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  1. if who think you mean id be shocked if tonight considering who was leaked
  2. Gymani interesting one like singing an Ariana song would suggest going in you wanted to go with Ariana but seeing the coaches comments I don't feel like kelly gave a pitch that'd make you want to change mind
  3. we dont even have half of his team yet so very difficult to predict if this happens
  4. Itd be a big thing to forget but id say same thing about song choices is to so im wondering is it possible Ari was blocked for pov person
  5. awesome job where is her legendary Misty cover
  6. how are fan threads even going up already i see nothing on OP post
  7. exactly thats why agreed that could potentially get into the 1200s because of speculation
  8. thats already confirmed not a full list but yup whatever we have is good
  9. could be since likely not getting full lists id imagine well speculate things in this thread
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