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  1. I'm beginning to think Ellen has blackmail tapes on the NBC execs. Despite slipping below a 1 rating in 18-49 and a 4.5 share overall, Game of Games has been renewed for season 4 edit: sheesh I just checked the overall ratings numbers for NBC, and Game of Games is solidly middle of the pack. The Voice (fall season) btw is NBC's highest rated show in viewers this TV year, and second highest in the 18-49 demographic, so I highly doubt it's going away.
  2. Nelson Cade is from Baltimore (actually my neighborhood in Baltimore). The Baltimore sun did a big write up on him today https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/music/bs-fe-voice-nelson-cade-20200210-dn6d7nzeknb6bdcu2viszc73wa-story.html%3foutputType=amp
  3. I’m actually wondering if it’s the same schedule as last year, but we have knockouts instead of cross battles, so we have fewer live shows.
  4. ......and we officially have no idea of the schedule. Maybe it's just the first week? Maybe we'll get April back? Who the heck honestly knows
  5. a) if it's posted to a public account it's not private. Anyone could come across it b) it's no different then determining the location of a restaurant or store or anything else posted in a story c) it's probably less creepy then the hotel tbh because the hotel is literally where they are staying/sleeping vs a random street sign that can be used to determine the city that they were located in at the time of the picture d) if it was the address of a house, maybe a different issue...but it's not, it's a street sign
  6. Dang, I couldn't handle that. Like people shut up
  7. Coaches are paid per season, and at least so far the axing of Tuesday shows has not had a big impact on the number of days coaches work. So I’m not actually sure it’s a money saver either.
  8. Have you all seen the Ellen Game of Games ratings? If I'm NBC I'm doing all the voice Tuesday episodes. But yes definitely a 4 way knockout, and live play-offs.
  9. Blake’s fans are also (generally) the least range obsessed. And also by genre choice, country as a genre tends to be less into range then say r&b. I am hoping Blake lets her lean into more of the kacey musgraves/Brandi stuff & think she could do very well with that on the show.
  10. The last time they did taped play-offs they were filmed shortly after knockouts. Currently 1iota has no voice taping's scheduled. Flying contestants into and out of LA is an expense. If they were going to do taped play-offs at this point, I would expect them to film relatively close to when they would have filmed for live shows i.e. not till the end of March.
  11. Question, are you willing to divulge the team sizes?
  12. How even is that going to work? Wouldn’t that have left an uneven number for knockouts?
  13. Well it is apparently the last day ever taping at stage 12 (note no this doesn't mean the show has been cancelled, just that we get a new location for lives)
  14. I'd be pretty stunned if she lost, but that was quite the song choice
  15. I am not sure what to make of Joanne's last post...did she lose her knockout!
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