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  1. Why don't people think Shadale vs Samara is getting montaged? Or Jim/Sasha vs Manny? Jershika vs Paris is obviously safe, and I would assume also Jeremy vs Xavier
  2. They all usually fly in together for the live shows. They’re flying in pretty early though. I’m thinking we get another top 20 group performance
  3. At least according to her Facebook https://m.facebook.com/events/191966493068966?acontext={"source"%3A"3"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}&aref=3
  4. This is probably the biggest benefit of making lives. Custom "ears" are a valuable piece of equipment
  5. For a teenage male Carter had really good control of his voice; range, pitch, and dynamics, and a ton of power. Speaking of teenage males and team Blake, I think it will be between Carson and Peedy. This might be giving the audience to much credit/wishful thinking, but I don't think they'll both be voted through...and I don't think they'll be Blake's coaches pick (the other one might win the IS though). And I'm totally fine with having either Peedy or Carson (tbh I prefer Carson)
  6. For those of us with dreams of Hailey Green being Blake's comeback artist (if we have comeback artists), she has a gig on Nov 7th at Marina Cantina with Hail and Tim.
  7. Really enjoyed both performances Gods country is really hard to sing. Hailey did well with it, but she struggled a bit in some transitions and with breath control. Also she should have done the verse instead of the first high yeah yeah (Kara handled the second set, and she usually does both, including on the actual record). Haileys low notes were gorgeous Libianca was gorgeous and so connected to the song, even if It was an understated performance overall I enjoyed it, and won’t be mad if Hailey comes back
  8. This. The coaches comeback is just a post round save, meaning everyone has an actually equal chance at it.
  9. Ariana just posted to all her fans to download the voice app for a special surprise after KO...so the chances of her fans having the app just got higher
  10. seriously this is a pretty stunningly tone deaf move by the producers (also Parker was after all the steals were gone, that's why Carson didn't say she is available to steal)
  11. yeah I actually liked the emphasis on the lyric, it put the song in a new light
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