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1. Wè - outside of This is Me, she's consistently been a stand out, night in and night out.

2. Nutsa

2. Marybeth

3. Iam

4. Tyson

5. Zachariah

6. Megan

7. Colin

8. Warren

9. Oliver

10. Haven 

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1. Wé Ani



2. Megan Danielle

3. Iam Tongi



4. Haven Madison

5. Oliver Steele

6. Tyson Venegas

7. Marybeth Byrd


Not For Me

8. Zachariah Smith

9. Warren Peay

10. Colin Stough

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Marybeth Byrd

Megan Danielle

Oliver Steele

Tyson Venegas

Warren Peay

Wè Ani

Zachariah Smith


based on how much I enjoy their performances 



1.  Zachariah Smith

2. Iam Tongi/Warren Peay


enjoy a lot: 

4. Meagan Daniele/Wè Ani/Marybeth Byrd


7. Oliver Steele



Have potential but either inexperienced/not my cup of tea

8. Tyson Venagas*/Haven Madison 
10. Colin Stough



*Tyson could be a dark horse if he goes back to performing like he did last week for his “180” and celebration songs 

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1. Wé Ani 
2. Zachariah Smith 
3. Tyson Venegas
4. Iam Tongi 
5. Marybeth Byrd
6. Megan Danielle 
7. Oliver Steele 
8. Haven Madison
9. Warren Peay 
10. Colin Stough 

Love 1, really like 2, like 3-5, don't care much for 6-10 (though they have had decent moments here and there).

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God(dess) tier

1. Wé


Also a fave

2. Tyson


Rising in the ranks

3. Megan

4. Iam




Could've been better

5. Marybeth

6. Warren



7. Oliver


Still don't get it, sorry

8. Zachariah



9. Colin

10. Haven

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1. We Ani

2. Iam Tongi

3. Megan Danielle

4. Marybeth Byrd

5. Tyson Venegas

6. Warren Peay

7. Zachariah Smith

8. Oliver Steele

9. Haven Madison

10. Colin Stough

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1 Tyson

2 Iam

3 We

4 Marybeth

5 Oliver

6 Haven

7 Zachariah

8 Colin

9 Megan

10  Warren

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