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    Black girl, 90% here for The Voice.<br /><br />I've been watching casually since Season 2. Watching religiously since Season 7.<br /><br />My signature includes my favorites from The Voice, per season. The ones in red are my all-time favorites.<br /><br />With a few exceptions like Lindsey Pavao and AI's Maddie Poppe, I do not like "indie" singers (i.e. Hunter Plake, Caroline Glaser, Melanie Martinez, Jessie Pitts, Kat Hammock, etc). I can tolerate some country singers, especially the genuinely good ones like Dexter Roberts.<br /><br />My favorites tend to be passionate, powerful, and soulful singers, and/or rockers (i.e. Kimberly Nichole, Vanessa Ferguson, Chris Blue, Stephanie Rice, Janice Freeman, Kyla Jade, DeAndre Nico, Shawn Sounds, Jake HaldenVang, etc). But I do not like Chloe Kohanski. God, no. This year, I'm trying to like Katie Kadan and the love is just not connecting for me.<br /><br />----<br /><br />Interests outside of The Voice include punk rock, hard rock, a little bit of metal, a lot of 80s music, poetry, and literature.<br /><br />Jennifer Hudson and Christina Aguilera are too pure for this world.<br /><br />I also have sound-color synesthesia. I plug that whenever I can.<br /><br />I also have perfect pitch, so pitch issues are probably going to sound a lot worse to me than they will to you.
  1. Well, Ricky Duran got 2nd place. So I'm just going to bump this. If any of you need next week's lottery numbers, you know who to call.
  2. * Pre-taped performances, prone to editing Performances in red are, in my opinion, some of the greatest and most legendary performances in the show's history. 1. Rose Short - I Want to Know What Love Is 2. Max Boyle - When the Party's Over* 3. Marina Chello - I Who Have Nothing* 4. Myracle Holloway - Get Here 5. Rose Short - Steamroller 6. Khalea Lynee - Best Part* 7. Rose Short - Maybe I'm Amazed 8. Ricky Duran - Born Under a Bad Sign 9. Jake Hoot - Desperado 10. Will Breman - Light My Fire CLOSE CONTENDERS: 11. Gracee Shriver - Leave the Pieces* 12. Kyndal Inskeep vs. James Violet - I Could Use a Love Song* 13. Kiara Brown vs. Royce Lovett - Turn the Lights Down Low* 14. Katie Kadan - Always Remember Us This Way 15. Cali Wilson - Dreams*
  3. I agree with all of your post, but especially with your placement of Playoffs at #3, and your disregard of semifinals and finale. I'm not going to edit the original post even though my opinion has changed, but I now agree that semifinals and finale are not too important because your momentum is probably already set in stone by then. Some seasons, the finale just feels like a big ole celebration of the top vote-getters for that season. I would say semis are relatively more important than the finale, though. Playoffs (ESPECIALLY LIVE) are crucial because someone can lose their momentum by being boring/unremarkable/bad in the first live shows. Or they can further set themselves apart from the pack by sounding phenomenal when they no longer have AutoTune/production as a direct crutch. Some examples: In 12, Chris Blue and Vanessa Ferguson both set themselves apart in the Playoffs. Chris just widened the gap between himself vs. the others, but I don't even think Vanessa was the "favorite" to win the second popular vote there - until she gave a phenomenal Playoffs performance. 14 was probably the biggest example of this, especially for the Knockouts frontrunners Brynn Cartelli and Kyla Jade, who further set themselves apart by having decent performances when most people were pretty weak on the first night of playoffs. Season 14 also showed that you could pull off a mini-upset and steal a spot in the Top 12/13 by performing exceptionally better than everyone else when no one expects you to, even if you can't pick up fans after that and end up in the bottom from there on out. For more information, see: Rayshun LaMarr, and Sharane Calister. Last point on Season 14. If Playoffs weren't important to the contestants, then you wouldn't have iconic moments like Austin Giorgio's hardcore selling out, or Gary Edwards singing "America the Beautiful" to try to win the pander vote. I'd also argue 16's Cross Battles were as important as a regular Playoffs round would have been, since early favorites who crashed and burned here, like Kayslin Victoria, Julian King, and Selkii, destroyed their chances at winning due to tragic performances. For 15, I think Kirk Jay lost quite a bit of his momentum when his Playoffs performance was weak, because he sounded significantly better in the AutoTuned rounds. (I can at least speak to my own household; my dad was in love with the guy until he opened his mouth during the Playoffs. Needless to say, their relationship was rocky from there on out )
  4. Hey, thanks a bunch! I just like analyzing the daylights out of this show. And now that finals are over, I have way too much time on my hands to think about too much stuff.
