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  1. Yeah, he totally did it on purpose, it was super funny. Also yes, he’s in college...this was discussed a couple hundred pages ago
  2. Taking bets, which will have generated more posts, the anticipation pre-leak or the actual leak
  3. Have you never hung out from anyone in the country. Your fish was how big
  4. If they want the leak to be Nick related, it’ll be Dana. Zae would’ve been the obvious choice, but Nick dumped him.
  5. I’m with Audra on the vocal gymnastics & I've liked several of the AA powerhouses. Rose, Kyla for instance both let their power show in service to the song, not just going for constant runs and belts. The gymnastics are why I tend to not like the r&b males though.
  6. It was stated at tapings there would be 3 battle episodes beginning end of March into April, and that lives would be 3 weeks in may. Anything could change, but this is the plan.
  7. Because that’s how the dates work out, unless they’re planning a week break between lives and battles An extra round of lives would’ve been nice. They could also throw a recap show in for the second hour of the last week of blinds
  8. The 4 mondays + 2 Tuesdays is for blinds, lives are 3+3 (I would assume)
  9. As it currently stands it would be 4 Monday’s, 2 Tuesday’s
  10. Yeah May 3/4 playoff Seems like we're either getting a best of blinds or 6 episodes of lives
  11. Also Nick is very short? I swear he looks like half of Blake's height, but also short compared to John
  12. 13 million dollars (also Blake’s generally up for looking like an idiot) waterfalls was iconic
  13. They keep trying to make the Nick and Blake bromance a thing, while he is friends with John and Kelly. I get that they want Nick to have chemistry on the set with someone, this is just forced. The MV is hokey, but purposefully so.
  14. For those who haven't seen it, Kelly's audition...it shouldn't surprise anyone she's know a judge
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