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    Black girl, 90% here for The Voice.<br /><br />I've been watching casually since Season 2. Watching religiously since Season 7.<br /><br />My signature includes my favorites from The Voice, per season. The ones in red are my all-time favorites.<br /><br />With a few exceptions like Lindsey Pavao and AI's Maddie Poppe, I do not like "indie" singers (i.e. Hunter Plake, Caroline Glaser, Melanie Martinez, Jessie Pitts, Kat Hammock, etc). I can tolerate some country singers, especially the genuinely good ones like Dexter Roberts.<br /><br />My favorites tend to be passionate, powerful, and soulful singers, and/or rockers (i.e. Kimberly Nichole, Vanessa Ferguson, Chris Blue, Stephanie Rice, Janice Freeman, Kyla Jade, DeAndre Nico, Shawn Sounds, Jake HaldenVang, etc). But I do not like Chloe Kohanski. God, no. This year, I'm trying to like Katie Kadan and the love is just not connecting for me.<br /><br />----<br /><br />Interests outside of The Voice include punk rock, hard rock, a little bit of metal, a lot of 80s music, poetry, and literature.<br /><br />Jennifer Hudson and Christina Aguilera are too pure for this world.<br /><br />I also have sound-color synesthesia. I plug that whenever I can.<br /><br />I also have perfect pitch, so pitch issues are probably going to sound a lot worse to me than they will to you.

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  1. Well, I guess we've just gotten another one last night - courtesy of Todd Tilghman, "Glory of Love." (Correct me if I'm wrong, please and thank you )
  2. Did you separate them by amazing one-time performances / songs that should NEVER be done again? Because all of those performances were pretty great except the last three. "Get On Your Feet," "Fancy," and "Caribbean Queen" should NEVER be done again. Reagan's was a shame, too, because it was a pretty creative arrangement. But she didn't have the breath control to pull off the rapid-fire raps. Meanwhile, Joana could do NOTHING to salvage that song, and neither could Shane with his song. I think the others you listed are totally right! That's incredible, that Season 5 had so many unique performances. I wish we had more seasons with that many unique song choices. But Betsy Ade sang "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette during Season 16's Cross Battles. (I totally understand if you forgot. That first episode of Cross Battles was exhaustingly bad.) By the way, can someone confirm if "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder has ever been performed on the show? (Andrew Sevener [S16] sang it during his finals.) Something tells me yes, but I'm not 100% confident.
  3. (Felicia Temple was in Season 12, made it to the Playoffs as a Team Blake comeback artist.) https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/bergen/teaneck/2020/04/19/teanecks-felicia-temple-returns-to-holy-name-as-nurse-amid-coronavirus-pandemic/5162673002/ "Teaneck's Felicia Temple Pauses Music Career, Returns to Holy Name as a Full-Time Nurse" I copied the first 3 paragraphs here: Teaneck native Felicia Temple, whose singing career took off after her appearances on "The Voice" in 2017, was on TV again Saturday night. But this time it was thanks to her old day job. "I was on tour overseas when President Trump made the announcement that the borders were closing. The tour got canceled, and literally within a week I was back to work full time as a nurse,” she said. She had been gone from Holy Name Medical Center for months, achieving her dream and focusing on gigs, and then the pandemic hit. Friends, family and fans who watched her Saturday night during Global Citizen's "One World: Together at Home” broadcast found her in scrubs being interviewed by Lester Holt of ABC News.
  4. (I hope this topic is allowed; I don't know if talking about other countries' versions of The Voice is allowed.) I just heard some guy absolutely annihilating Adele's "When We Were Young" on The Voice Portugal. I'm in love. It's so beautiful. I can't stop playing it on repeat. (And it has 88 MILLION views for a good reason.) Two of my international favorites are from The Voice Holland: Pleun Bierblooms singing "Million Years Ago" by Adele (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8hliPb1SJI) and Ina Van Woersem singing "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70gScxRtdHw). Pleun's voice is so haunting and gorgeous; Ina's performance is so much fun, and she has the coolest, most effortless tone. And I might just have a crush on her I can think of others, but again, I don't want to hog the thread lol. What are some of your favorites?
