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  1. Going on a two week(ish) hiatus for vacation. Going to need a summary when I return, bc I’m not going back and re-reading all the pages
  2. If the coaches really saved their blocks till tapings 4 & 5, that would be the first time multiple of them have ever managed to save anything in the recorded history of the voice I mean generally it's a miracle if anyone has a save/steal/block left by the second taping
  3. We also don’t know most of the blocks. You’d think sources would have remembered blocks, but zero chance they weren’t basically all used in the first few tapings, so we’re missing some
  4. New theory; Jon secretly got replaced by Leon Bridges in the blinds
  5. yeah, with 12 contestants its generally 4, although they've tried to squeeze it into 3 occasionally too
  6. Battle round tapings July 28/29 https://1iota.com/show/1201/the-voice---s21
  7. Are we 100% sure that KJ is team Blake? Just wondering because Blake was apparently in LA this past weekend. Arianna meanwhile is apparently in the Netherlands. John is also in LA. Of course team Kelly could be the first ones to film and Darcy and Suzy were just doing set-up.
  8. It seems pretty clear that team kelly flew into LA yesterday. If people are still not in LA (or not at least flying today), I think we can assume they aren’t team Kelly. also it seems as if at least one of the other teams may already be in LA, flying in a few days ago.
  9. Yeah, I was wondering if anyone from any of the other teams had posted about flying in prior to today. If taping happened today, it definitely wasn't team Kelly
  10. Sorry, it's on Darcy's IG, she's with Suzy Perry who does all the wardrobe
  11. From Darcy's IG it definitely appears as if they might be working today. Do we have any indication if anyone on any of the other teams has flown in yet? (bc if they just flew in today it's to early from TK)
  12. That's not how it works. The whole team will fly in around the same time, and then they all tape with their coach/battle adviser the same day(s)
  13. Not a winner (sigh) but Lauren Duski has used Tiktok pretty well and has 342,200 followers. She also has a few videos with over a million views
  14. I feel like Jershika is also getting a lot of deserved hype. But honestly if Blake's frontrunner is a female AA country singer, it will probably make IDF'ers happier about who makes the finale
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