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  1. Have always wondered when Normani would capture the urban audience--her featured songs were poppier hip-hop and more for the general public. This one finally seems it's hit - it's still #11 on Apple Music, 57 on spotify and 16 on itunes. If the strongest marker is Apple Music, you're likely to cater more to urban/rhythmic. It's also getting a ton of adds on urban (Motivation never got this many, which jibes with the whole Apple Music thing). In short, it looks like the public is receiving this well. It might not be pop, but this is better for sustainability for getting better numbers on album streams/building an actual fanbase. As for the song - obviously Normani's heavily influenced by Aaliyah, Janet Jackson and Beyonce, and you feel a lot of that late 90s vibe here. In terms of contemporaries, you see some late 2010s Rihanna vibe as well, when she went really hip hop, or a female Bryson Tiller. Some of that trapsoul vibe in there.
  2. Country tiktok is really strong right now--I wonder if anyone of the 5 country or country-adjacent artists here would fit in with that crowd. Unlikely, as recent technology tends to fly over the heads of those watching the show, and is more the domain of the younger crowd. But it brings an infusion of new artists to the mix. 1. DeSz (Levitating--Dua Lipa) 2. John Holliday (Diamonds--Sam Smith) 3. Cami Clune (you broke me first--Tate McRae) 4. Bailey Rae (Long Way--Sarahbeth Taite) 5. Carter Rubin (Teenage Dream--Kidd G) 6. Tamara Jade (Bang!--AJR) 7. Ian Flanagan (Dicked Down In Dallas--Trey Lewis) 8. Ben Allen (My Boy--Elvie Shane) 9. Jim Ranger (Drinkin' Beer. Talkin' God. Amen--Chase Rice/FGL)
  3. Yeah, wouldn't be surprised if WTW were pimped all the way to the Finale, just because they are different (not in terms of genre, but let's face it, the Voice is coalescing into a sea of R&B/country singers at this point). It's kind of interesting to have a mom-daughter group; I know this is just a show and many of the top acts are outdated/treating this for local visibility, but record labels likely wouldn't know how to handle this (it worked in the 80s with the Judds, but that's the extent, and that was eons ago). Still kind of surprising TPTB want to showcase country so much this season, given Jake Hoot and Todd Tilghman were the winners and television usually likes diversity rather than homogenity. But man, are all 16 acts carried to the lives are all country/soul-leaning? The only one who stands out from that list is Cami Clune, who will need a whole deal of "coaching" to navigate through early elimination pitfalls of previous archetypes (like Brooke Adee and others). It feels like every season, the top five is made up of archetypes exactly like Tamara Jade/DesZ versus Ben Allens/Jim Rangers, with maybe a lone non soul/country straggler somehow "lucky" enough to sneak in. This incarnation was basically with Cristina Rae/Broken Roots in AGT this summer. Groundhoggish--all these shows have lapsed into the same methodology. And with Kelly getting Tanner Gomes and Gwen with Ben Allen, it's definitely shaping into a country male fistfight where two or three might be in the top 5 provided a canceling out effect. Early iterations of the Voice, Blake actually carried guys like Jermaine Paul to victory. Chloe was impressive, because she was different. Hard to see those happening in this environment. After winning with a country?/Christian type winner, he's quintupling down on 4 country acts (Avril Lavigne "you wanna be a pop star" Jim Ranger, Ian Flanigan, WTW, his nominated act Papa). I'm lumping country-Sturgill-Bob Dylan adjacent Sid Kingsley in that mix as well, as the retro folksy vibe is most adjacent to country in today's enviro. At least Ranger and Flanigan are non-Southerners, and I wonder if that's by design--demographics can play a role in voting, and not sure country singers from Cali/NY really rouse the voting blocs. Figure one of them will be Austin Jenckes'd, if not earlier. Watch out for Tennessee native Ben Allen with Gwen, although Gwen's coach voting bloc isn't as strong as the others. The unspoken truth about this show is that pop-leaning and rock singers are just there for the illusion of diversity/optics, but are given short shrift by both the coaches and the voters. Not surprisingly the Limp Bizkit/Fuel guys were sacked before the voting rounds. Not surprisingly, the marketable ones, even for country, are eliminated before voting or just early on (Melanie Martinez, Morgan Wallen!, Andrew Jannakos). Wallen and Martinez have never been featured on the show despite their success, which makes this weird, but unsurprising. And the show can't bring back their former winners to sing songs because the general public would have forgotten who they were. But as a TV show, this blueprint is predictable, samey-samey, and is a carbon copy of previous seasons.
  4. Dua Lipa only projected 50-55K this week despite "Don't Start Now", and poor physical sales. Looks like Camila still is in the top for sub 30 year old female solo artists in terms of sales/streams.
  5. Camila's road to the album was just straight up irregular--her singles rollout and double radio play with "Liar" and "Shameless" didn't pan out, so getting really, really lucky with My Oh My is something that doesn't happen. Her team made top notch use of tiktok to get it absolutely viral. Weird thing is, My Oh My is her first single that's truly spotify/apple music frontloaded rather than radio/itunes frontloaded, and those are the metrics that matter. It will definitely help fortify her SPS for her album, which may be why her album has stabilized (13th to 15th). MoM is a definite hit--with the fade of all of last year's hits/Christmas songs it rocketed up Spotify today to #10, with nearly a million streams in the US alone. It's doing well in Apple considering JACKBOYS and Roddy Ricch hog all the top spots. So yeah, I bet this album will do as well as her debut, if not better depending on what happens next.
  6. Adding those numbers that audience impression is at least 1.7, which puts it above Trevor Daniel, Brockhampton, JojiJackson, MAX, Ant Saunders and IsabelaPapi, who all have songs in the top 50. Feeling a good audience/spin ratio here, which is a good sign for her/the song.
  7. Not surprising she's collabing with Megan Thee Stallion--she's also from Houston and is kind of like Nicki Minaj for late millenials and Gen-Z'ers, and is right-aged with Normani. Good collab, and the Marvel tie-in definitely helps with the right fans
  8. Yeah, a -58% drop second week is better than standard; think the average is 66%. Her first album had legs so can't say this was too surprising. Camila does have solid streams, and My Oh My will definitely help with the SPS. The Who dropped out because they're a legacy act completely reliant on tour bundles and albums, so those are always frontloaded.
  9. This is probably the first Camila song that was Spotify/Apple popular; her other songs felt like they were led more by itunes and radio hype. This is the right direction for getting the right audience
  10. Ah, DaBaby...joins the line of Kid Ink, Tyga, Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla Sign, Fetty Wap, Travis Scott, Quavo x2, Young Thug, J Balvin, and Cardi B. Good list.
  11. The funny thing is the most popular non Camila tiktok vid is this one with 474K likes: https://www.tiktok.com/@erikacharisemayo/vi...966968625122566 :devil:
  12. It's safe to say this has become another TikTok hit...41 itunes, 55 spotify, 56 apple. All three metrics clicking and aligned. BTW...this is the sort of stuff that gets stuff viral nowadays? https://www.tiktok.com/music/My-Oh-My-6766725343320475649
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