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  1. Blake’s mafia likes Kelly fine. So last season a whole bunch of them voted for Hoot because he was the only viable country singer. That gave Hoot Kelly’s fanbase + some of Blake’s & he won. For a Blake team person to win they need to hold Blake’s fans & get at least some of the causal cross-over vote.
  2. Yeah check-in times used to be like 10:30 and 2:30 or something around that. My guess is those check-in times are to accommodate more groups going in each session. Starting earlier, and a later start time for the afternoon group. Looooooong day for the coaches.
  3. Jonas brothers and Blake both have shows on Saturday, and then Sunday is the grammy’s. Jonas brothers then have a show in Europe on weds. That might be the reason for the 1 day. I think they have done one day occasionally in the past. It’s 8 tapings per session, so long, but blinds have 10.
  4. ooops, scratch that female powerhouse thing then, now I'm getting Braiden Sunshine vibes
  5. I don't think Blake is going to buss all his male country singers two seasons in a row, so yeah. To recap: Blake apparently has a female teenage powerhouse, and a good male country singer, John has a cool indy type. First two might be in the top 8, latter will be IDF's preference and tends to go out to early on this show
  6. He follows Jason Isbell, so at least some taste Fingers crossed for more spoilers
  7. It would make sense based on her musical style, she is also friends with Britton
  8. It doesn’t seem as if they’re filming for knockouts yet
  9. Nashville try-outs for (I guess) season 19 are on Saturday
  10. Shows: Amber Sweeney Jan 24th Bryan Titus Jan 11th (in CT) Bryton Stoll Jan 23rd Caiden Brewer - booked all January Charly Reynolds Jan 17 & 24th, in Nashville weekend of Jan 9/10 Cody Bouchard - shows Jan 9th Cody Lohden - Jan 16th Ethan Stedman - Jan 25th Jackson Roltgen - Jan 22 Jared Harper - Jan 16th Jenny Voss - Jan 10/16/23 Jeremy Green - Jan 25th Joei Fulco - Jan 8/9/22 Kirby Ai - Jan 18th Matt Farris - weekends in January (but these are sketch, as not on social media) SemiAverageJoe - Show on Jan 12 Shelby Raye - Jan 16th & 18th (also april) Tyler Jarvis - Jan 18th Wyatt Michael - Jan 18th Zach Day - Jan 18th
  11. I'm so confused about the schedule for this season. Unless Ellen secretly taped a lot more episodes of game of games, the voice should be back to Tuesdays at the beginning April? So why would they only have 3 weeks of lives? Unless maybe they just want to extend battles and knockouts. (also the ratings for it are not good?)
  12. Coty Bouchard is out, added and posted several gigs this past weekend
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