  5. You are 100% right about Andrew Sevener and Adam Cunningham. Also worth mentioning that neither of them got good performance slots, either. Jean Kelley (7). It was so obvious that Gwen didn't like her at all. (I heard through the grapevine that she didn't have a great personality to work with, so that might explain it.) Gwen tried so hard to get rid of her in the Battles by giving her a song where Sugar Joans could excel and Jean would expectedly struggle. But it was almost like she didn't communicate to the other coaches that they shouldn't have stolen her, because Adam and Pharrell tried to. THE LOOK ON GWEN'S FACE when Jean was stolen is PRICELESS. I will never forget it. It is GENUINE SADNESS, and it is hilarious. The fact that she made it to the Live Playoffs/Top 20 is a miracle, but TPTB made sure she didn't make it one inch farther when they gave her... "Piano in the Dark." One of the worst song choices in the show's history. Chris Kroeze (15). I would argue that if the show were pushing for anyone to win this season, it was either Kennedy Holmes (who I loved), or Blake's second black country experiment, Kirk Jay (who I also really liked). I think Chris Kroeze was at the back of their minds. I think it shocked everyone that his hometown almost singlehandedly gave him enough support to shove him to 2nd place. He got NO help from this show whatsoever, and had he won, he would've beaten Craig for having the worst performance slots out of any winner. He was also the first to finish performing in the finale. Chevel Shepherd (15). For the same reasons as Chris and a little bit of Craig. Also, she never got to close out a show, either. In fact, her performance slots were terrible, too. DeAndre Nico (15). Controversy aside, it really felt like Adam Levine didn't care about anyone on his team except for Reagan Strange. She was his biggest shot at winning, and DeAndre had no shot (and neither did Tyke), so he pushed for her. Had DeAndre survived past the night of RobeGate, then I think he would have placed higher on this list for me, but it felt like Adam was trying to bus him every single second of the live shows - starting with that tragic performance of "Cry for You" by Jodeci (like, seriously?!). The reason I'm including DeAndre here, though, is because he managed to survive past that week. That week was 100% supposed to be his last, but he got to choose his Instant Save song and really nailed it. But then Adam pulled off the coup de grâce with "That's What I Like," which we know now is a song that has only ever destroyed singers. Then, just when you thought DeAndre was going to win the Instant Save AGAIN, Adam used the opportunity to praise DeAndre to instead say something like, "There's a sick little girl at home, and I have to defend her [over you, dude, nothing personal]." I've never seen a singer bussed that hard for his entire time on the show. I don't even know why you'd turn for a singer's audition if you were gonna treat him like that the whole time, like, just make him a 3-chair and leave him alone Oliv Blu (16). A smaller example, but she was NOT supposed to win against Celia Babini, who was a 4-chair turn. I don't think TPTB or the coaches REALLY knew how divided the public was over Celia, or how much the public was weirdly biased against everything related to Adam and sought to let the other coaches mow his team down, before allowing the two of them to go against each other in Cross Battles. I feel like the only reason Blake saved Oliv for the Top 13 was because it was between Selkii (who was HORRIBLE in the live shows) and Kendra Checketts (who wasn't THAT bad, but also didn't give a performance or have an image that the general public could get into). He didn't really have any other options between Oliv, Selkii, and Kendra. The producers also didn't do Oliv any favors with her songs. They've had singers like her before, but they somehow couldn't figure out how to give her cool arrangements (a la Amy Vachal) or any songs that fit her voice well except for "The Girl from Ipanema." She almost felt like a total throwaway contestant who only made it as far as she did because of the weird Season 16 format.
  6. Meghan Linsey performed this one, too, in Season 8. I agree with your order, but I'd put Meghan at #1. I always thought her cover was gorgeous. I'm also starting to realize that "Overdone" might not be the best word or term. Maybe "Frequently Done" is the best term. For another frequently done song (that I can't lie, I'm getting a little tired of hearing and I can't really explain why), "Gravity" by John Mayer: Chris Jamison (7) - (A classic.) Ryan Innes (4) - (Really great vocal performance. Not a classic like Chris, but still really, really good.) Natasia Greycloud vs. Mike Parker (15) - (Natasia fit this song way better than I ever would've expected. She was great here.) Oliv Blu (16) - (I thought it was pretty, and somehow not a trainwreck in spite of everyone else crashing during Cross Battles.) Davon Fleming (13) - (I really like him, and he was fine at the beginning, but he kinda oversang it.) Courtney Harrell vs. Ethan Tucker (11) - (Courtney struggled, and I'm surprised she won and Ethan was eliminated. Ethan was OK until he started screaming to match Courtney's screaming.)
