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  1. 99 percent of her followers dont even like her pics.. much less vote for her lol
  2. did cianna buy her followers ? 100k on IG... verified.. and her pics only getting 600 likes
  3. It feels like Tamara voice does not have any PUSH .. she clearly can't push her voice the way other aa females have done on this show... there were no dynamics
  4. add me.. even though i know she is gonna be another robbed queen
  5. Andrew Jannakos is #1 on itunes.... he has less than 50k followers on IG but over 600k on TIK Tok .. it's fare to say tik tok is giving him a big push
  6. Cammwess should be proud... i was rooting for him to win and even i could admit last night he was horrible... im shocked he got 4th place.. he deserved 5th...
  7. guessing it could be because its not on facebook yet.. so all the facebook ppl went to YT to see him
  8. does todd usually do better than them on Youtube ?... cause at the moment he is ...
  9. imagine if the finale results is this : 1st - Todd 2nd - Micah 3rd - Thunderstorm 4th - Toneisha 5th - Cammwess wont be surprising if these are the bottom 3 for some ''reason'' just saying
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