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The Voice ● S21 ● Spoilers/News/Updates


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13 minutes ago, Daillon said:

Kelly giving Holly to Ari could actually work. This time there’s no Todd in sight :wink:

We should keep an eye on Team Ariana now. With no bearded country guy,  Kelly picking no Minivan material on her team and John being John, Team Ari could have a chance now. 

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Definitely some interesting results in here


Someone here predicted Kelly giving Holly to Ari Thunderstorm style, and they were right

The biggest shock is Carson getting eliminated, but seems like Peedy is the Team Blake country guy (and he seems like one I might like). I get Cory Jackson vibes from him
Brittany and Paris getting stolen is interesting, and David was thought to be the only male on Team Ari, went to John.

Out of the 4 pop girls, the one most likely to lose Claire DeJean style was Katherine and she did

3 of 6 remaining known 4 chair turns lost, but 2 got stolen. GNT, Gymani and Wendy are the only to stay on their original team for playoffs (Gymani and Wendy were expected though)


I’m definitely not mad at any of these results, considering we didn’t see any of their performances. Just surprised in places


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On 3/30/2021 at 9:37 AM, Someone648 said:
Taping One:

K: Gymani vs. Kinsey Rose

K: Girl Named Tom vs. Holly Forbes - Holly STOLEN by Ariana and John. Holly picks ARIANA.

J: Samuel Harness vs. Brittany Bree - Brittany STOLEN by Ariana and Kelly. Brittany picks KELLY.

A: Raquel Trinidad vs. TBA (Female)

B: Wendy Moten vs. Jonathan Mouton


Is this in order or not? How did Ariana press her button for Britanny if she had stolen Holly already?

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