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The Voice S18 - Spoilers/News/Updates


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Season 18 Coaches
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Premiere Spring 2020- Stay on Topic Please
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Team Kelly

Anaya Cheyenne


Gigi Hess


Mandi Thomas

Megan Danielle

Micah Iverson

Samantha Howell 

Sara Collins

Tayler Green


Team Nick

Allegra Miles

Anders Drerup 

Arei Moon

Jacob Miller

Joanna Serenko

Michael Williams

Kevin Farris

Roderick Chambers

Samuel Wilco

Tate Brusa


Team Legend

Brittney Allen


Cedrice Webber

Darious Lyles

Mandi Castillo

Mike Jerel

Nelson Cade III

Thunderstorm Artis

Zach Day

Zan Fiskum


Team Blake

Cam Spinks

Jacob Daniel Murphy

Jamal Corrie

Joei Fulco

Jon Mullins

Kailey Abel

Levi Watkins

Todd Michael Hall

Todd Tilghman

Toneisha Harris




Below is a list of names that, through social media (primarily Instagram), we’ve concluded may have auditioned for the show. They CANNOT be 100% confirmed as chair turners as of yet. This is primarily speculation.

Please DO NOT directly message or harass the contestants begging for a follow or asking for spoilers. They are all on a contract and could get in serious trouble for discussing anything about the show! Additionally, annoying the contestants could lead them to locking their accounts/setting them to private, which limits our access to info for further rounds.

DO feel free to follow them if you’d like and check out their music on Youtube/Instagram/wherever else. Enjoy! 🙂
(and I cannot stress this enough... DO NOT try to directly contact them)

TOP 40:
Allegra Miles Instagram | Youtube

Anaya Cheyenne Instagram | Youtube

Anders Drerup Instagram | Youtube
Arei Moon Instagram | Youtube (Topic

Brittney Allen Instagram | Youtube
Cam Spinks Instagram | Youtube

Cammwess Instagram | Youtube
Cedrice Webber Instagram | Youtube

Chelle Sue Instagram | Youtube

Darious Lyles Instagram | Youtube

Gigi Hess Instagram | Youtube

Jacob Daniel Murphy Instagram | Youtube
Jacob Miller Instagram | Youtube
Jamal Corrie Instagram | Youtube
Joanna Serenko Instagram | Youtube
Joei Fulco Instagram | Youtube
Jon Mullins Instagram | Youtube
JULES Instagram | Youtube

Kailey Abel Instagram | Youtube - Season 14 Audition Pool
Kevin Farris Instagram | Youtube

Levi Watkins Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Mandi Castillo Instagram | Youtube (Topic)
Mandi Thomas Instagram | Youtube

Megan Danielle Instagram | Youtube
Micah Iverson Instagram | Youtube
Michael Williams Instagram | Youtube

Mike Jerel Instagram | Youtube

Nelson Cade III Instagram | Youtube

Roderick Chambers Instagram | Youtube
Samantha Howell Instagram | Youtube
Samuel Wilco Instagram | Youtube
Sara Collins Instagram | Youtube
Tate Brusa Instagram | Youtube - Season 16 Audition Pool

Tayler Green Instagram | Youtube
Thunderstorm Artis Instagram | Youtube
Todd Michael Hall Instagram | Youtube
Todd Tilghman Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Toneisha Harris Instagram | Youtube

Zach Day Instagram | Youtube
Zan Fiskum Instagram | Youtube




Winners bolded on left, steals/saves italicized.

Taping 3:

1. Team Legend: Thunderstorm Artis vs. Cedrice Webber - Stay (Rihanna) - CEDRICE STOLEN BY BLAKE

-Thunderstorm was a 4-chair turn and may have auditioned with Blackbird; Cedrice was the last blind audition of the season (therefore 1-chair). John called Cedrice a "goddess"

-Source said the battle had a strong emotional connection and it was very well done.

2. Team Kelly: Mandi Thomas vs. Sara Collins - My Baby Loves Me (Martina McBride)

-Mandi was better; Blake said both were sharp - focusing more on Sara. Kelly said Sara had no vibrato because she runs out of air, while Mandi could do a variety of genres

3. Team Kelly: Tayler Green vs. Jules - Water Under the Bridge (Adele)

-Tayler was good, but Nick commented that she needed to hold back a bit on some parts

-Blake said Jules' enunciation and the way she affected her voice made it hard to understand her

4. Team Blake: Levi Watkins vs. Jamal Corrie - Counting Stars (OneRepublic)

-Levi is 14 and has a surprisingly big voice.

