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  1. ruby leigh - toaster strudel bias - corn dog
  2. lila forde - butterscotch pudding nini iris - takis
  3. @istersay i knew you would come thru. no troll gets passed the IDF mother!!!! poof goes another NOIVAS alt account. any bets on how long before he gets bored and makes his next account-
  4. add me to the TOP of the list idc!!!!!!!
  5. i’m gonna be the one seeing red if this f****** b**** doesn’t win this f****** season. i can’t remember the last time i was THIS obsessed with an audition. HOLY MOTHER ALERT
  6. @Weirdoo @Survivor @purpleprairiedog @Teraginn @Monophy @thevoiceisthetop @Kaito @NGM @wildestinvegas @thevoice47 @Sorenaraya @thekingwhocared @Cookie73 @A.E.E.A @NYChica @Voxyl @MulherPepita @QueenKalie @Ethan8212 it’s time we take back our power. it’s time for a revolution. it’s our time.
  7. then you would expose yourself even more, because they were both already eliminated in knockouts…. we stand with JAMELLA
  8. while you’re at it, where’s the apology for creating that poll to rip S14 Jaclyn Lovey’s hopes and dreams to shreds??? Jamella chomped you up when she called you out on her IG story for your bullying tactics…
  9. why am i down…do you have discord?
  10. hi, i am a (former) lurker here and OG idf user before the 2018 wipeout… and i would just like to say that i am so excited about JACQUIE ROAR her daughter Leilani may have tried to sabotage her by telling her to pick Gwen, but it warms my heart to see that she has found her way to the CORRECT team, Miss Reba, who clearly values her talent Jacquie Roar is here, Jacquie Roar is home, and Jacquie Roar’s claws are OUT. be ready…
  11. i mean there was a server w a few people like over a year ago, but it’s been inactive and i barely keep up w anyone now. do you? (also you can feel free to just dm me- idk why we’re taking up space in this all-important thread)
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