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  1. I want to know what’s up with Marisa like she needs to get over losing it’s quite embarrassing, Marisa honey, Kelly liked a country guy over you deal with it. with that personality you won’t get anywhere in life. Lauren Frihauf and Larriah Jackson are more mature then you. I get that you were robbed but just be calm and just appreciate how far u went on The Voice.
  2. hmmm okay thank you, i was also wondering if any of you guys can add me to the group chat of spoilers for season 20, if you guys can thank youu!
  3. i was wondering i know that their is already a AA powerhouse this season that resembles Kyla Jade. Are their anymore AA powerhouses and teenagers for season 20.
  4. i feel like TBTP are tricking us this season with us actually thinking Carter is going to win, they are actually trying to make Carter the runner up this season and with Desz or even Tamara becoming the first AA Diva women to win. i’m leaning towards Desz more since the past winners have been on the 3rd episode of the blind audition. wait hold up smth else just opened my mind Chevel, Jake, and Carter have all sang on the 3rd part of blinds and battles so... but that can mean TPTB is tricking us with Desz winning tbh.
  5. so this is how tonight went... Team Gwen Carter Rubin: PV Ben Allen: Coach Save () Team John John Holiday: PV Tamara Jade: Coach Save Bailey Rae: Wildcard Team Blake Ian Flennigan: PV Jim Ranger: Coach Save Team Kelly Desz: PV Cami Clune: Coach Save i mean tonight we got most artists we wanted to advance Sid and Payge gave a great run during their time, so I really just want to say thank you payge and did for giving us a great time listening to you guys sing! Other then that i’m ready for John, Carter, Tamara, Desz,
  6. imo i love john holliday but i really want chloe to snatch that public vote somehow lmfaoo, she was amazing tonight. Tamara and Chloe were the most consistent tonight on team Legend
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