  7. Good Lord. I didn't know that there have been 9 performances of "If I Ain't Got You." I thought about listing it, but I couldn't remember more than 3 (Chris + Vanessa, Lauren Diaz, and Jesse + Anthony). HALF of all seasons have had a performance of "If I Ain't Got You." That's just shocking. And excessive.
  8. List as many overdone songs as you want - and then rank all of the performances that you're familiar with! (Everyone is going to have a different definition of "Overdone." And that's fine! Any song that YOU feel has been performed on this show way too many times can count.) I'll start with a few and then hand it to you all. I don't remember very single performance of every single song, but these were the ones that I did remember. Foreigner - "I Want to Know What Love Is" Rose Short (17) (One of the show's greatest performances of all time. Absolutely stunning. Music doesn't usually make me cry, but this does, every time.) Terry McDermott (3) (I just love this guy, brilliant voice.) Toneisha Harris (18) (It was OK, but maybe I compared it to Rose too much since it was so recent. I've loved all of Toneisha's other performances way more.) Chloe Kohanski (13) (I never liked Chloe, but this was OK... at least this had more life and passion than Hunter's.) Hunter Plake (12) (I just disliked everything about him and this sappy cover. But at least it was in pitch, unlike...) Battle of Jamar Rogers vs. Jamie Lono (2) (Jamar was fine. Jamie was absolutely not.) Leonard Cohen - "Hallelujah" (I actually liked all of these.) Matthew Schuler (5) (Like Rose, one of the show's greatest performances of all time. Also absolutely stunning.) Season (3) Group Performance (The one they did to honor the victims of Sandy Hook. It was one of the show's most special moments, and absolutely gorgeous, especially Christina.) Maelyn Jarmon (16) (Very close to Matthew's in terms of greatness, but much more subdued. Her voice was just gorgeous.) Jordan Smith (9) (His was very pretty. I honestly didn't remember it and had to listen to it again. He had a lot of better performances.) Joshua Davis (8) (Another one that I forgot and had to listen to again. Also very pretty, but the least technically skilled vocalist.) Sia - "Chandelier" Jordan Smith (9) (Easy to see why this was a 4-chair. Just stunning.) Allegra Miles (18) (The spin she put on it was very gorgeous, and I thought her tone suited the song really beautifully.) Jean Kelley (7) (Very dramatic. I honestly never liked her and didn't love this performance, but it was better than the others.) Janice Freeman (13) (Poor woman struggled with it a lot. It was painful to watch such a strong performer struggle so much with her emotions.) Troy Ramey (12) (Only reason his is worse is because he did it on purpose. What a disastrous arrangement.)
  9. Starting with Season 7 - counting underrated singers for a combination of not being appreciated for their brilliance/artistry, and being cut too early. I'm also going to omit anyone who made it to the Top 9 or further, since I feel like making it that far, even if you were robbed in the Bloodbath Semifinals week or whatever, is a sign that you had fans. 7. Troy Ritchie. One of those rare contestants who peaks in the Knockouts and STILL goes home anyway. He was one of the most fun contestants we ever got. (Honorable mentions: Menlik Zergabachew) 8. Anthony Riley. This guy only got to give two of the best performances in THE HISTORY of The Voice before he voluntarily dropped out. Had he given more, I'd think people would have given him his due, but he's gone largely forgotten. He was truly, absolutely special. He made being special look so easy. Probably one of the most talented people in the HISTORY of this show. Like a proto-Chris Blue, but even better as a vocalist. Also, Rest In Peace, Anthony (Honorable mentions: Mia Z) 9. Darius Scott. He could weave through notes like his voice was an instrument. His audition was brilliant. This guy had so much control over his voice. Unfortunate that a mediocre Playoffs performance sealed his fate when everything he did before that was exceptional. (Honorable mentions: Victor Kiraly, Blaine Mitchell, Morgan Frazier) 10. Tamar Davis. Straight up, one of the most talented singers in the show's history who just didn't appeal to the demographics. That's literally the only thing she did wrong. (Honorable mention: Moushumi, who was destroyed by the show handing her mainstream pop songs that didn't suit her incredible voice, instead of giving her wicked psychedelic rearrangements like "Wicked Games") 11. Dana Harper. Perpetually underrated, this woman was eliminated WAY too early. She had