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Rank the Top 14


Rank the Top 14  

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  1. 1. Favorite Contestant?

    • Abi Carter
    • Emmy Russell
    • Jack Blocker
    • Jayna Elise
    • Jordan Anthony
    • Julia Gagnon
    • Kaibrienne
    • Kayko
    • McKenna Faith Breinholt
    • Mia Matthews
    • Nya
    • Roman Collins
    • Triston Harper
    • Will Moseley

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Abi Carter

Emmy Russell

Jack Blocker

Jayna Elise

Julia Gagnon

Jordan Anthony



McKenna Faith Breinholt

Mia Matthews


Roman Collins

Triston Harper

Will Moseley

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My Personal Preferences, not based purely on vocal talent:


1. McKenna

2. Emmy 

3. Abi

4. Jack

5. Mia

6. Kaibrienne

7. Nya

8. Kayko 

9. Jayna

10. Will

11. Triston

12. Julia

13. Jordan

14. Roman


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1. Abi Carter: my fave! her tone can become too shrill at times but otherwise i adore her.

2. McKenna Faith Breinholt: one of my faves! she has less range and versatility than Abi though which bumps her down a spot. 

3. Kaibrienne: one of my faves! has my favorite tone in the competition, but has shown to be a bit green/inexperienced, which bumps her down 2 spots.

4. Mia Matthews: started off a bit meh, but has been consistently great! very close to joining my Top 3 faves.

5. Nya: consistently great and such a fun contestant. experiences pitch issues at times.

6. Triston Harper: people will be surprised i have him here. he’s honestly been very strong and consistent thus far. i just don’t want him to win!

7. Jack Blocker: he’s been consistent, but a little too safe for me. need more performances like Rainbow and Feeling Whitney.

8. Julia Gagnon: very talented but inconsistent. also feels a bit green compared to past powerhouses on the show. can move up if she gains some momentum back.

9. Emmy Russell: love her tone, but her song choices don’t always best display it and sometimes her nerves impact the vocals. can move up if she gains more confidence and better song choice picks. 

10. Jayna Elise: very talented but inconsistent. i want to love her but her tone feels a little too nasally/raspy at times for me. can move up if she gains some momentum. 

11. Will Moseley: has had some solid performances! he’s just very boring to me.

12. Jordan Anthony: he is neither a strong vocalist or unique artist, but at least there is a market for him unlike Roman. 

13. Roman Collins: his song choices tend to be dated. not sure where he fits in the modern music industry.

14. Kayko: insufferably cringe (to me)! 


i consider this to be a very strong Top 14 and there is a lot of fluidity in my rankings, especially between #5 - #10. 

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1. Emmy Russell & 1. Abi Carter (Love them both, can't choose)

3. McKenna Faith Breinholt

4. Mia Matthews

5. Kaibrienne

6. Will Moseley

7. Jack Blocker

8. Nya

9. Julia

10. Roman Collins

11. Jordan Anthony

12. Triston Harper

13. Jayna Elise

14. Kayko


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LOL I don't even know how to rank these people but I'll try it. :dead: A lot of these rankings are tight and interchangeable depending on the performances.


1.    Nya
2.    McKenna Faith Breinholt
3.    Roman Collins
4.    Jayna Elise
5.    Abi Carter
6.    Mia Matthews
7.    Julia Gagnon
8.    Emmy Russell
9.    Jordan Anthony
10.    Jack Blocker
11.    Will Moseley
12.    Triston Harper
13.    Kaibrienne
14.    Kayko


The show also really cut a lot of my favorite guys tonight (Odell/Ajii/Mackenzie/Quintavious), so lol at my 2nd favorite guy being 9th now.

