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  1. Pia Renee’s What The World Needs Now got me because it was dedicated to her mom that just died and it was sung so well
  2. Kelly PV GNT, Jeremy CS Gymani WC Hailey John PV Samuel, Jerkisha JC Joshua WC Shandele Blake PV Wendy, Lana JC Peedy WC Paris Ari PV Ryleigh, Holly JC Jim And Sasha WC Bella WC win: Belle
  3. Geese it’s ether you love or hate Peedy looking at the rankings
  4. 1 Samuel Harness 2 Joshua Vacanti 3 Jeremy Rosado 4 Paris Winningham 5 Jim and Sasha 6 Peedy Chavis 7 David Vogel
  5. 1 Samuel Herness 2 Joshua Vacanti 3 Gymani 4 Jim And Sasha 5 Jeremy Rosado HMs to Wendy, Paris, and David
  6. My 2 favs are on John but Kelly has the best team
  7. 1 The Cunningham Sisters 2 Kaitlyn 3 David 4 Bella 5 Janora
  8. Can’t believe Blake actually took Clint to the knock outs because his chair turn was an accident lol
  9. I don’t think she has a shot agents Jeramy, Gymani, or Girl Named Tom. I think she’ll get the wildcard over Brittney cause of her age though
  10. 1 Samara 2 Carson 3 Keilah 4 Holly 5 Jeremy (has a lot more to show) 6 Hailey 7 The Joy Reunion 8 Raquel
  11. Raquel Trinidad: 6 They Joy Reunion: 8 Hailey Mia: 8.5 Jeremy Rosado: 8.35 Carson Peters: 9 Keliah Grace: 9.25 Samara Brown: 9.65 Holly Forbes 8.85
  12. Doesn’t matter cause Samual is Johns only shot of winning. Joshua has a tiny chance but he can definitely emerge as a front runner
  13. I am 100000000000% sure that the guy going next is David edit: NVM
  14. I have edited this so you will have no idea how I got this heart
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