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  1. Are you secretly a Voice Producer you know so much LMFAOAOOO, thank you for existing!!
  2. Did you guys think back in season 18, that Todd was gonna get the PV over Toneisha?
  3. This seasons PO is all about who can perform best live and who minivan thinks will get the PV. If Victor goes the gospel lane in PO he definitely is gonna get PV on Team John.
  4. Tuesday night is gonna be the most depressing night for all of idf.
  5. I have something to say tho... I really think if Corey gets a huge emotional ballad he can definitely close the PO while Kenzie starts off Team Kelly. I really don’t see Kenzie going more emotional and actually starting singing Bro Country. It’s just my opinion tbh, if he does well dang i was wrong LMFAOO
  6. Guys can we just acknowledge that live shows start this Monday!!!! We are back on Tuesdays as well!!! Lets get it!!
  7. This^, but let’s forget about it! If they did we should as well!!!
  8. Your fine as well lol. I would get it. I do not think they meant it in a harsh way though, but let’s forget it abt it.
  9. nah your fine lol. You just got mad because you love country and they were calling country not that interesting, but i like how @voicetakeover890 apologized that was huge from them. They are kind.
  10. why are you so funny tho... you and queencami kill me sometimes y’all so relatable
  11. thank you for not attacking them btw and actually agreeing and being the kind human being people love seeing btw. Thank you @B-B as well for not attacking and actually being calm about the rants.
  12. This^ it got me kinda mad though how everyone just attacked them. They usually never do that. It was kind of harsh.
  13. Yea and Ik i was thinking of Jesse from the four lol
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