-Coaches kept praising Levi as "perfect" and said Jamal was "inconsistent." Source thought that vocally, they sounded great together and it was a fun/energetic battle.

5. Team Nick: Arei Moon vs. Samuel Wilco - TBA

-Voices went well together and coaches seemed to agree that it was even, Nick made his choice on personal preference.

-Kelly was blocked in blinds from getting Arei.

6. Team Blake: Cam Spinks vs. Kailey Abel - TBA

-The coaches thought Cam was vocally better, but Kailey had more energy

-Source enjoyed the battle and they actually preferred Kailey a little bit, but agreed that Cam hit some impressive notes throughout

7. Team Nick: Jacob Miller vs. Kevin Farris - Lights Up (Harry Styles)

-Kevin was inconsistent vocally while Jacob was technically perfect, but had no real "inspiration" according to John


-Apparently coaches can save a contestant even after they leave the stage? At least it was somehow mentioned

-Nick was the most enthusiastic coach according to the source; he took notes of every contestant in a notebook

-Jamal Corrie thanked "Bebe" in his goodbye speech. Bebe Rexha might be Blake's battle advisor.



Winners bolded on left.

Taping One:


Toneisha Harris (Diamonds - Rihanna) vs. Cedrice Webber (Love on the Brain - Rihanna) - STOLEN BY KELLY

-Both were good, Toneisha "murdered" her song, Kelly says Cedrice's has the "magic"



Megan Danielle (Piece by Piece - Kelly Clarkson) vs. Cammwess (Say Something - A Great Big World) - STOLEN BY JOHN (Nick tried stealing as well)

-Cam got a standing ovation; both were very emotional



Allegra Miles (Chandelier - Sia) vs. Jacob Miller (TBA)

-Average KO, No steal



Mandi Castillo (Stand By Me - Ben E. King) vs. Thunderstorm Artis (Preach - John Legend) - STOLEN BY NICK

-Both were good, Thunderstorm has a unique tone but messed up the beginning of his song

-Both were originally 4 chair turns



Zan Fiskum (The Story - Brandi Carlile) vs. Joanna Serenko (Angel from Montgomery - Bonnie Raitt) - STOLEN BY BLAKE

-Both were good, Zan's tone is more "piercing" while Joanna's tone is more "specific"

-Joanna was originally Team Nick and turned Nick and Blake at the blind auditions



Joei Fulco (TBA) vs. Levi Watkins (TBA)

-Both good, Joei was "generic country", Levi had a big voice

-Blake chose off of a "gut feeling," but Levi was better



Micah Iverson (Graveyard - Halsey) vs. Tayler Green (Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper)

-Both were good but the coaches had all been rooting for Tayler and were practically saying goodbye to Micah

-Kelly said Micah's performance was so good that she expected him to make the finale and his battle song was a Lewis Capaldi song

-Kelly had another gut feeling - chose Micah; people were surprised

-Micah is Kelly's only guy post-KO apparently.



No saves for KO's again, steals all used during the first taping as expected.

The 4 saves from battles will be competing in a 4-way KO and America will choose the winner.


Other names (cut in earlier rounds of audition process, no-chairs, or mistakenly added) :

Alex Vincent Instagram | Youtube

Allison Grace Instagram | Youtube Not Found

Amaya Murillo Instagram | Youtube
Amber Sweeney Instagram | Youtube

Anjelica Rios Instagram | Youtube
Ariana Tibi Instagram | Youtube - Season 14 Audition Pool
Aryk Crowder Instagram | Youtube
Ashley Coureas Instagram | SoundCloud

Ashley Plath Instagram | Youtube

Brandin Jay Instagram | Youtube |

Brandon Nelson Instagram | Youtube (Topic)

Bryan Titus Instagram | Youtube
Bryton Stoll Instagram | Youtube
Caleb Kopta Instagram | Youtube

Caiden Brewer Instagram | Youtube

Cassidy Lee Instagram | Youtube (Topic)
Chan Fuze Instagram | Youtube
Charly Reynolds Instagram | Youtube

Chloe Furlong Instagram | Youtube
Chloe Schoemann Instagram | Youtube

Chrissy Joly Instagram | SoundCloud

Cle Rida Instagram | Youtube

Clark Walker Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Cody Lohden Instagram | Youtube
Connor Zwetsch Instagram | Youtube
Coty Bouchard Instagram | Youtube

Danelis Giselle Instagram

David Grace Instagram | Youtube
Drew Regan Instagram | Youtube
Elijah Watene Instagram | Youtube
Emily Bass Instagram | Youtube |