such a warm, soothing tone. She and Jason were massive victims of the preference towards country singers. Also, I'll never quite understand how Blake chose Courtney over her. I liked Courtney, but Dana was special. (Honorable mentions: Jason Warrior, Sophia Urista, and Belle Jewel, who the show sank by montaging her twice so people couldn't get a chance to know her) 12. Stephanie Rice. She's one of my all-time favorite contestants. I'm glad to see how much others are appreciating her in this thread. Anyone who doesn't REALLY know her needs to listen to her band's debut album, Dear Misery by Colonial Blue. Anyone who likes indie rock and blues rock with a strong female vocalist will find that it's one of the strongest albums available in those genres. She's absolutely incredible. And I'm just gonna say it; I feel like she struggled a lot due to her sexuality. It sucks that it's still a hurdle for contestants who are out and proud. (Honorable mentions: Johnny Gates, Jonny West) 13. Moriah Formica. She had such a powerful rock voice. We don't have enough female rock singers on this show. She just got lost in the shuffle somewhere, and it's unfortunate because she was incredible in all of her performances. I'd have preferred her over Ashland, but it is what it is. (Honorable mentions: Chris Weaver) 14. Mia Boostrom. She was insanely good. I feel like she's an example of how subtle vocalists go under-appreciated in this show. She really wasn't much of a belter and didn't have to be. Her tone was so warm and syrupy. "Wade in the Water" will always be special. It's (Honorable mentions: Kelsea Johnson, Drew Cole, Reid Umstaddt) 15. Lynnea Moorer. She got massive pushback just for being the Comeback Artist and "not deserving it" over the other eliminations. She had so much potential. (Honorable mentions: Kameron Marlowe and RADHA, neither of whom should have gone home over Tyke James. Seriously, Adam?) 16. Almost too many to count. This season's jank format ruined our chances of getting to know so many worthy singers, including Beth Griffith-Manley, Rebecca Howell, Lisa Ramey, Domenic Haynes, and Kalvin Jarris. And heck, okay, I'll count Mari too because even though she made it farther than most in the quarterfinals, she was fantastic and should have made it even further. 17. Jake HaldenVang. This guy was so good. He suffered the same fate as Moushumi: given insipid pop songs that didn't suit his voice. Seriously, after "There's Nothing Holding Me Back," it was clear that the show's production was holding him back. (Honorable mentions: Marina Chello, Khalea Lynee, Gracee Shriver, Kiara Brown, Dane & Stephanie) 18. Tayler Green. It's way too early to tell on this one, but this woman dropped what I thought was one of the best Knockouts in the entire season - better than some of the winners - and still went home. I loved her R&B cover of "Time After Time." I'd have loved to see what she could have done with other similar songs. I'm still shocked and hurt that she didn't get saved.
  10. You win. I'll give it a try. I'm pretty solid on Seasons 3-17, and I'm just counting 18 up to the knockouts because I'm probably not going to come back to edit this after next week. I'm going to limit it to one per season, but I'll list honorable mentions in italicized gray parentheses. Bolded ones are all-time favorites, performances that I return to extremely frequently. 3. Trevin Hunte - And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going (Cassadee Pope - Over You; Trevin Hunte - Listen; Amanda Brown - Dream On) 4. Judith Hill - You've Got a Friend (Judith Hill - What a Girl Wants; Amber Carrington - Good Girl/Skyfall; Michelle Chamuel - I Knew You Were Trouble) 5. Matthew Schuler - Hallelujah (Matthew Schuler - Cough Syrup/Cosmic Love; James Wolpert - A Case of You; Will Champlin - At Last) 6. Delvin Choice and Josh Kaufman - Signed Sealed Delivered (Delvin Choice - A Song for You/Let's Stay Together; Josh Kaufman - I Can't Make You Love Me; Sisaundra Lewis - New York State of Mind; Bria Kelly - Steamroller Blues) 7. Chris Jamison - When I Was Your Man (Craig Wayne Boyd - I Walk the Line) 8. Kimberly Nichole - The House of the Rising Sun (Kimberly Nichole - What's Up/Creep/Dirty Diana; Anthony Riley - I Feel Good/Get Ready) 9. Jordan Smith - Somebody to Love (Amy Vachal - Hotline Bling) 10. Alisan Porter and Christina Aguilera - You've Got a Friend (Alisan Porter - Blue Bayou) 11. Ali Caldwell and Brendan Fletcher - It's Only Love (Christian Cuevas - How Am I Supposed to Live Without You; Ali Caldwell - I Will Always Love You) 12. Chris Blue - Superstition (Chris Blue - Tracks of My Tears/Rhythm Nation; Vanessa