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  1. Julia was next to Jordan and Kblocks posted about seeing herself I think!!! Is it top 24s?
  2. Should be in top 5, but our girl will be SOOO fine regardless!!!!
  3. LOL, talk about passive agressive
  4. Even if you don’t like her, Julia’s got way more going for her than her hometown, Jack also, both much more than just popularity that’s all.
  5. 1.Julia 2.Abi 3.Jack 4.Mackenna 5.Triston 6.Will 7.Emmy
  6. 1.julia 2.mia 3.Abi (but she’s falling ) 4.McKenna 5.Kaib 6.Emmy males 1. Jack 2.triston 3.will 4.Kayko
  7. She’s speeding up while others are slowing down!!! Could be an arc, even if she doesn’t win, could be a great arc!!! <33
  8. 1.KB 2.Julia 3.Abi 4.Triston 5.roman 6.jack 7.will 8.Jayna 9.emmy 10.Nya 11.mackenna 12.kayko 13.mia 14.jordan
  9. Honestly thought the same, seemed so effortless and it seems to be the kind of music she releases (folk) !
  10. Me too! Jelly roll was the best song choice so unexpected!!
  11. 1.julia 2.Jack 3.Roman 4.Abi 5.Mackenna 6.Emmy 7.Will 8.Mia 9.Kb 10.Triston 11.JAYNA 12.Nya 13. I forgot one hmm 14.Jordan
  12. Lmfaoooo you’re just wrong for that but I feel the same way about Abi so call it even
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