think but the problem with noivas is that he does so much that he is pitchy and/or has technical issues every single time, to a point where it’s often hard to enjoy his performances 

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1. Grace West

 the most consistent of the remaining contestants. Also kudos to her being the only one on this list you could argue gave their best performance in the very first lives.



2. Sorelle

2nd most consistent and the most unique contestants remaining.



3. Gina

If I matched up everyone's best performances against each other, she'd be my number 1. But I think there's a clear decline in quality between her Battle/Playoffs and everything else. Even though the rest of her run is solid to very good 



4. D. Smooth.


Honestly, the same case as Gina. His Battle and Playoffs are top tier but his other 2 performances are just solid. Its an absolute shame that someone with his vocal talent was given Ed Sheeran TWICE. Done dirty by song choices.



5. NOIVAS. I like him but I think every performance has had at least a few messy moments, I could live with it though because there were great moments too. Then today happened.. no one in the top 5 has had a performance like that..




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