  5. Discuss! :D (BTW, I purposely omitted the Battles, mostly because of the number of montages and the fact that a bad opponent can make it harder for a frontrunner to shine.) My opinion: the Knockouts are the most important round. I think there were a solid 4 seasons in a row, arguably 5, when at least one frontrunner pulled away from the rest of the pack specifically because they had a great Knockout performance. 12 had Chris Blue, Hunter Plake, Brennley Brown, and Lauren Duski; 13 had Chloe Kohanski; 14 had Brynn Cartelli and Kyla Jade; 15 had Chevel Shepherd, Kirk Jay, and Chris Kroeze. I'd make an argument for 16 because even though they were replaced by the Cross Battles, Maelyn Jarmon set herself apart from everyone else here, mostly because everyone else that season struggled with the Cross Battles. (For this season [17], I think you could argue that Rose Short and Jake Hoot did the same, putting themselves on everyone's radars when they weren't there before because of great Knockout performances.) It also helps that the Knockouts are the last rounds before the live shows, so a person formerly thought to be a frontrunner can't have a "surprise" non-live elimination like Brennan Lassiter after the Knockouts are over. (It also helps that the producers can still tweak the Knockouts to favor their Chosen Ones, since they aren't live.) I'd say either the Blind Auditions or the Finale would be the second most important round. I think there's an argument to make for either one. I'd argue the Blinds because they're the first round, and viewership is usually at its highest at the start of the season and all that - although there can be surprise eliminations of Blind favorites in the Battles or Knockouts. However, this is where you can really start to form an early loyal fan base, proven particularly well this season with Katie Kadan. But I'd also argue the Finale because if you squander your opportunity or you're bussed, you lose all chances at victory. (Just ask Matt McAndrew and Kyla Jade.) But sometimes I wonder how much it really matters to do exceptionally well here, since your number of fans and aggregate vote from iTunes and previous rounds is already set in stone by this point. Whew, got all those thoughts out! What are your opinions? Which round is the most important for a contestant to ace? Oh, and how about least important?
  6. WHAT I WANT: 1. Rose Short 2. Ricky Duran 3. Jake Hoot or Katie Kadan, don't care WHAT WILL HAPPEN: 1. Katie Kadan 2. Jake Hoot 3. Ricky Duran 4. Rose Short So… pretty much, the exact opposite of what I want. It's all good, though. I don't dislike any of the singers left, I'm going to have fun with this finale. So may the singer with biggest, most mobilized, and most loyal fanbase win, because that's ALL it's going to come down to, really. No way poor Rose is going to get anything but 4th at this juncture, and there's nothing she can do about it; she could literally transform into Aretha Franklin in front of everyone, and they'd still not vote for her. But bless her heart, she tried.
  7. Okay - maybe - here's a thought for TPTB, this might be a little extreme… If they don't want to tell us who won the iTunes bonus every week… maybe they should get rid of it. Seriously, it's ridiculous that they won't announce who won it anymore. As someone who likes following the stats on this show, I like to know those kinds of details. If that information isn't pertinent enough to let us know what's up, then maybe they should just… not have it factor into the results anymore??? I'm not a huge Jake Hoot fan, but it's unfair to him, his fans, and… well, nerds like me.
  8. Social media also said that Matt McAndrew won. Then Craig Wayne Boyd won instead. I know these are different times than 2014, and there's no team split or anything - but anything is possible on this whack show. Also, it's worth considering that Ricky is on Team Blake.
