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Alright, Kelly´s favorite cowboys came to town (Poll)


Alright, Kelly´s favorite cowboys came to town (Poll)  

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  1. 1. Who do you prefer:

    • The Hoot
    • Tanner
    • The Wheels
    • Kaleb Lee

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Now that I think about it, I honestly think Kaleb might have had the most consistent run out of the four, though he never reached the overall heights of Hoot´s KO and Semis and Kenzie´s KO for me.


Hoot comes next with the two great aformentioned performances. His battle was great too, I really enjoyed it.


Kenzie comes next, with his KO being his highlight by a long shot, and his battle being pretty good too. 


Tanner comes last due to his playoffs disaster, although I liked his audition and didn´t mind his KO. 


Still, just for his KO and Semis, went with the Hoot.

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