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  1. Gwen's net worth is in the same neighborhood as Ariana's (180 - 150 mil) and more then Kelly and Blake's combined. But you would never advocate for paying Gwen more then Kelly and Blake combined in salary. Voice coaching salary is based upon what the producers think you add in terms of monetary value to the show. That is best, but not exclusively measured in TV ratings. The argument that I think you're trying to make is that Ariana has the most marketability outside of the voice, so her time is the most valuable, in that she could be doing other things with her time, and making more money then the other coaches. So you're compensating her for not doing those other things. From a voice standpoint though, Blake is probably the most valuable coach.
  2. As expected, but happily confirmed, live shows start Nov 8th per 1iota ticket preview https://1iota.com/show/preview/1201
  3. I think the most direct comparison is probably Maelynn. Yeah she’s in her 30’s and female, but she’s white. So only two strikes instead of 3
  4. petition to tptb: let Wendy sing country (or suffer the wrath of IDF pitchforks)
  5. That was good advice from Camila, about feeling like you need to throw in every trick...but that it overwhelms. That's often one of the bigger downfalls for more powerhouse singers on this show
  6. Would've worked much better for Taryn on this seasons format (well not if she continued to sing poorly)
  7. lol it actually made sense (and the advice to use dynamics was sound)
  8. The cliffhangers are so anti-climatic, it's over within the first 30 seconds of the next show
  9. Yes, but that suggests while it's a great song, it wasn't a good song for them
  10. Yeah, so both these guys are good.....but neither has the grit for this song. It's much to clean
  11. Went to see Fall Out boy this summer, and they were underwhelming, sort of an odd set. Weezer was better (and GreenDay of course slayed)
  12. Joy Reunion was fine, but compared to GNT they're not there
  13. I mean it's the same person, but yes Also I disagree with those saying being anti-vaxx and being racist are political beliefs (just because it seems to be members of one political party)
  14. Musically this episode has been excellent. KJ and Sam were my "least" favorite, but that's mostly because the song doesn't do much not because of the singers. The other two battles though.... WOW
  15. plus he recently came out trashing California for planning to require the covid vaccine for schools (meanwhile his bar had an event that required proof of vaccination)
  16. They're with the vocal coaches much much more. The advisors are like a one hour thing, the vocal coaches an everyday thing
  17. This is such a weird song choice. They're good singers...but just not the vocal style
  18. I would assume 3 + a road to the live shows...but won't know officially till next week at the earliest
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