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  1. LOL. I know but like his tone and twang reminds of Jackson. It’s probably just me LOL
  2. y’all are hyping up Kenzie too much tbh. He’s the overrated version of Jackson Marlowe.Kenzie’s good but to overhyped.
  3. The premiere was definitely better then Season 18 + 19 tbh. Raine, Corey, Dana, Cam, Victor were all incredible. While Devan, Christine, Pete and Kenzie were great too.
  4. His voice gives me Dexter Roberts vibes tbh. It’s just his tone is more deeper and his twang and voice are just like Dexter
  5. This^ Dana for sure would’ve got a higher percentage. Idk why they did that specially with a future finalist.
  6. Yes and Ryliegh was just asking Zae if he poops. Man she’s such a queen
  7. y’all are really forgetting how funny Taryn was last season as well. The lady couldn’t go down the stairs after she won the 4 way Knockout. She also straight up yelled THERES A BLOCK.
  8. The Premiere Blinds Thread is gonna go nuts for those who don’t know spoilers. The first 30 minutes they all gonna be like THIS PREMIERE IS SO GOOD OMG.
  9. I think that doesn’t matter possibly because Victor is more on Gospel/R+B Edge. While Cam is more pop and soul. As you can tell Blake thought Victor was Gospel all the way because of his pitch and of course the way how he didn’t know John wrote the song
  10. The first 30 minutes of the voice premiere tonight is gonna be astounding and i can’t wait! I hope Christine, Devan and Pete all live out to their expectations and show that we are underestimating them! I know Corey and Raine will be solid.
  11. Yes, We got really lucky. Idk what is taking Mjsbigblog so long... JUST POST IT
  12. I’m so ready for all the contestants to be tearing up for those without a sob story.
  13. yes ik she deserves it i’m just saying. His grades are sorta bias
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