  9. I'm really curious about this because he seems to have a ton of fans, not just on IDF, but on many other websites. "Let It Be" also did extremely well on iTunes. Seems like the Internet loves Rose and Ricky the most (and I know the Internet isn't the best gauge for a contestant's popularity, but… still). Do you think he could pull off an upset and somehow snag 2nd or 1st place? Or do you think it's set in stone, and Jake Hoot and Katie Kadan are the only ones in contention for those spots? Discuss! :D
  10. I'm only going to make recommendations for their solos. Songs listed in order of how badly I want them. Rose Short "Dream On" by Aerosmith "Mad World" by Tears for Fears "The Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston "Another Sad Love Song" by Toni Braxton Ricky Duran "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye "Can't You See" by Marshall Tucker Band "Summer of 69" by Bryan Adams Katie Kadan "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding Jake Hoot "Chiseled in Stone" by Verne Gosdin "Whiskey Lullaby" by Brad Paisley "Over You" by Miranda Lambert
  11. 46 votes cast… and none of them are for Jake Hoot. Anyway, I voted for Rose. She's my snowflake this season. I'll be very happy if Ricky wins, too, and he might just pull off an upset! I'd honestly be willing to settle for any of them. I'm very pleased with this finale. Definitely one of the strongest "final fours" we've ever had, in my opinion. While I'm not a direct fan of Jake or Katie, I still think they're strong contenders who have given us some great performances, especially Jake.
  12. My favorites are in my signature, with my "snowflakes" in red. It's interesting because outside of The Voice, my favorite type of music tends to be rock, especially hard rock, blues, and punk rock. But on the show, I almost always go for R&B singers with great technical ability, and powerful soul singers, with a few exceptions. I actually don't listen to much R&B outside of The Voice. Since signatures only allow a limited space and I've definitely had more favorites outside of those, I'll just expound on what I have there already. My "snowflakes" will still be in red, and I follow all of the ones in red outside of the show on social media and support their musical projects. I'll have them listed in order of favoritism. Javier Colon Juliet Simms, Lindsey Pavao, Katrina Parker Trevin Hunte, Amanda Brown Judith Hill, Michelle Chamuel, Sarah Simmons, Sasha Allen Matthew Schuler, Will Champlin, James Wolpert, Tessanne Chin Delvin Choice, Josh Kaufman, Sisaundra Lewis, Bria Kelly Chris Jamison, Damien Kimberly Nichole, Koryn Hawthorne, Anthony Riley, India Carney, Meghan Linsey Madi Davis, Darius Scott, Jeffrey Austin Bryan Bautista, Laith Al-Saadi, Hannah Huston Ali Caldwell, Christian Cuevas, Dana Harper Vanessa Ferguson, Chris Blue, Stephanie Rice, Lauren Duski, Lilli Passero (y'all, I was SO spoiled this season) Janice Freeman, Keisha Renee, Addison Agen, Davon Fleming, Moriah Formica Kyla Jade, Spensha Baker, Christiana Danielle DeAndre Nico, Kennedy Holmes, Kirk Jay, Kymberli Joye, Makenzie Thomas Shawn Sounds, Maelyn Jarmon, Mari, Beth Griffith-Manley Rose Short, Max Boyle, Myracle Holloway, Will Breman, Khalea Lynee If I had to pick 10 all-time favorite singers, I'd have trouble ranking them because I love my favorites SO much… but here's a rough estimate: Vanessa Ferguson Chris Blue Kyla Jade Kimberly Nichole Delvin Choice Rose Short Trevin Hunte (honestly the only reason why I started getting really into this show) Janice Freeman Shawn Sounds Stephanie Rice I know Stephanie Rice looks like an outlier there, but my God, I love her music so much. Her band Colonial Blue is probably my favorite project outside of the show; their album is phenomenal, and they need to release more. Plus, she has such an inspiring story, and I'm just stoked to see her doing so well in spite of everything she's been through.
  13. But… the post specifically said black women. As in, 18+. People were accusing the post of being wrong and naming teenagers to counter the original post. I was just pointing out that the original post always specified that they meant adult women. I'm not trying to "eliminate" anybody to "whittle it down to as small a number as possible." I'm only being accurate. The black children and teenagers on this show have had totally different styles and appeals, and they don't deal with the same stigmas that 18+ black women do, which explains why more of them have had relative success on this show. And by the way, Aliyah was 15… so she doesn't count, either. On the subject of black teenagers and The Voice, it's interesting that we've had no black teenage males make it to the finale. Teenage boys seem to struggle to make it in general… can't remember any besides Jake Worthington, Sawyer, and Britton. And it seems rare for this show to feature any black teenage males in the first place… who else have we even had at all, besides Quizz?
  14. Why wouldn't she count? I don't think genre is relevant; she's still black.
  15. Nah, those don't count. The original post specifically said black WOMEN. Wé and Kennedy were children, and so was Koryn. And Tessanne was mixed, and from what I can see on Google Images, neither of her parents were black. Kyla, Spensha, and Rose are the only black women to make it to the finale in The Voice US's history.
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