Ferguson - If I Were Your Woman/Diamonds/For Once in My Life; Stephanie Rice - Safe and Sound; Lauren Duski - Deja Vu) 13. Davon Fleming - I Am Changing (Janice Freeman - Fall for You/The Story) 14. Kyla Jade - Let It Be (Kyla Jade - You Don't Own Me/One Night Only; Spensha Baker - Merry Go Round; Christiana Danielle - Elastic Heart) 15. Kirk Jay - In Case You Didn't Know (Kennedy Holmes - Confident; Chris Kroeze - Burning House; Kirk Jay - Defenseless) 16. Shawn Sounds - A Song for You (Shawn Sounds - A House Is Not a Home; Maelyn Jarmon - Fields of Gold/Hallelujah; Jej Vinson and Beth Griffith-Manley - Jealous) 17. Rose Short - I Want to Know What Love Is (Rose Short - Border Song/Steamroller; Jake HaldenVang - Powerful/Wish I Knew You; Ricky Duran - Born Under a Bad Sign/A Woman Like Her; Will Breman - Light My Fire) *18. Micah Iverson - Graveyard (Tayler Green - Time After Time; Toneisha Harris - Diamonds; Thunderstorm Artis - Blackbird)
  11. Most notably, I remember it being a huge problem for Craig Wayne Boyd. I even remember him releasing a little "protest" single called "I'm Still Here" to remind people that he existed even though he wasn't on the record label anymore. I have no idea what he's up to these days. I remember feeling kinda bad for him, though, because even though I REALLY wanted Chris Jamison to win, I was happy for CWB - and I really thought he'd be the first singer to "make it" from The Voice. And then he just... didn't. And I have no idea where he is or what he's doing now. This all just goes to show how much the concept of "robbery" really is a matter of personal taste. (Unless we're talking about Ali Caldwell losing in that Instant Save to Josh Gallagher - then "robbery" is a scientific fact. ) About Sawyer, I 100% understand what others saw in him. I listen to a good amount of Americana outside of this show. But I just didn't like Sawyer myself. I found myself distracted by his errors (and it was fascinating to see people rake other singers through the coals for making mistakes - like Luke Wade from Season 7 - while giving Sawyer pass after pass), and I just didn't like his voice that much at all. It's weird, because a guy from my high school had a voice and style a lot like his, but with less grit; even though I tend to like vocalists with grit and power, I always loved that guy's voice, but I disliked Sawyer's. I'm curious to know if I'd like his originals more than I liked what he did on the show, though. Maybe I would. I've never heard them. (And I would have been ecstatic with a Kimberly-Koryn-Mia Z finale, but I'd swap Sawyer for India or Meghan.) I found Danielle consistent and very talented, but bland and uninteresting. Consistency means nothing to me if you don't make me feel anything. I forgot Amber Carrington in my list of robberies; in terms of female country talent that season, Amber was beyond impressive and memorable at her peak in ways that Danielle just wasn't, in my view. The season was full of incredible talent, including Danielle, and I was always disappointed that the singer who impressed me the least ended up being the winner. I also don't take a singer's age into consideration on this show; kudos to Danielle for doing something that I, at 23, could never do, because the show is exhausting from what I've gathered. The amount of performances and training and practice, and intense public scrutiny, is hard to deal with at any age - but especially when young. But if Danielle didn't make me feel anything, and if she had some age-related or experience-related weaknesses to her voice, then I can't change the way I feel or make exceptions for her age.
  12. "Powerful" was one of the best performances of that ENTIRE season. I'm not exaggerating. It was so good. "Turning Tables" and "There's Nothing Holding Me Back" were horrible, at no fault of his own. Seriously, what they did to him is the equivalent of making Jake Hoot sing Lady Gaga. It's interesting that people ignore or justify when rock singers are forced out of their lanes, but it's unfathomable for country singers to be forced out of theirs. And it should be. I didn't want Hoot to sing Gaga; that would have been humiliating. Everyone has their own style that they should be allowed to explore on the show without producers forcing them into weird lanes. I didn't think he sounded awkward on Twitter, though; I thought he just sounded incredibly frustrated and betrayed. I'd probably feel the same way if I invested so much in a show that would then bus me, humiliating me by making me sing pop songs. I just also don't think it looked good to go on a rant about it, as understandable as it was.
