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  1. Blake obviously has a lot of fans who watch the show, but I think people are somewhat overlooking the fact that the contestants who tend to pick him, also tend to align with team Minivan's taste. Country males tend to do well on the show, the best country males tend to pick Blake (duh, you would too if you were a country male), last season Blake didn't turn for Jake, Jake won with Kelly. The best Diva of the season tends to do well on the show, Rose and Katie K both made the finale last year. And Blake is also (usually) smart enough to make sure he doesn't have 3 country singers competing in the lives, in s16 we only had that many team Blake country males because of the live knockouts, otherwise they would've all been up against each other etc. Contestants like CamWess and Zan don't generally pick Blake. So Blake's power tends to be amplified by the fact that the contestants who choose him are also in line with viewer preferences. Anyways I feel as if we haven't gotten a really good country female singer in a while, hope we get one in s19...and for her sake I hope she picks Blake
  2. Well clearly his wife cuts her hair and wears makeup, and they participate in pop culture. So maybe there are different types. Anyways, I will say Danielle was pushed, country music just treats women poorly. That said if we’re talking gabby, she didn’t win and therefore wasn’t on AI’s record deal.
  3. This is the full press conference, Blake also says if he had a label he'd sign him. I wonder if Blake's thought is label is better then no label. Or maybe Kelly is just better at putting Brandon to work getting the winner out of the deal.
  4. Blake trashed the record deal again in the post winner conference. But he also clearly assumed Todd was going to the label, he said that universal needs to follow up, and make winners a priority, not dropping the ball.
  5. Honestly, I'm not sure Nick would've gotten Thunderstorm out of the recording contract, so this is probably better for him. Sad for Toneisha, but Todd was fine too
  6. So we can all agree that Kelly and Toneisha were the best singers tonight?
  7. This is honestly incredible. I'm not sure I love the song, but what she's doing vocally, with the song and different languages, is incredible
  8. Not really expecting Nick back but whether or not he could really depends on where and when for the movie production. If it's in LA, they could probably work around the voice pretty easily. If it's 4 months in NZ, probably not
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