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  1. She was good, I think some of you all have just decided that everyone is terrible because it's more fun Fools Gold, I stan
  2. Honestly, I sort of thought that was interesting especially for a teen
  3. I'm already over the over the top Nick promo...and judging by last night's ratings, it's not working for anyone else either.
  4. Blake's track record of getting African-American divas to the finals is much better then anyone else's....of course that's also not saying much
  5. I suspect Toneisha has a lot more in the tank. I appreciate someone who doesn't always go for everything (this is one of the reasons I liked Kyla and Rose). I am curious to see where else she can go
  6. I would love to see Joanna do "the bones"
  7. First dude was country, second dude isn't country at all. All people with acoustic guitars are not country Also old people are the only ones who still watch TV, might as well lean into it?
  8. I think he was saying that artists who don't accept coaching don't work on the show, and trying to say it nicely by saying they had their own artistic style
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