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  1. Ah for the glory days of itunes, when we'd have a pretty good idea on the favorites by the battle/KO rounds Now it's really all just blindfolded dart throwing until Tuesday, when we'll at least know the 4 potential winners
  2. I'm 90% that it's same format as last season. We know they'll have an IS so it will be 4 artists as safe plus 1 WC. With that format it makes more sense to keep it 1 per coach. It's the same thing they did last week with the schedule wording.
  3. I did the same thing (lowkey Goodbye time is a bus song though a) It's really hard to sing b) Blake sings it REALLY well, so it will just annoy his fans)
  4. Frankly I'm in the anyone but Ryan camp at this point. His whole should I do rock or country thing was annoying. I just don't think he knows who he is as an artist
  5. There were a number of times the participants seemed better in the room then on tv later. but to be fair, maybe it was just my exhaustion
  6. Yeah, apparently it was the latest KO ever. It was suuuuper late
  7. There is a lot of value and intelligence in playing it safe, especially in the lives. But when the coach tells both of you to make it your own, and then chooses the one who didn't and played it safe...it's a little frustrating
  8. Tanner did a really good karaoke version. Marissa made it her own, but not totally in a good way. I'd choose Marissa
  9. Kelly to Marissa and Tanner, make it your own. Marissa goes and remakes entire song, Tanner sings same song with a couple runs, Kelly I choose Tanner. Shaaaady
  10. She definitely made it her own, I'm not sure if I liked all the choices, but props for the artistry
  11. Basically if it hasn't appeared on the show itself, it's a spoiler. For instance the first show of the season, the contestants and songs are always available ahead of time, you still don't post them here.
  12. So we get the 4 way KO tonight, and the results 6 days from now. This thread is going to be a disaster
  13. Yep. I've said this a few times, I think IDF is way underrating John's chances
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