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01. Jayna

02. Nya

03. Jordan 

04. Kayko

05. Roman

06. Mia

07. Tristan

08. Will

09. Julia

10. Emmy

11. Jack 
12. KB
13. McKenna

14. Abi

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14. Jordan 

13. Janya 

12. Jack 

11. Nya 

10. Roman 

9. KB 

8. Emmy 

7. Mia  

6. Kayko 

5. Will 

4. Triston 

3. Mckenna 

2. Abi 

1. Julia


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  1. McKenna Faith Breinholdt
  2. Jayna Elise
  3. KAYKO
  4. Nya
  5. Jack Blocker
  6. Will Moseley
  7. Kaibrienne
  8. Jordan Anthony
  9. Roman Collins
  10. Triston Harper
  11. Emmy Russell
  12. Mia Matthews
  13. Julia Gagnon
  14. Abi Carter


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1. Mia Matthews

2. McKenna Faith Breinholt

3. Jack Blocker

4. Abi Carter

5. Kaibrienne

6. Kayko

7. Roman Collins

8. Will Moseley

9. Emmy Russell

10. Jayna Elise

11. Julia Gagnon

12. Jordan Anthony

13. Nya

14. Triston Harper

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Well my top 3 faves were sent home, so let me look at this. 


1. Jack Blocker

2. Mia Matthews

3. Jordan Anthony

4. Kayko

5. Triston Harper

6. McKenna Breinholt

7. Nya

8. Roman

9. Emmy Russell

10. Julia Gagnon

11. Will Moseley

12. Abi Carter

13. Jayna Elise

14. Kaibrienne

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1. Mckenna Breinholt

2. Jayna Elise

3. Jack Blocker

4. Mia Matthews

5. Julia Gagnon

6. Kaibrienne 

7. Emmy Russell

8. Abi Carter 

9. Nya

10. Roman Collins 

11. Kayko

12. Jordan Anthony

13. Triston Harper

14. Will Moseley 



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1.  Abi Carter — She has the best chance of winning for the girls.

2.  McKenna Faith Breinholt — just a step behind Abi in terms of ability.

3.  Triston Harper — he’s the best male country singer.

4.  Emmy Russell — I can’t disregard her chances.

5.  Julia Gagnon — the best of the powerhouse female singers.

6.  Jayna Elise — this is more because I like her than my believing that she’ll get this far.

7.  Nya — what I said about Jayna is even more true for Nya.  I like her but she’s going to be one of the first to be eliminated.

8.  Mia Matthews — she could get very far.

9.  Will Moseley — he’s consistently middle of the road.

10.  Kaibrienne — she’s too inconsistent, sadly.

11.  Roman Collins — very good but his style is too dated.

12.  Jack Blocker — his weird facial expressions put him this low.

13.  Kayko — fine songwriter, mediocre singer.

14.  Jordan Anthony — he’s the weakest one.

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I don’t usually do these rankings, but here we go:


1. Will 

2 McKenna 

3. Triston

4. Abi

5. Mia

6. Roman 

7. Jayna 

8. Emmy

9. Jack

10. Nya

11. Julia

12. Kayko

13. KB

14. Jordan 

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1. Emmy

2. Jayna


3. McKenna

4. Mia

5. Nya

6. Abi

7. Kaibrienne

8. Julia


9. Roman

10. Jordan

11. Will

12. Triston

13. Jack

14. Kayko

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On 4/16/2024 at 4:02 AM, taylorkat said:

1. Roman 

2. Nya

3. Mia

4. Jayna

5. Abi

6. Kaibrienne

7. Julia

8. McKenna

9. Emmy

10. Will

11. Triston

12. Jordan

13. Kayko

14. Jack

LOL at all those ladies and then...Oh, hi Roman.


Mine have fluctuated a bit since the show's official reveal of the Top 24. Some of them are based on averages.

1. Abi

2. Kaibrienne 

3. Emmy

4. Julia (Initially my fav)

5. McKenna

6. Jack

7. Kayko

8. Mia

9. Nya (REALLY liked her "Water" performance tho)

10. Roman (Part of this is just because of his light edit, plus the limited time period of his choices)

11. Jordan

12. Jayna

13. Will 

14. Triston


I'm sorry y'all, but as good as Will is the country dudes winning just have me tuckered out...And I love the tools Jayna has, but sometimes her high range hits me the wrong way. :I

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