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  1. 1. Parvati 2. Sandra 3. Michele 4. Yul 5. Sophie 6. Sarah 7. Tony 8. Jeremy 9. Kim 10. Nick 11. Denise 12. Ben 13. Wendell 14. Rob 15. Adam
  2. 1. natalie beast anderson 2. sandra bench diaz twine 3. tony makeup guru vlachos 4. parvati sandra bench shallow 5. michele dating fitzgerald 6. ethan dizzy zohn 7. sarah camouflage lacina 8. jeremy babysitter collins 9. sophie prison clarke 10. yul nerd shield kwon 11. rob parvati goat mariano 12. danni slow and steady wins the race boatwright 13. nick high school crush wilson 14. kim i think it’s me spradlin 15. denise invisible stapley 16. wendell ex boyfriend holland 17. tyson deep doo doo apostol 18. amber rob’s wife mariano 19. adam it looked like a hole klein 20. ben can we bequeath for todd pls drybagelman
  3. who are some of the people you’re referring to?
  4. 1. sandra 2. natalie 3. sarah 4. yul 5. parvati 6. michele 7. tony 8. rob 9. jeremy 10. sophie 11. ethan 12. danni 13. denise 14. wendell 15. kim 16. nick 17. tyson 18. amber 19. ben 20. adam
  5. since we know john’s whole team (and now that i have a snowflake that i desperately need to know the fate of) i decided to predict how his battles may go based on what we know (confirmed winners, losers, pairings, genres, etc.) this is pretty much all speculation tho! - Thunderstorm vs. Cedrice - only confirmed battle pairing on John’s team - Zan vs Brittney - Zan is confirmed to win her battle, and Brittney is the only other person on John’s team that’s even remotely stylistically similar to Zan (both folk-ish i think?) - Mandi vs Cam - Mandi is confirmed to win her battle, and Cam is confirmed to lose. out of the remaining 5 guys on John’s team I can see Cam singing a spanish song the most, or at least a song that could line up with what Mandi does somehow. i don’t really see that with the other guys. - Nelson vs Mike - both more old school type singers, and this would make sense because i don’t see John letting go of Nelson right away. and although we don’t know Mike yet, he seems like fodder to me compared to the rest of John’s team. - Zach vs Darious - a very fitting Pop/R&B pairing and honestly a complete toss-up for who wins. i like both guys but i NEED zach to make it and based on this, that would leave John’s knockouts as Mandi vs Thunderstorm (confirmed), Zan vs Joanna (confirmed), and the winners of the last two battles which imo would likely be Nelson vs whoever wins the last battle (hopefully Zach!)
  6. 1. Zach Day - saved the season for me. he HAS to go far, he reminds me a lot of Noah Barlass from The Four and i’m here for it. finally someone sings Weak on this show!! 2. Arei Moon - so excited for her too! i’ve been wanting someone to sing Miss Independent and do it justice for so long, and her version was awesome. she could slay some Rihanna and Jazmine Sullivan songs! 3. Toneisha Harris - really not that impressed by her, but i guess she’s technically one of (if not) the best technical singer so far. her performance just didn’t do anything for me and was nowhere near as impressive as what Rose did with it. 4. Chelle Sue - nothing special here imo, she could get better as the season progresses but i’m not really expecting or hoping that she goes far 5. Levi Watkins - delete pls. he was actually terrible, way too young for this competition and if he had waited a few years he may have actually been good because his voice isn’t terrible.
  7. 1. Sandra 2. Natalie 3. Parvati 4. Jeremy 5. Sophie 6. Tony 7. Yul 8. Michele 9. Sarah 10. Ethan 11. Denise 12. Danni 13. Kim 14. Rob 15. Wendell 16. Nick 17. Tyson 18. Amber 19. Ben 20. Adam
  8. ohh you were talking about the game on the app? i thought you meant the battle rounds end on a wednesday and playoffs happen on a wednesday, my bad
  9. woah.. those are both wednesdays. is it possible we get monday’s and wednesday’s all season???
  10. 1. Sandra 2. Parvati 3. Natalie 4. Jeremy 5. Sophie 6. Yul 7. Tony 8. Danni 9. Michele 10. Kim 11. Sarah 12. Ethan 13. Denise 14. Rob 15. Wendell 16. Nick 17. Tyson 18. Amber 19. Adam 20. Ben
  11. 1. Natalie 2. Sandra 3. Parvati 4. Tony 5. Sarah 6. Yul 7. Kim 8. Jeremy 9. Ethan 10. Danni 11. Michele 12. Tyson 13. Denise 14. Adam 15. Nick 16. Wendell 17. Sophie (haven’t finished her season yet) 18. Boston Rob 19. Amber (haven’t seen her seasons yet) 20. Ben (theres no way the 3 women above who idk well enough yet can be worse than him)
  12. damn thunderstorm artis is really good. here he is singing his potential audition song, blackbird. totally here for him being a 4 chair turn and possibly a frontrunner!!
  13. lmaoo yes. idf needs its own version of the blinds
  14. thats not quite what i’m uncomfortable with. there’s just something a little concerning about the list, but i’ll shut up since any time anyone speaks up about this they get banned.
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