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  1. that is the issue with the steals coaches are always far too eager just to use them as nearly every season they go in the first taping
  2. so wait kelly wasn't at the battles guess that shows how much haven't been reading the spoilers much this season
  3. I guess ok it four chairs ? Honestly I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt somebody deserved the four chairs
  4. she has potential but she did waaaay to much with it
  5. meh for me but better than kenzie so if hes a 4 chair turn she should of been
  6. even before madeline's performance probably even as soon as we found out she ended up on team kelly ive felt its a tough path to get past first live
  7. do we know how there doing the live shows/how many ? like are they doing them from home like last season or in studio ?
  8. that was terrible mostly down to song choice it fit neither of them
  9. LOL that Bailey Rae vs. Sid Kingsley is already up on youtube
  10. This is my biggest worry for cami the fact she isn’t original kelly
  11. I think aslong as her being a steal isn’t held against her Kelly could do great with her but yeah John is an idiot for letting her go
  12. Be interesting to see what kelly does with Cami as serious maelyn vibes fact she used her block is hopefully a good sign that she's a steal wont be held against her
  13. This is exactly why i hate how the steals are done as every single year we hear how early the steals go but they'll never change it
  14. not surprised john is closing as he is very good just not my cup of tea
  15. Maybe she went in really wanting John and nothing was going to change that
  16. Be interesting to see Mandi as thunderstorm was really good and is a potential winner imo
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