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  1. Yeah, I just don't see Blake as being a huge fan of the song either, and I'm not sure how much say the coaches actually have in the battles. Honestly, I just think Todd T is a better singer
  2. Yeah, except I don't really see What if's as a song Blake particularly likes either (he does like Lauren Alaina, and took her on tour)
  3. Contemporary song choices are overrated, more classics
  4. So, I still say I enjoyed the first battle......and we could have just montagee the rest of the evening
  5. Lol he knows Post Malone. They performed together on the nbc Elvis thing, plus he's a huge Gwen fan and has been to her Vegas show (plus Blake mostly has a teenage stepson, he's not nearly as clueless about pop stuff as the show's shtick)
  6. She's not country Really, this song favors her more...but it's a harder song for her to sing
  7. This song is a duet, but the female part is soooo much harder (because Lauren Alaina has a much bigger voice then Kane Brown)
  8. Going to repost. Camweiss' audition has over 2 million views on the voice's tiktok channel. I have no idea what that signifies, but it is more than double any other contestant
  9. I preferred the first battle, just more fun energy. Micah has nice tone when he isn't wandering off into falsetto
  10. I have literally no idea how to interpret this, but on tiktok Camwess' audition had a massive number with over 2 million views, Mandi's was next with over 700k views, and Micah at over 500l
  11. If we're still in semi-lockdown in June people are going to be desperate and bored. It's not like people can go see parents and family anyways, might as well stay in a hotel in LA and perform
  12. A thought, if testing has improved, they might fly all the contestants out, test them & then sequester them. Film blinds without an audience. I could also see the dates being pushed back, and contestants not going home between blinds and battles. Just when they have you in LA you stay until you’re out or filming is done.
  13. Are we doing the compare all Black female pop/rnb singers to each other thing?
  14. That was fun, I’m now annoyed Jacob is gone (Toneisha was great though)
  15. I am questioning the sources ears
  16. Everyone is bored as hell and stuck at home right now
  17. Hope Allegra gets stripped down song choices going forward and not bandzilla'd
  18. One of these seasons we're getting the duo button
  19. They're the ones hanging out on the beaches in Florida
  20. 14 year old boy is such a hard task on a singing show, just wait two years ((at least)
  21. All natural ingredient Popsicles sound exactly like an LA thing
  22. I always forget just how much I don't really like battles. The entire concept is just awkward.
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