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  1. If they might do 2 leaks this season who do u guys think it will be my money is on either Chloe and Tamara.
  2. No I mean that the Tuesday the same week they leak the audition they always leak a audition on a Tuesday before the season premiere starts... for example... October 13 they will do something to kick off the season like either a leak or a beginning clip of the season and then on the 16th they will leak another audition.
  3. I mean the thing is back in season 15 when they showed Kennedy in the leak and the last audition of the premiere like... really. It does not make sense they should leak the auditions of those who either begin the premiere or are in the middle of the premiere like they did with Kim Cherry and Kyla Jade also with Nelson. I know tho that they will atleast leak 2 leaks this season because that is what they do on fall seasons and some spring seasons. Last season in the fall they didn’t tho they just showed the beginning of the premiere which was kinda stupid... so the Tuesday before the premiere that same week on the Friday they leak auditions watch out because they might leak Tuesday and Friday.
  4. I hope the leak is not the last audition of the premiere that will suck. I hope Tamara starts the show or is in the middle with someone else with a block ending it. They should leak someone else who we don’t expect to get leaked.
  5. It is kinda interesting tho... Kyla sang backup for JHUD and made Finals. Kymberli Sang backup for Childish Gambino and made it to Semis. Tamara sang backup for Lizzo and she might make Semis or even Finale. I love how interesting it is that all female powerhouses have sang backup for a big star and then show off their powerhouse ability. It’s even more interesting how Tamara sang a Lizzo Song in the Blinds!
  6. Y’all what if every powerhouse AA women this season gets not that popular/overshadowed because of DESZ and Tamara just like in season 14 with Tish. IMO Tish was the sandyredd of season 14 she got tossed a million times, I think she was not that popular and did not get saved because of Queen Kyla, but Tish was a incredible AA women. Thank god none of this happend any AA women this season, but watch them not be that popular like Desz and Tamara. I hope this doesn’t happen and every AA women this season get the recognition they deserve.
  7. IMO, I think we’re sensing some harsh eliminations of those who we are in love with... I’m guessing that’s what the big secret is that @Someone648 is hiding from us, please tell me the ones we love don’t get eliminated.
  8. My Imbox is also open for anything related for Tamara and Desz! Anything else don’t tell me please.
  9. Oooooo.... Usher now mentoring fall seasons, I wonder what this can mean?!
  10. I mean tbh season 13 was a great season but season 5 and 9 beat it for me. Season 13 is one the best newer seasons, with season 18 being a close runner up and season 17 being a close second in 3rd place. Let us just hope season 19 tops everything!!
  11. I hope this season delivers, IMO this season is just ending up to be a mix of Season 15 and 14, with the talents. I love how we have more AA Diva women this season then the other previous ones, I’m just hoping that season ends up being like last season or even if we’re lucky like season 13! I’m praying that this season has a rightful winner, good blind auditions, good battles, and good knockouts! BTW- Good luck to everyone in the knockouts tonight!!
  12. Oh ok that’s good. Seasons 15 blinds were not that good the only good blinds were Kennedy, RADHA, Chevel, Kymberli, Kameron, Patrique, DeAndre, Claire, MaKenzie, Kirk, SandyRedd, and Funshos. Season 15 was carried by JHUDS Team and Kymberli and Kirk. I’m sorry but it started off hot then got ruined let’s pray this season doesn’t end like that with 3 country singers in the finale.
  13. Thank you!! The thing is... since I didn’t get the tickets I’m trying not to get any or read any result spoilers sorry Yall. Wow tho... only 4... 4 chair turns, how depressing I love it when it’s more. I hope the blinds are great tho let’s pray.. that they are good!!
  14. How much 4 chair turns were in this seasons blind auditions... don’t tell me any names just tell me the amount Lol THANK YOU BTW
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