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  1. LMFAOAOAO this is so funny but unnecessary. Y’all are getting greedy we already have Jershika, Gymani, Wendy, LiBianca and Shadale as our AA soul icons. Brittney slayed all her performances and IMO her KO was good but not that good compared to her battle and blind. She’s still one of the best vocalist this season and it’s a shame she lost but atleast she fairly lost to someone who is as credible as a great vocalist as her.
  2. No bc i’m simping over Caleb the way how minivan simped over Ryan Gallagher
  3. Y’all i’m getting vibes Holly is Johns Steal, Brittney is Aris, Paris is Blake.
  4. Man… this is kinda shocking I never expected Katie to be stolen. I thought she beat Raquel and Raquel went home
  5. Wow Brittany and Samara both eliminated… damn makes Shadale, Wendy, and Gymani our only AA Females now
  6. I take this back Katie deserves to make Lives that was absolutely stunning.
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