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  1. MAN THIS 4 WAY KO WOULD'VE BEEN STACKED! I know it’s hard to assume and see who will win since we didn’t see their knockout performances yet, but just assume your predictions on who you think will win?
  2. no because listen my trust issues are so bad… i don’t even trust the spoilers for the battles usually, and today it worked out for the bella and katie battle LMFAO.
  3. oh my gawd. Just came home and watched the Katie Rae and Bella battle. HOLY SHT. Literally one of the best battles i’ve watched. Shocked Ari picked Katie, but none deserved to go home!
  4. She’s phenomenal! Best version of that song I’ve heard!!!!
  5. Gymani- 4 Chairs Holly Forbes- 4 Chairs/Block Girl Named Tom- 4 Chairs Aaron Hines- 4 Chairs ALL kelly’s 4 Chairs!
  6. Great Performance! TBH I love her tone SM it reminds me of SandyRedd
  7. Is it just me or does Bella’s tone remind me of Christina Grimmie(RIP) maybe that’s why i’m obsessed with her
  8. Wow good for Jeremy! BTW how hyped you got it kind of reminded me of Snoopy getting hyped for Kenzie
  9. I really think that Tuesday’s leak will be either Jershika or Shadale if they aren’t on Mondays episode. For tommorow I’m taking a guess it can possibly be LiBianca, Ryleigh, Aaron, or even Brittney. I want the leak to be Brittney, tbh she’s the most AA female that made lives that’s underrated. Her and Shadale.
  10. Maybe they got 4 chairs? Since the source got the song choice wrong?
  11. The Cunningham sisters are really closing? so that means they got more then 2 chairs?
  12. is it possible there is someone like Shadale? Who got 4 chairs and is closing?
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