Erick Baker Instagram | Youtube
Ethan Stedman Instagram | Youtube
Garrett Collins Instagram |

Haley Gosserand Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Harrison Steele Instagram | Youtube
Harry Jay Instagram | Youtube
Hawk McIntyre Instagram | Youtube
Hunter Douglas Instagram | Youtube

Isabel Dumas Instagram | Youtube - Season 17 Audition Pool

Jackson Roltgen Instagram | Youtube

Jared Harper Instagram | Youtube
Jennie Hayes Kurtz Instagram | Youtube (Band)
Jenny Voss Instagram | Youtube
Jeremy Green Instagram | Youtube
Jesse Dean Instagram | Youtube Not Found

Jojo Scott Instagram | Youtube
Kallista Rowan Instagram | Youtube
Karina Rae Instagram | Youtube
Kat Zel Instagram | Youtube
Katie and Kelly Instagram | Youtube | Katie (Private) | Kelly
Kenedi Anderson Instagram | Youtube

Kirby Ai Instagram | Youtube
Krystalanne Instagram | Youtube Not Found
La'Mon Junior Instagram | Youtube Not Found

Liam St. John Instagram | Youtube
Lucy Clearwater Instagram | Youtube
Maggie James Instagram | Youtube
Maia Rhiannon Instagram | Youtube

Marlon Solomon Instagram | Youtube
Matt Davis Instagram | Youtube (as Lankford)
Matt Farris Instagram | Youtube
Matt Garon Instagram | Youtube
McKayla Marie Instagram | Youtube

Melanie Mitchell Instagram | Youtube
Melissa Bret Instagram | Youtube

Micah Read Instagram | Youtube
Mikey Reyes Instagram | Youtube
Paris Simone Instagram | Youtube
Rio Lana Instagram | Youtube

Ruby G Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Samantha Leigh Instagram | Youtube (Topic)
Semi Average Joe Instagram | Youtube
Shelby Raye Instagram | Youtube
Shelby Winfrey Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Simone Curry Instagram | Youtube
Slater Johnson Instagram | Youtube
Tamika J Instagram | Youtube |

Tavia Instagram |

Taylor Bushard Instagram | Youtube
Tracey Preston Instagram | Youtube
Trevor Martin Instagram | Youtube
Tyler Jarvis Instagram | Youtube

Tyrone Mr. Superfantastic Instagram | Youtube

Will Trotman Instagram | Youtube
Wyatt Michael Instagram | Youtube
Z Lynn Harris Instagram | Youtube


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Worst news ever for the voice s18 :angry::thumbsdown:




“The Voice” returns to Mondays on Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. for Cycle 18, adding multi-platinum and award-winning recording artist, actor and songwriter Nick Jonas to the coaching lineup along with fan favorites Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton. “The Voice” lands on the schedule once a week in midseason, making way for hit show “Ellen’s Game of Games” to keep its prime spot on the schedule for a few extra months before “The Voice” moves back to twice weekly for the always-anticipated live shows over the cycle’s final three weeks in May. The combined strength of “The Voice” and “Ellen’s Game of Games” on the schedule each week bring in a big live audience and act as strong launching pads for the network’s scripted dramas.


Twice a week only for the live and only 3 weeks???? :x cancel the season and go back to once a year if your going to butcher the format like this.


Edit I reread myself. I meant no Tuesday except for the live and only 3 weeks of life.

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Worst news ever for the voice s18 :angry::thumbsdown:


Twice a week only for the live and only 3 weeks???? :x cancel the season and go back to once a year if your going to butcher the format like this.


Here we go again because of the other trash shows. :x


Who's ready for more Crossbattles?!

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Its saying that The Voice will just be on Monday and then the first 3 weeks in May will have Tuesday shows, meaning Lives will be only three weeks.

Again it might not be as clear cut as we think... remember how our suspicious of this season’s (s17) playoffs being top 8 overall were off base

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I'd also like to mention that with only 3 weeks of lives...

-the show is most definitely in grave danger if they went from 4 cut Tuesdays to TEN.

-Cross Battles are remaining gone by the looks of it unless they find a way to change it even MORE to fit only one episode a week.

-The spring cycles and fall cycles might as well be two completely different shows.


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If the Spring seasons are gonna be shorter, they should at least reduce team/artist capacity size to 32 or 24.


No Crossbattles will be in next season and just Battles to Playoffs?

The playoffs are probably taped and chosen by the coach if there are only 3 live shows

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