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Season 19 Pre-Show Favorites/Frontrunners


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This is to see who are people’s favorites so far based off the list/spoilers. Whether or not you see them going far or who do you see going far and being successful in the show.




My favorites are John Holiday, Tamara Jade, Desz, Julia Cooper and I’m leaning towards Jim Ranger and Sid Kingsley 

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You should have put a spoiler tag on the title and OP, not everyone is as informed of the spoilers as us.


Anyway here are my favorites, not gonna make any claims about who are the frontrunners, way too early for that and a lot could happen in the battles.


3. Jim Ranger - multiple sources have said he was the best artist to audition during his taping. From what I've seen on his socials, I can see why. He's a surprisingly powerful singer.


2. John Holiday - the biggest surprise of this season IMO. A countertenor with a jazz/classical background. It's gonna be interesting to see what direction he will take on the show.


1. Sid Kingsley - total MJbait right here. Soulful singer? Check. Talented musician? Check. Cool quirky vibe? Check. Kinda afraid that he is in a very stacked team, but John has taken a liking to quirky singers before.

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5- Carter Rubin ( Team Gwen)

4- Cami Clune ( Team John )

3- John Holiday ( Team John )

2- Jim Ranger ( Team Blake )

1- Sid Kingsley ( Team John )


Edit: Just added Carter( Because at that time I didn't know about him)


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49 minutes ago, VintageVoice said:

I'm still trying to figure out spoiler tagging in the comments on here but so far I've seen my favorites from each team on here at least once.

remove the quotations:


~type whatever you want inside~



without quotations:

~and that's how you do it~

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I have a lot of favorites this season so I am just going to list them all


Liam St. John

Lauren Frihauf

Tamara Jade

Skylar Mayton


Eli Zamora

John Holiday

Tori Miller

Chloe Hogan

Jim Ranger

Cami Clune

Ryan Berg

Worth The Wait

Julia Cooper

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here are my favorites
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My favorites are...


Cami Clune, Kelsie Watts, Lain Roy, and Taryn Papa. More favorites may emerge as I watch the show and I haven’t finished looking into Tamara Jade yet, who I feel like I will like from what I’ve heard... Another person of interest is Thomas Stringfellow who I liked from American Idol. Unfortunately, it’s not confirmed whether or not he got a chair turn... 😕

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I haven't gotten to all the names yet, but from what I've seen so far, I really like Sid Kingsley and Julia Cooper. DeSz and Tamara are the types I enjoy ON the show but not pre-show, I also like Cami but I feel like I have to pick between her and Julia once the show comes, John Holiday is interesting but not my thing, and Payge Turner has potential.

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My top 3 favorites are all on Team Gwen 2RTmFCa.gif

(I don't know why I put the tags, y'all can see the threads I started. )😂

Lauren Frihauf
Lain Roy
Tori Miller

I like Julia too but I don't like that she's on John's team. rATkgGC.gif



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