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  1. 1. Sandra Diaz-Twine 2. Parvati Shallow 3. Natalie Anderson 4. Kim Spradlin 5. Danni Boatwright 6. Tony Vlachos 7. Tina Wesson 7. Yul Kwon 8. Michele Fitzgerald 9. Jeremy Collins 10. Denise Stapley 11. Adam Klein 12. Sarah Lacina 13. Ethan Zohn 14. Sophie Clarke 15. Tyson Apostol 16. Nick Wilson 17. Wendell Holland 18. Amber Mariano 19. Rob Mariano 20. Ben Driebergen
  2. 1. Rose Short - I love her voice so much, she has a lot of control and I HOPE she does not get robbed. Maybe I'm Amazed is the best performance this season so far 2. Katie Kadan - Loved her from the start, I truly hope she can win this season 3. Ricky Duran - I love his voice a lot. He has very interesting performances and I hope he can continue to excel 4. Joana Martinez - After a hiccup from last week, Joana managed to prove why I loved her in the first place this week. I just hope she gets songs good for her voice 5. Kat Hammock - Not gonna lie, I have been kind of bored of Kat the past 2 weeks. I need her to stop with the traditional/folk lane and start diving into more indie stuff. Samson please 6. Marybeth Byrd - She's just so underwhelming and her higher register sounds off. Very nice tone though 7. Hello Sunday - I will admit, they have improved but they are so damn inconsistent and they both hurt my ears sometimes 8. Will Breman - I do not get what people like about this guy at all. His performances are a mess vocally and he isn't creative at all. H 9. Jake Hoot - Do I need to reiterate my hate for basic country men? 10. Shane Q - When you are lower than a country male, you know you are BAD. Myracle was so robbed
  3. What’s your point? Joana was a public vote and Myracle still to managed to escape the bottom 3. It’s not relevant whether one was a coach save or not lmfao Also Everybody Hurts isn’t a bus song. It will work wonders for her just like it did for Koryn
  4. 1. Katie Kadan 2. Kat Hammock 3. Rose Short 4. Ricky Duran 5. Joana Martinez 6. Myracle Holloway 7. Marybeth Byrd 8. Hello Sunday 9. Will Breman 10. Jake Hoot 11. Shane Q
  5. Kyndal would have sang Jolene (Ray Lamontagne) had she made it to T13 Damali said in the live that her wildcard song was The Heart Wants What It Wants and T13 would have been Consequences
  6. Ricky Duran - Unaware (Allen Stone) Kat Hammock - How Long Will I Love You (Ellie Goulding) Cali Wilson - Every Time I Hear That Song (Brandi Carlile) Katie Kadan - I’ll Take Care Of You (Beth Hart) Marybeth Byrd - Girl Crush (Little Big Town) Will Breman - Naked (James Arthur) Rose Short - Read All About It (Emeli Sande) Joana Martinez - Nightingale (Demi Lovato) Myracle Holloway - Superwoman (Alicia Keys) Jake Hoot - Bless The Broken Road (Rascal Flatts) Max Boyle - I Won’t Give Up (Jason Mraz) Hello Sunday - Sandcastles (Beyonce) Shane Q - Please (Jordan Smith)
  7. 1. Kat Hammock - Her KO sold me. Her voice is of an angel and it’s strong too 2. Joana Martinez - She is so consistent and her voice is amazing for her age. Hope she makes it far 3. Katie Kadan - Love her so much. I hope she stays consistent and gets great songs 4. Rose Short - If she managed to slay that horrible song, she can slay anything 5. Max Boyle - He reminds me of Alex Preston. I love his falsetto and his tone so much 6. Myracle Holloway - I’ve always been a fan but I’m glad she’s getting recognition that she deeeves now 7. Ricky Duran - He has an amazing voice but needs to find the right songs like River 8. Marybeth Byrd - Hit or miss for me but when she’s a hit she’s amazing 9. Cali Wilson - She’s getting worse and worse each performance but I hope she can have a good comeback with some nice folk song (maybe Brandi?) 10. Hello Sunday - They’ve improved a lot but still a mess and a half 11. Will Breman - I hate his mannerisms when he sings and he does way too much with every song he sings. Alex was robbed 12. Jake Hoot - Generic trashy country guy. We’ve seen this before 13. Shane Q - Disgusting voice, please get him out of here ASAP Replace Shane with Damali Will with Alex Hello Sunday with Kyndal (wildcard) Cali with Gracee And we actually got a pretty decent Top 13
  8. Sorry guys. Just thought it had to happen once this season at least :icecream:
  9. BIOGRAPHY Hunter was influenced by church and music from a young age by his family. His dad was in the Christian rock band Brother Brother and he's been leading worship since he was 14. "The Voice" is his first time performing outside of church. Recently married, he records demos with his brother in his home studio. He lost his home, church and car after the Baton Rouge floods and is currently living with his parents in Lafayette, helping repair the church in his spare time. Twitter Page Instagram Page Youtube Channel THE VOICE PERFORMANCES YOUTUBE VIDEOS STUDIO RECORDINGS BUY HUNTER'S VOICE PERFORMANCES HERE! Fanlist 1) Monophy 2) Kaito 3) Soreneraya 4) Taiyaa 5) mjdolorico 6) dioko 7) datinamanda 8) BlueSkittle 9) Naira 10) nco 11) Ryan. 12) happy2bme 13) ReginaPhalange 14) JeremyXD 15) istersay 16) thevoice47 17) Star*Man 18) Survivor 19) starkguy 20) xfactor22 21) summerk 22) rezsantos 23) wildestinvegas 24) Pokey638 25) KyleOnTeamAdam 26) Shuriken 27) thevoicefan45 28) BrittBrun 29) jamescasaki 30) CJ21 31) ElleMusic78 32) seamaidencora 33) JC 34) Tarts 35) BestIdol474 36) VoiceFan1 37) Stacey. 38) Lizzy1 39) fitzcarldo 40) Sadora 41) *Diana 42) caroljoe701 43) Jobe 44) formerlurker 45) You? This post has been edited by Monophy: May 22nd 2017, 12:19 PM
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