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S21 Favorite Audition (Ep 2)


S21 Favorite Audition (Ep 2)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Lana Scott - Hole in a Bottle
    • Samuel Harness - Here Without You
    • Carolina Alonso - El Triste
    • Chavon Rodgers - driver's license
    • Joshua Vacanti - Into the Unknown
    • Hailey Green - Home
    • Jim and Sasha - Leaving on a Jet Plane
    • Paris Winningham - Superstititon
    • Gymani - pov

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They're fine
9. Carolina Alonso
8. Lana Scott

I was expecting more
7. Chavon Rodgers
6. Paris Winningham

Not my cup of tea, but great

5. Hailey Green
4. Gymani

Great first impressions, looking forward to hearing more
3. Jim and Sasha
2. Samuel Harness

The temerity, the audacity, the chutzpah!
1. Joshua Vacanti

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Wow, okay, chef’s kiss, shut up and take my entire shoe collection please:




Pretty darn good and I’m interested in hearing more:


Jim and Sasha


Not my cup of tea but has quality chops nonetheless:




Fence-sitting and want to hear more before I place elsewhere:



Has potential but not really my speed:



Cool arrangement:


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1. Samuel Harness

2. Gymani

3. Joshua Vacanti

4. Hailey Green

5. Paris Winningham

6. Jim and Sasha 

7. Carolina Alonso

8. Lana Scott
9. Chavon Rodgers


I was expecting more from a couple of these contestants, but it was overall better than last night

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Best 2 for sure.

1. Lana

2. Samuel

Good but need to see more

3. Gymani

4. Hailey

Cool back stories

5. Jim and Sasha

6. Carolina Alonso

Not my thing

7. Paris Winningham what a name though!

8. Joshua Vacanti

Absolutely tragic

9. Chavon Rodgers - can we replace him with his wife?




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Really strong night!



1. Samuel Harness (9/10) -Absolutely my favorite of the season! Everything about this was wonderful!

2. Jim & Sasha Allen (9/10) - Yessss! This was fantastic. Can't wait to hear them in the next rounds. Hope minivan throws them some support.

3. Gymani (9/10) - Yes! Love how she made it her own. Absolutely deserved every chair.


Surprised Me!

4. Hailey Green (8.5/10) - I kind of thought I'd know what to expect, but she still shocked me. THAT'S a good year of growth!

5. Carolina Alonso (8/10) - Took a minute to become impressive there, but an absolutely awesome take on a classic! Loved the ending note! Happened to be watching with my family and my parents tried being louder than her :haha:

6. Lana Scott (8/10) - I actually really liked her tone! Took a minute to get going but very happy with her getting a chair turn!


Solid, but not sure where I stand

7. Paris Winningham (7.5/10) - He's got solid chops, but this pretty much felt like he was just reinventing the wheel. Hope to hear him go OFF in the next round and impress!

8. Joshua Vacanti (7.5/10) - Someone in the comments said he looks like Robbie Shapiro and I can't unsee it. Anyways, I think he's swell.


Not awful, but not interested

9. Chavon Rodgers (6.5/10) - I have this visual in my head of a bunch of songs being listed on the wall and having everyone running up to them to pick their blind song before someone else grabs it, kinda like we've seen on Idol in the past. Now I have an image of Chavon shoving past the dozens of girls in the 13-24 age range that we have this season to get this song. He was okay but nothing special, but the song choice gave me a good laugh.

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9. Chavon Rodgers - strained, messy, bad arrangment, mumbly, nope. sorry

8. Carolina Alonso - diction wasn't all the way there and she built up way too soon, cool tone though

7. Lana Scott - interesting tone and choices but lacked power and presence was off

6. Paris Winningham - solid but generic, even the 'exciting' parts were way too predictable to me

5. Jim and Sasha - very soothing and solid throughout, just lacked the magic and tightness GNT had

4. Hailey Green - yes, tone! Great song choice, wish we got more power and some belts weren't great

3. Joshua Vacanti - clarity, power, range! Liked his tone, too. I wish had sang literally anything else, the song is too theatrical for me, also wish he showed more restraint in the beginning

2. Gymani - enjoyed this much more on the second listen, even ended up liking her gymnastics

1. Samuel Harness - snowflake, best audition this season so far, no complaints whatsoever

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Yes! Give it to me!

1. Samuel Harness - My pre-season snowflake! I had high expectations, so I was worried about being disappointed, but he exceeded those handily!

2. Gymani - Loved the creativity of her melodic choices, and that part from the snippet I wasn't a fan of worked very well in the context of the performance.


Very good, minor issues

3. Jim & Sasha Allen - This was very lovely, great song choice too. It's just that the blending could've been better.

4. Hailey Green - She was a badass in this performance, I just wish she would've changed up some of the melodies towards the end.


Talented vocalists, didn't grip me

5. Paris Winningham - The screams were amazing, but everything else was just ok.

6. Joshua Vacanti - His range is definitely attention-grabbing, but he's no Brendon Urie. It felt like he was pushing too hard in some parts.


Decently enjoyable

7. Chavon Rodgers - Okay, this was a mess. The opening was mumbly, and the phrasing is all over the place. However, I can't bring myself to dislike it? It's a mess but like... an interesting one.

8. Lana Scott - Not a fan of her tone, but she did alright.



9. Carolina Alonso - Nice ending, good emotion, but definitely shaky in parts.

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Great job!

1. Samuel - There's nothing I love more than the combination between a sweet tone and rasp. I could do without some of the vibrato, but that's really it. 

