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  1. Can you guys imagine Simon Cowell being a Voice judge oof he won’t turn for anyone.
  2. So it’s really interesting on iTunes! Because it looks like that Todd is streaming #1 on charts. With Toneisha streaming #12. And Thunderstorm at #13. Could that be the lineup for the final 3?
  3. I agree this Season has been pretty great! These top 9 are going to make the finale unpredictable!!
  4. Here’s your Top 9... 1. Zan Fiskum 2. Micah Iverson 3. Todd Tilghman 4. Toneisha Harris 5. Megan Danielle 6. Joanna Serenko 7. CamWess 8. Thunderstorm Artis 9. Allegra Miles. Wow! IMO these are incredible artists! The finale is going to be unpredictable TBH! This might be the best lineup since Season 13 TBH.
  5. Here are my predictions based on all of Social Media views. Team Nick: Peoples Save: Thunderstorm Nicks Save: Micheal Or Roderick Wildcard: Allegra Miles Team Kelly: Peoples Save: Micah Iverson Kellys Save: Megan Danielle Wildcard: Mandi Thomas Team Blake: Peoples Save: Todd Tilghman Blake’s Save: Joei Fulco Wildcard: Joanna Serenko Team John: Peoples Save: CamWess Johns Save: Mandi Castillo Wildcard: Zan Fiskum TBH this seems about right. If you look at all the views and stuff Micah, Cam, Todd, and Thunderstorm all have the highest views on all of social media I wish we can look at ITunes to see who was trending the highest rank. BTW: Watch Toneisha get robbed tonight. It’s so sad it’s going down to 9 artist only, WOW!
  6. Are they going to do the studio version on iTunes? Where they do the apple bonus thing? Did that start today??
  7. Which season do you think was the best? Rank all seasons based on formats, auditions, knockouts, battles, and more!
  8. So it looks like we won’t be getting a montage, they legit skipped a commercial break.
  9. Mandi sounds pretty good but I think it’s just in rehearsal.
  10. According to some spoilers and results. The Top 17 Should Be... 1. Roderick Chambers:Team Nick 2. Arie Moon/Jon:Team Nick 3. Allegra Miles:Team Nick 4. Thunderstorm Artis: Team Nick 5. Mandi Thomas/Anaya: Team Kelly 6. Micah Iverson: Team Kelly 7. Megan Danielle: Team Kelly 8. Cedrice: Team Kelly 9. Todd Tilghman: Team Blake 10. Joanna Serenko: Team Blake 11. Toneisha Harris: Team Blake 12. Joei Fulco: Team Blake 13. Zan Fiskum: Team John 14. Mike Jerel: Team John 15. CamWess: Team John 16. Mandi Castillo: Team John 17th Spot: Todd M Hall/Micheal Williams/Samantha Howell/Nelson Cade If I am being honest a pretty great top 17, most of these people are basically incredible and this line up is better then last seasons!
  11. Oh sorry it’s like a habit for me I think it looks more professional that way just don’t mind it, my bad.
  12. TvLine Gave Zan a (B-), Then They Gave Joanna a (A-) Again! My God TvLine Is So Biased When It Comes To Grading Performances. I Remember Back In Season 15 When They Gave Patrique Fortson a (B) Back In The Knockouts.
  13. It Is Really Incredible How Everyone Who Was Shown In The 1st Episode Of Blind Auditions Made It Past Battles. Although Tayler Green, Maybe Todd Micheal Hall, Maybe Tate Brusa, Maybe Nelson Cade, And Maybe Darious Lyles Can Be The Victims Of Losing Their Knockouts. Which Will Mean Only 3 Artists Made It Past Knockouts From Premiere Episode.
  14. I Have A Feeling Tate Can Lose To Roderick Tonight. I Mean Nick Let Him Win Over Joanna. We Will Have To See. As For Darious And Mike, I Think Darious Will Shock Us All And Beat Mike.
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