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  1. no particular order matt mcandrew - wasted love emily ann roberts - burning house chris jamison - cry me a river lauren duski - deja vu maelyn jarmon - hallelujah hm: jeffery austin - stay alisan porter - somewhere addison agen - tennesse rain tessanne chin - i have nothing chloe kohanski - wish i didn't love you jordan smith - mary did you know jim ranger - with a little help from my friends if i can mention a duet: jake hoot & kelly clarkson- wintersong
  2. opener: desz (landslide) closer: carter (the climb)
  3. it was from felicia temples audition! after she sang with alicia!
  4. you forgot blaine mitchell from season 9! but cami was still the best!
  5. (no specific order but here is my top 10) - Taylor John Williams (s7) - Lauren Duski (s12) - Will Breman (s17) - Madi Davis (s9) - Matt McAndrew (s7) - Sawyer Fredericks (s8) - Hunter Plake (s12) - Noah Mac (s13) - Amy Vachal (s9) - Stephanie Rice (s12)
  6. Blake - s14 Xtina - s10 Adam - s9 Celo - s2 Usher - s6 Shakira - s4 Pharrell - s8 Gwen - s9 Alicia - s12 Miley - s13 Jennifer - both were so good Kelly - s16 John - s17
  7. probably Micheal Williams! his audition wasn’t really deserving of a chair turn, but his battle with Allegra and his KO was outstanding!
  8. Lauren Hall (Kelly) comes to mind
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