2. Gymani - A great performance, with an awesome arrangement that actually worked in her favor.


Solid, but didn't quite reach top tier for me

3. Hailey - Badass voice. Interested to see what she does next.

4. Jim & Sasha - A very pleasant audition. Some dynamics would have been nice, but nonetheless it's a really solid blind.

5. Joshua - I'm not too big on theatrics, and there were some high notes that didn't quite land for me, but the good parts were very, very good (specially the ending). 

6. Carolina - There were some issues, but it's impressive how well she did with an incredibly hard song.

7. Paris - Good but slightly underwhelming. Pretty sure he will deliver in the next rounds though.

8. Lana - Everything about this performance was very good, but her tone is not my cup of tea.



9. Chavon - Excluding the falsetto, not a fan of this at all.

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7 hours ago, Someone648 said:

8. Joshua Vacanti (7.5/10) - Someone in the comments said he looks like Robbie Shapiro and I can't unsee it. Anyways, I think he's swell.

TPTB had to cast someone that looked like him during Ariana’s first season. And he also happened to be the contestant she got blocked from

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Finally caught up with all the blinds. Gotta say the second night was quite underwhelming compared to the premiere.


1. Hailey: I didn't remember her at all but I guess she's had quite the glow up, only nitpick is that the melody got repetitive by the final chorus, a little more variety would be better 

2. Lana: I like her tone, a less poppy song and would probably fit better though

3. Joshua: He was decent given the ambitious song choice but his voice sounded a little thin and strained at parts

4. Samuel: His raspy tone is great but I just really cannot stand this sappy song

5. Chavon: Started off shaky but got better by the chorus and bridge, I kinda like what he did with the song too

6. Gymani: I think she tried too hard to alter the melody at too many places that it took me out of the performance, would prefer if it was a little more straightforward

7. Jim & Sasha: Eh they were pleasant enough but it was pretty lethargic, could use a little more dynamic (also it's funny how we have now had 2 Sasha Allen on the show lol)

8. Carolina: She got overpowered pretty bad by the band, I could barely hear her last note

9. Paris: He was okay, he did exactly what I expected him to the second I heard the song, which means it wasn't very fresh or exciting

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1. Gymani - She blew the roof off. every single one of her notes and runs were amazing. Very deserved 4 chair turn. She had so much power.


Very great

2. Paris - a bit surprised to see the lukewarm reception here. I thought he was powerful and deserved four chairs


Pretty good:

3. Jim and Sasha - I would’ve liked to see a bit more but it was very pleasant to listen to

4. Carolina - I wasn’t sure about her at the beginning but I liked the ending

5. Joshua - Not sure he has the power to take on the song he chose but he did a good job



6. Lana - Very fun but not a fan of her voice

7. Samuel - This is y’all’s favorite this season, lmao?  he has a cool rasp. Nothing else special about him, plus a terrible song choice


Capital M Messes

8. Hailey - Ummmm……No

9. Chavon - mumbly intro, weak high notes, also embarrassing for a grown man to pick “drivers license”


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46 minutes ago, B-B said:


Very great

2. Paris - a bit surprised to see the lukewarm reception here. I thought he was powerful and deserved four chairs.


His style isnt precisely one that makes IDF go crazy, and some people might have found him old fashioned, but I agree he killed it. Loved his growls, and great stage presence too.

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1 hour ago, B-B said:

Very great

2. Paris - a bit surprised to see the lukewarm reception here. I thought he was powerful and deserved four chairs

he definitely ate that up. I also enjoyed his a lot! Another one of my favs from the night. Took me back to chris weaver!

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Snowflake material.

1. Samuel - Rasp. Emotion. Great arrangement. I loved it all.

Great job!

2. Joshua - Swinging for the fence. Magnificent job.

3. Paris - Started a bit choppy but once he got in the pocket, it came alive. I could listen to those growls all day

4. Hailey - Back with a vengeance. This was badass. Some moments did veer out of control but that was it. Glad she made it this time around.

Great job too, but..

5. Gymani - Risk taking approach and very well sung. The arrangement kind of lost me a bit though.

6. Jim and Sasha - Love the concept of a folk duo and props to Jim for his mandolin playing. Some beautiful moments around but I wasnt a big fan of the blending. I feel like there should be more of a unity, like in GNT. Hope they work it out for next rounds.

7. Carolina - Loved the song choice and there were some impressive moments throughout. That being said, as I rewatched there were also a lot of issues, so hope Kelly and her work through them.

Didnt do it for me

8. Lana - She did fine but not a fan of her tone.

9. Chavon - Props for the arrangement but the vocal and song choice didnt work for me at all.






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  1. Gymani : Queen. Loved every single bit of it, I knew she had the skill but she definitely has a creative side too.
  2. Samuel : The shocker for me, I know he had a lot of fans on here but I was never sold on him based on his covers. I'll keep an eye on him.
  3. Lana : I really enjoyed it to be honest and I'm not even usually a fan of twangy voices.
  4. Hailey : That was really cool, I'm glad she came back !
  5. Paris : Not my style but he hit some impressive notes.
  6. Jim & Sasha : Not a fan of the song choice but that was pretty. I do think that Sasha is carrying the group though.
  7. Carolina : Some great and some weaker moments, she ended up with the right coach to help her.
  8. Joshua : Not my cup of tea.
  9. Chavon : Such a let down, he was probably my favorite male pre-season but that was not it.
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