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  1. Ones that either made me salty, or made me scream with joy (if they went my way), are in red. 1. (Didn’t really watch enough of this one to win, but I liked what I saw of Javier, so I'd give it to him) 2. Juliet Simms. I was happy for Jermaine, but I have to admit that I was a fan of her band Automatic Loveletter before she was on the show. She was so different and extremely impressive on the show. I just liked her a lot. 3. Trevin Hunte. Amanda Brown in a very close second. Out of the people in the finale, Terry McDermott, then Cassadee, but all of them (and Nicholas David) we
  2. I'd argue Season 15; honestly, I had no idea Chevel Shepherd had as much momentum as she did. I thought it was pretty even between her, Chris Kroeze, (because of his massive hometown support), and Kirk Jay. I kinda figured Kennedy Holmes was out of the running due to being in the Instant Save, proving that she didn't have nearly as much support as people initially assumed. Before the Semifinals, I thought Kennedy was going to win the whole thing. For earlier seasons, I wonder if Season 2 and Season 5 count? The vote between Jermaine Paul and Juliet Simms was so close (52% to 48%),
  3. This is frightening. Are you literally me? Seriously, though - Vanessa, Chris, and Stephanie are three of my biggest snowflakes of all time. In fact, you could just say that my Season 12 snowflake was all of Team Alicia. I've never had 3 snowflakes in a single season, and you might wonder how it's even possible, but trust me. I found a way. Season 14 was great, although I feel like it was better before Kelsea Johnson was eliminated. She was SO GOOD. So solid. So underrated. The terrible format for that season was what hurt her more than anything.
  4. Favorite is Season 16. Both Maelyn and Shawn were my snowflakes. (Shawn was my #1, but good thing I had Maelyn as my backup ) Least favorite... eh, probably Season 19. Season 17 gives it a run for its money, though; Will was wonderful IMO, but I was not a fan of Katie, and Marybeth was nice until she flopped in the later live rounds. Tragic song choices for all of them except Will, too. "Light My Fire" will forever be one of the most underrated and pleasantly uncommon performances from recent seasons IMO. I love when contestants randomly pull out the songs that hardly anyone perfo
  5. Because Worth the Wait has three singers, so technically six women total got 4-chair turns this season (Tamara, Desz, Cami, - and Mia, Jacy, and Tara).
  6. I think they mean that it isn't iconic because the link is broken. None of us can see it.
  7. Season 11: Josh Gallagher, who never should've beaten Ali Caldwell in that Instant Save. Season 12: Jesse Larson. I liked him, but I liked everyone in that finale. BTW, can I talk to whoever chose Chris Blue? I think you might've mis-clicked. Season 13: Red Marlow. I really liked Addison and Brooke, and I thought Chloe was OK.
  8. Season 5: Will Champlin. You're right, though; this was extremely difficult. Season 6: Jake Worthington, but my mama always said that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. So Season 7: Damien. This was a really good finale IMO, but I loved Chris, really liked Craig and Matt... Damien was just a favorite out of a good lineup.
  9. I wanna revive this topic! There were only four (or technically six lol) 4-chair turns in Season 19: Tamara Jade, Desz, Cami Clune, and Worth the Wait. None of them were men. There were nine 3-chair turns in Season 19 (Jim Ranger, Marisa Corvo, John Holiday, Taryn Papa, Sid Kingsley, Rio Souma, Ben Allen, Sam Stacy, Tanner Gomes, Julia Cooper). Also, I'm still counting and I'm up to Season 8 - but so far, I think every season from 1-8, except for Season 4, had one song that was performed twice on two different occasions, by two different contestants.
  10. Disclaimer: I used to be a lot more passionate about these seasons than I am in hindsight. Like, now that I look back on them, I see the merits in a lot of these contestants that I couldn't see before (except Gyth), so I didn't dislike anyone from these seasons (except Gyth). Season 14: Britton Buchanan. Kyla Jade was my snowflake, Spensha was close to one, and Brynn has a very gorgeous tone that I wish I had appreciated more during her season. Britton was also really good. This was a great finale, just picked my least favorite out of a good crowd. Season 15: Chris Kroe
  11. Season 17: Katie Kadan. Everyone in this finale was at least good, but Jake Hoot really impressed me multiple times (I mean, come on, "Desperado" is beautiful), Ricky Duran was absolutely phenomenal every day, and Rose Short was superhuman. Katie's voice and theatrics didn't do much for me. Season 18: Todd Tilghman. I didn't dislike him that much, but I REALLY liked everyone else. Micah isn't getting enough love; he had some of my favorite performances of the season, and I don't usually like singers with his style on The Voice ("Graveyard" and "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" were
  12. Season 8: I voted Sawyer because I really didn't like him as much as a lot of folks did, and the hype he got was always puzzling to me. I thought Koryn was amazing, Meghan was good, but now I really regret not voting Joshua because he was so... just OK... That finale could have been phenomenal; that season was so stacked (until it wasn't). Kimberly Nichole NEEDED to be there; I'd have loved India Carney there, too. Season 9: Barrett Baber, no contest. Jordan, Emily, and Jeffrey were all great. Season 10: Amazing finale lineup IMO. I voted Adam, but I liked him a lot - j
  13. The fact that he gave Desz's blind audition a B- should be some kind of federal crime.
  14. What I WANT the final results to be: Winner: Desz 2nd: Jim 3rd: Carter 4th: John 5th: Ian What I predict the final results WILL be: Winner: Carter 2nd: Jim 3rd: Desz 4th: Ian 5th: John
  15. For anyone curious - Charlie Mason’s Ratings for All Finalists So Far: DESZ Blinds: B- Battles: B+ KOs: A Playoffs (T17): B- Semifinals (T9): A+ CARTER RUBIN Blinds: A Battles: A KOs: A+ Playoffs (T17): A Semifinals (T9): A+ JOHN HOLIDAY Blinds: A+ Battles: A- KOs: A Playoffs (T17): B- Semifinals (T9): B+ JIM RANGER Blinds: A- Battles: A KOs: A Playoffs (T17): B+ Semifinals (T9): B- IAN FLANIGAN Blinds: B Battles: B KOs: B Playoffs (T17): B- Semifinals (T9): A Instant Save: B
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