  13. Oh, boy, I have a LOT. I'll try to limit it to the first ones that came to my mind. Jake HaldenVang. Easily one of the show's greatest rock singers, if not THE best rock song we've gotten on the show. "Powerful" and his audition are magical. Poor guy was bussed SO hard by the production when they forced him to sing insipid pop songs, and he had the guts to call it out on his Twitter feed (although that was probably a bad idea and not a good look, but I mean... I'd probably want to do the same thing in his situation, so I'm not judging ). Kyla Jade. Should have won. Probably the greatest vocalist this show has ever seen, and if you don't agree, then "Let It Be" makes you wrong. She did that thing LIVE. Should have won. God, I will never forget this show's production for bussing her so hard just so Brynn could win. Not like Brynn wasn't a good singer, but it's undeniable that Kyla's bussing destroyed her chances of winning and cleared the path for Brynn. If Kyla hadn't been given a horrible cover song and THE WORST ORIGINAL SONG IN THE SHOW'S HISTORY - literally a plagiarized Garth Brooks throwaway track - maybe she would have stood a chance. Should have won. The momentum was there. She was going to do THE THING and they stopped her. She's the classiest woman in the WORLD for not going on a Twitter rant after being done dirty like that. Did I mention that she should have won? Rose Short. I never thought she was going to win, but after "I Want to Know What Love Is," she should have. It should have AT LEAST been illegal to put her in the Middle 3 after that. Kimberly Nichole. She never should have ended up in the Bottom 2 at any point in her season. She was one of the greatest, most versatile and talented singers we've ever seen on this show. She could sing from the phone book. Five years later, I'm STILL sore about her loss. Everyone who lost to Sawyer Fredericks. Especially Kimberly Nichole, but also including Meghan Linsey, Koryn Hawthorne, and India Carney as honorable mentions. I don't even know how you can skate by when you forget the lyrics to your songs, like, 3 times, and gradually get worse through the Live Shows. Vanessa Ferguson. Should have been in the finals. Or at least the Middle 3, so she could have whooped everyone in the Instant Save again. I'm still sore about this one, too. In order: Sisaundra Lewis, Delvin Choice, Audra McLaughlin, Kristen Merlin, Kat Perkins, Christina Grimmie, and the rest of Jake Worthington's victims. In constant memoriam. Thank God for Josh Kaufman. I actually loved Josh, and given the Top 3, I'm glad he won. Ali Caldwell. Holds the dishonor of being legendarily robbed on TWO singing shows. How on EARTH she lost to Josh Gallagher AND Whitney, I will never understand. Poor woman just has an affinity for falling to less talented but more marketable vocalists. Amy Vachal. And anyone who lost to Barrett Baber, honestly, but especially her. Not a single bad performance from her, really creative rearrangements - and America really sent her home on the same day and in the same placement as Braiden Sunshine, as if they were on the same level Kennedy Holmes. I know she was from the Middle 3, but honestly, how America didn't just give the W to her after "Confident" is one of God's great mysteries. I don't think Danielle Bradbury was bad, but the fact that she beat Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons, Michelle Chamuel, and Sasha Allen is flat-out robbery. Trevin Hunte. It's hard, though, because Season 3 was ridiculously stacked, and everyone in the Top 3 was phenomenal. But I still thought he should have made it to the finals. On the same note, Amanda Brown should have been there, too. One last point. Honestly, sometimes, I feel like the only person who DOESN'T think that Lauren Duski was robbed. I preferred Chris Blue. Third favorite contestant of all time. I wouldn't deny that he got some producer help with his final performance, the fact that he got to go last and had a horde of backup dancers and all... but I still screamed when he won. There. I said it. Now hate me.
  14. Wait, I thought "Layla" was by Clapton's band at the time, Derek and the Dominos? Anyway, to answer the question, I hope none of these have been done. I'm bad at choosing songs that haven't been done, apparently. Also, I'll try to choose songs that I think would be in the show's catalog of possible performances in whatever given year. Whitesnake - "Fool for Your Loving" (Todd Michael Hall for the updated 1989 glam metal version, Laith Al-Saadi for the old 1980 blues version.) Toni Braxton - "Another Sad Love Song" (Vanessa Ferguson ) Lady Gaga - "AY-O" (Katie Kadan would have had a field day with this.) Janelle Monae - "Make Me Feel" (Vanessa Ferguson again) Janelle Monae - "Tightrope" (Kimberly Nichole) (I'm pretty sure this one hasn't been done? But if it has...) Janelle Monae - "Cold War" (Kimberly Nichole or Vanessa Ferguson)
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