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  1. There really isn't a definition of strength. Blake's team probably has the most contestants likely to make the final due to genre + coach. John's team has the most high chair turners, although as we've seen blind audition chair turns is zero indicator of future results. Gwen's team probably has the most contestants I find interesting.
  2. Yes, but the winner is fan voted when knockouts actually air. And whomever wins has to come back for live shows
  3. I'm curious how they're going to do the 4 way knockout since presumably anyone coming back for lives will have to quarantine and go through covid testing.
  4. Based on Kelly's taping schedule for her talk show, looks like season 20 voice blinds will be sometime between Oct 17 -29
  5. You grouped these three together because of their Race, not their musical styles & abilities. We should be looking at singers based on musical styles, not linking people based on race
  6. Payge isn’t even remotely a diva. Just because she’s Black, that doesn’t make her a diva. Her style is very different then Tamara or Desz
  7. She's not country, she's LA and Hollywood, and have you seen how she dressed. Blake needs to be with someone country (aka someone like me, all those team minivan types are delusional like that)
  8. We wouldn’t have to make a thread for season 21
  9. I was surprised Bailey won, and would not have stolen Sid.
  10. I don’t understand the lack of love for Payge. Normally she’d be right up IDF’s alley
  11. IDF: we want unique, quirky, interesting contestants also IDF: Gwen's team is terrible, Gwen is the worst coach, it's all quirky unique singers The coaches seemed to like Desz and Tamara but it didn't seem like they were blown away by either one, and I wasn't either (they both clearly won their battles though).. This is in part a stylistic thing, because I'm not a fan of over the top runs. The Payge - Lauren battle was *really* good, but way more understated Payge deserved the win, Lauren was the most deserved steal). Kelly thought a few of the contestants were pitchy, and that Taryn didn't choose to show off the better parts of her voice, until the end...also that Mia needed to have more confidence on stage (because she is really good vocally). I think my biggest issues weren't with the winners, but with the pairings i.e. I don't think Gwen should have paired Liam and Ryan, Blake Taryn and WTW etc
  12. This, it is in many respects admirable, but very poor strategy. Gwen tends to legitimately choose the winner of the battle/knockout.
  13. siiigh, tbf I've heard Lain screwed up. Liam is a killer though
  14. One thing I really appreciated about the coaches comeback (vs the save/steal) is that it didn’t happen in the moment, so someone in the last pairing had an equally as good shot as someone in the first. And it allowed the coaches to consider all performances when making a choice.
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