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S19 Knockouts Night 2


Who gave the strongest KO tonight?  

58 members have voted

  1. 1. Favorite Performance from Night 2 of Knockouts?

    • K1W: Desz - Can We Talk
    • K1L(S): Sid Kingsley - Make it Rain
    • B1W: Jim Ranger - Humble and Kind
    • B1L: JusJon - Finesse
    • J1W: Bailey Rae - Let Me Down Easy
    • J1L: Lauren Frihauf - Cry Baby
    • B2W: Ian Flanigan - Beautiful Crazy
    • B2L: James Pyle - In My Blood
    • G1W: Joseph Soul - lovely (montaged KO's winner)
    • K2W: Madeline Consoer - Die From a Broken Heart
    • K2L: Kelsie Watts - You Oughta Know
    • G2W: Carter Rubin - You Say
    • G2L(S): Chloe Hogan - Weak

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Only ranking the people we saw in full.



12. JusJon


How the mighty have fallen
11. Kelsie Watts

10. Lauren Frihauf
09. James Pyle


Don't pass me the bread, coz they ain't my jam

08. Bailey Rae

07. Ian Flanigan

06. Madeline Consoer


They hit their sweet spot and should stay there

05. Chloe Hogan

04. Jim Ranger

03. Carter Rubin

02. Desz


My king, my liege, my monarch

01. Sid Kingsley


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6 minutes ago, ashwinner said:

imma be honest - this was probably the best the voice episode i've watched in a while. madeline, desz, sid, carter, and chloe all showed up. i am really excited for the playoffs, it's going to be a really good episode as long as there are few live flops


I agree. Even the supposed trainwrecks sounded much better than past seasons's trainwrecks.

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It's really tough to pick a favorite but here's my ranking as of now:


1. Desz (A)

2. Sid (A)

3. Chloe (A-)

4. Madeline (A-)

5. Carter (A-)


6. Jim (B+)

7. Ian (B)

8. Bailey (B-)


9. James (C+)

10. Lauren (C)

11. Kelsie (C-)


12. JusJon (D)


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Jesus that was a strong, strong, strong night!



1. DeSz (10/10) - YES M'AM.

2. Sid Kingsley (9.5/10) - He KILLED this! I get that Kelly's pairings had to be super odd, but what a mistake she made pairing him against DeSz.

3. Madeline Consoer (9/10) - Ok where the hell did this come from? I genuinely really liked that and that's the most shocking part of tonight. She made herself a true contender there.

4. Jim Ranger (9/10) - I don't want to like him just because Sid's up against him, but damn if this wasn't pleasant from beginning to end. Best cover I've heard of the song for sure.

5. Chloe Hogan (8.5/10) - Chloe finally hit her stride! This is what she should've been doing from the beginning. Very well done! Such a deserving steal.



6. Bailey Rae (7.5/10) - Didn't expect to like her this much! Felt like she was more comfortable than ever. Great job! 

7. Carter Rubin (7.5/10) - Good control, but I didn't find the overall performance very impressive minus the ending. It felt too high school talent show, but I understand why Gwen chose him. He's really just not appealing to me and I just can't get into him no matter how much I want to.

8. Ian Flanigan (7.5/10) - I love his tone but this was sleepy and did nothing for me. Not the breakout moment I somewhat expected it to be for him.



9. Lauren Frihauf (7/10) - So much potential to be better but some of those big notes were a bummer. Overall, you can tell how much she's improved since the blinds, but her voice wasn't strong enough for this song yet. She needed something different.

10. James Pyle (7/10) - This was disappointing. Not the song choice they should've given him.

11. Kelsie Watts (6.5/10) - Oh lord... I genuinely did like what she tried with the song stylistically but none of it paid off. What a shame. She's one of the most gifted vocalists of the season for sure. The moral here is don't do Alanis unless you're sure you can do Alanis.

12. Jus Jon (5/10) - He seems like a chill guy but this was very mediocre, sadly.



Regarding Joseph Soul vs. Van Andrew, Joseph's bit was very decent. As for Van... all I'm saying is NBC proved it still has access to The Killers' catalog so USE IT.



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  1. Desz - Yes tone, yes runs, yes song selection, yes entire vibe. Kelly's front-runner has arrived in full "I Am A Queen" style.
  2. Sid - Literally the only reason he's below Desz is because she beat him, but if he'd have been up on any other team he'd have won fair and square. Probably the closest KO I've seen since Madi vs. Amy, tbh.
  3. Chloe - Not quite the breakout moment of another similarly-named KO steal, but a well-deserved steal nonetheless.
  4. Carter - Incredibly polished and controlled for his age, he's got a solid shot at the PV on his team as long as he doesn't flop horribly.
  5. Madeline - Surprised me once again, she's on a stacked team though but may be less of a long shot for the coach save than I thought (assuming Desz doesn't need it).
  6. Jim - Good song selection, and it was nice to see a softer side to him. Easily his best performance yet.
  7. Ian - I liked this better than his blind, tbh - his tone's super interesting. Would like to see him do some Johnny Cash in the lives, as he's the only country guy with a strong enough lower register to pull it off.
  8. Lauren - Love her tone, love the song, didn't love the arrangement.
  9. Bailey - I wasn't as big a fan of this as her battle, but still a solid performance so no complaints.
  10. Kelsie - Wrong song, unfortunately. Disappointed to see her this low, but it is what it is.
  11. James - I was rooting for him, but this song wasn't it.
  12. JusJon - Excellent stage presence. The vocal, however...

If we'd gotten to see Joseph vs. Van in full I'd likely stick Joseph between James and Kelsie. Van, unfortunately, I have no idea where I'd put. Also seconding the notion of more of The Killers on the show; the fact we haven't had a full performance of one of their songs since Season 5 is a CRIME. 

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Top 3 of the Night: 

1. Carter Rubin- I know this is going to get a lot of hate here, but in my opinion, this was the best Knockout performance of Season 19 (so far.) Ugh, he just KILLED me with the emotion that he packed into each and every lyric¬†of that song. He honestly melted my heart. ūü•ļ After this, I hope he at least makes the finale. ūüėä


2. DeSz- Wow, the queen delivers yet again! The show seems to always want to push Tamara, but the facts are, she’s not going anywhere based off of the sloppy performances she has given. DeSz is the true queen. :wub: She hit her high notes, her stage presence was really good, and I really happy to see that side of her. Sorry Sid fans, but in my opinion, she blew him out of the water (which is saying a lot considering how well Sid did.)


3. Madeline Consoer- If Taryn doesn‚Äôt make it through the four-way knockout, here‚Äôs my country gal back-up. Madeline just made her mark on the competition. She delivered such an emotionally captivating performance, and I was mesmerized by it (partly due to¬†her neon outfit lol. ūü§£) I would kill to have this girl sing¬†homecoming queen? by Kelsea Ballerini. ūü•ļ


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