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Vote for your fav between....


Vote for your fav between...  

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    • Gyth Rigdon
    • Chris Kroeze

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Chris is a solid vocalist and a fantastic guitar player, but overall many seemed to have an issue with his tone, which is not for everybody. And of course he was always gonna be hated because of the anti-country bias here even though he barely sang country on the show. His audition was straight up texas blues.


I think he was on the verge of actually not being minded by Top 10 or something, because IDF was mostly convinced he would be gone by the semis. And..then he wasn´t. 


You could argue he never really changed it up or left his comfort zone, and as someone who enjoyed him, I´d agree. But he never missed the target, not one week.

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The thing about Gyth and Chris was that Gyth was great in the early rounds  it got worse in the Live Shows, while Chris was middle of the road his entire run (no great performances, but also no bad performances).

I need to remember that Kirk had a similar run to Gyth (though I preferred Gyth’s tone). Kirk was actually the worst at the end, even though I found Chris very forgettable. Andrew Sevener was the Chris Kroeze of S16, as he was never great but never bad. Gyth was generally better from Auditions to Playoffs, but Andrew was better Top 13-onward.


Because of this, I’d say Gyth from Blinds to Playoffs but Chris in the Top 13-onward.

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44 minutes ago, Misirlou said:


I know Chris got more hate due to his KO and forward, but I don´t remember what IDF exactly thought of his audition. What do y"all make out of this performance? I personally love it since it´s right up my alley.

I thought it was good. ❤️

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