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kinda in love with u

1.) Nicolina

2.) Lady K


You're Great

3. Fritz Hager

4. Jay

5. Leah Marlene


You're really good

6. Emyrson 


You're good

7. Noah Thompson

8. Christian Guardino


You're ok

9. Huntergirl 

10. Mike Parker


I don't dislike any of them tbh. 

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1. Leah Marlene


Close to stanning

2. Fritz Hager

3. Emyrson Flora

4. Lady K


Could see myself stanning if they give me what I want from them

5. Nicolina

6. HunterGirl


Not stanning, but I'm not necessarily against them

7. Noah Thompson

8. Jay Copeland


Not stanning, I don't like them

9. Christian Guardino

10. Mike Parker

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Far and away the best

1. Leah


I enjoy them

2. Nicolina

3. Noah


Not a huge fan, but respect them

4. Fritz

5. Lady K


"Platinum tickets"

6. Jay

7. Huntergirl


Not good

8. Emyrson

9. Mike

10. Christian

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1. Fritz Hager

2. Leah Marlene

3. Noah Thompson

4. Mike Parker

5. Nicolina

6. Lady K

7. Jay Copeland

8. Emyrson Flora

9. Huntergirl

10. Christian Guardino


I'm surprised at how much I like this top 10. I really like everyone except Huntergirl and Christian, and don't mind those two either.

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