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  1. Season 18: Allegra Miles, Roderick Chambers, Nelson Cade, Samantha Howell, Micheal Williams, Todd Micheal Hall, Thunderstorm Artis, Arei Moon, Megan Danielle, Micah Iverson, Mandi Thomas, Cedrice, Mike Jerel, Zan Fiskum, Mandi Castillo, CamWess, Toneisha Harris, Todd Tighman, Joanna Serenko, Joei Fulco. Season 19: Taryn Papa, Larriah Jackson, Julia Cooper, Ryan Gallagher, Desz, Tanner Gomes, Madeline Conseour, Cami Clune, Carter Rubin, Ben Allen, Joseph Soul, Payge Turner, Worth The Wait, Sid Kingsley, Jim Ranger, Ian Flannigan, Tamara Jade, John Holiday, Chloe Hogan, Bailey Rae.
  2. Out of Team Nick... Dana has had a strong Blind, Strong Battle, and Strong KO. She’s basically the Katie Kadan/Kyla Jade of this season.
  3. we get it you want Kenzie to win now just keep it shut until it actually happens!
  4. For a sec i thought I was reading the American Idol thread LMFAOOAO
  5. I feel like his version is to upbeat and Corey can do much better with any different James Arthur song!
  6. her tone was so pretty too, instead of bussing country guys and mediocre teen males... they want to bus teen girls/ indie pop girls/ pop rock girls who are most interesting.
  7. In season 17 of the knockouts i just realized they all bussed all the steals and saves except for Marina and yet she still got eliminated🥲
  8. I’m just gonna put some Bus song choices that were absolutely wrong to give these artists. Kiara Brown- The Bones Ciana Pelekai- Cuz I Love you Kelsie Watts- You Ougtta Know
  9. I would love Corey to sing.... -Free Fallin - Beneath Your Beautiful - Sober All these song choices are slow tempo and Corey will do amazing. Specially Sober by Demi Lovato will be awesome because he can put so much emotion into the song.
  10. I learned one thing from Zae... Never keep secrets with him!
  11. The fact that Raine spilled all the beans. It’s always the lesbians(as they should tho) who tend to be straight up and be more outgoing. Raine is more respectful tho and wasn’t rude she was just speaking facts. She also just posted a post on her story saying I wish all the contestants the best. She’s so sweet i love her!
  12. Me too Nick and Minivan if Dana and Rachel don’t get through to Top 9.
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