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  1. I’m wondering who the other blocks will be… It’s so fun not knowing all chair turns and blocks
  2. TBH because how busy i’ve been this summer I need to catch up on what’s going on… Battle Tapings are already tommorow? Where does Time Go? I’m super hyped for this season anyways so much interesting artists and the way how the old format is back! I really think this season will be phenomenal and I know it’s gonna happen.
  3. She was Incredible! I love her!!!
  4. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMd4SUoDS/ Queen
  5. The fact that we 4 AA Soulful/PH Woman this season is amazing! - POV Women - Jershika Maple - Wendy Moten - Brittany Bree
  6. Hailey Green, Vaughn, Wyatt, The Cunningham Sisters. These are our dark horses IMO watch out! I’m calling it rn they are gonna pull a Corey Ward and make lives.
  7. So me going coming back and realizing Hailey Green is back and got a chair turn from Blake! Thank you Blake! I really liked her in season 19 and thought they should’ve turned and saw her potential. I’m getting vibes that Blake is gonna pair her and Ms.Misty(KJ Jennings) that battle will be awesome!
  8. I’m getting the vibe that Blake will pair Wendy and Carson… Drop Carson… he gets stolen.
  9. Same! I really don’t know what he classifies his genre to be, but I can really see him being our indie pop alternative singer this season!!!
  10. Okay… The Cunningham Sisters and Vaughan are the top 2 who many think will be fodder, but are gonna shock everyone and go father than most 4 chairs. I’m having faith in this!
  11. Jershsika Maple - Literally my favorite right now. I love her tone and the way how she controls her vocals. KJ Jennings- I love her tone. It’s so ethereal and calm. Holly Forbes- Her sweet tone and the songs she sings is lovely. I know Kelly will love her! Brittany Bree- I love AA women on the show and I will love her and her runs! Ryleigh Plank- YES! YES! YES! Wendy Moten- I’ve been dying to get another Keisha/Spensha and i’m so happy we got one, a much vocally better one tho! The Cunningham Sisters- Okay, Last season many of idf thought Corey Ward would be fodder, but I had faith. I’m going to have faith in these two this season. I can tell they are gonna shock the coaches and be a threat, they are more vocally better then Hello Sunday as well. Season 21… Is looking to be a unique great season. I hope everything works out!
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