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  1. Got any tips? Feel free to shoot me a personal message on here or on Twitter The Voice - NBC The Voice APP iTunes The Voice APP Android Twitter Facebook Youtube Please DO NOT post the Season 21 spoilers on other websites (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) in the comment sections to spoil it for people who may not want it spoiled. If you're on this thread, it's because you're interested in spoilers and that's great! That doesn't mean every fan of the show wants the same info. Please respect that and don't spoil the show for others. Please DO NOT directly message or harass the contestants begging for a follow or asking for spoilers. They are all on a contract and could get in serious trouble for discussing anything about the show! Additionally, annoying the contestants could lead them to locking their accounts/setting them to private, which limits our access to info for further rounds. DO feel free to follow them if you'd like and check out their music on Youtube/Instagram/wherever else. Enjoy! CONTESTANTS Aaron Hines Instagram | YouTube Austin Percario (AI13)Instagram | YouTube | American Idol AuditionBella Denapoli Instagram | YouTube Berritt Haynes Instagram | YouTubeBrittany Bree Instagram | Youtube not foundBubba Instagram | Youtube not found Carolina Alonso Instagram | YouTubeCarson Peters (Little Big Shots 2016) Instagram | Youtube not found | Performance w/ Ricky Skaggs Chavon Rodgers Instagram | YouTubeClint Sherman Instagram | Youtube not found | LiveThe Cunningham Sisters (Macie & Marie) Instagram | YouTube | TikTokDavid Vogel Instagram | YouTube (band) Davis Gestiehr Instagram | YouTube Girl Named Tom (Joshua, Bekah Grace, and Caleb) Instagram | YouTube Gracie Nourbash Instagram | YouTube Gymani - Instagram | YouTube Hailey Green (TV19) Instagram | YouTube | The Voice Blind Audition (Season 19) Hailey Mia Instagram | YouTube | TikTok Holly Forbes Instagram | YouTubeJack Rogan (TV13 shortlist) Instagram | InstagramJared Brasher Instagram | YouTubeJeremy Rosado (AI11) Instagram | Youtube | American Idol Top 13 PerformanceJershika Maple Instagram | YouTube Jim & Sasha Allen (he/him) Instagram | Jim's Instagram | Sasha's Instagram | YouTube | TikTok Jojo & Wo Instagram | YouTube Jonathan Mouton Instagram | YouTube (Topic) | "I Can See Your Voice" Appearance Joshua Vacanti Instagram |The Joy Reunion (Rob, Gentry, & Neil) Instagram | YouTubeKatherine Ann (KK) Mohler Instagram | YouTube | TikTok Katie Rae Instagram | YouTube not foundKCK3 (Kaitlyn, Chelsea, and Kyla) Instagram | YouTube Kinsey Rose Instagram | YouTube | TikTokKJ Jennings Instagram | YouTube not found | Performance Lana Scott Instagram | YouTube LiBianca Instagram | YouTube (Topic) | TikTok Lucas O'Reilly Instagram | YouTube not found | Performance | TikTokManny Keith Instagram | YouTube | TikTok Paris Winningham Instagram | Youtube not foundParker McKay Instagram | YouTube Peedy Chavis Instagram | YouTube Raquel Trinidad (AI17) Instagram | YouTube | American Idol Top 20 PerformanceRyleigh Plank Instagram | YouTube | TikTok Sabrina Dias Instagram | YouTube Samara Brown Instagram | YouTubeSamuel Harness Instagram | YouTubeSerenity Arce Instagram | YouTube not found Shadale Johnson Instagram | YouTube Sophia Bromberg Instagram (Private) | Youtube not found Tommy Edwards Instagram | YouTubeVaughn Mugol Instagram (PRIVATE)| YouTubeWendy Moten Instagram | YouTube | Wikipedia | "Come In Out of the Rain" (UK #8, US #55)Wyatt Michael (TV18 shortlist) Instagram | YouTube Xavier Trinity Cornell Instagram | YouTubeZyan Campbell Instagram | YouTubeConfirmed at some point at hotel: Cheyenne Faith Instagram | YouTube not foundClifford Agyekum Instagram | YouTubeCoby Mcdonald Instagram | YouTube | TikTokGustavo Andres Arce Instagram | YouTube Hayden Johnson Instagram | YouTube (Topic)Justin Kim Instagram | YouTube | TikTokKaitlyn Velez Instagram | YouTube Kayla Lilly Instagram | YouTube Matthew Lamping Instagram | YouTube Shelby Lee Lowe Instagram | YouTube Tony Aaron Instagram | YouTubeTrévon James Instagram | YouTube Trey Duncan Instagram | YouTube Also possible:Cami Brooks Instagram | Instagram (Covers)D Smooth Instagram | YouTube Not FoundHeather Whitney Instagram | YouTube (Topic) Janora Brown Instagram | YouTube not found | Performance Jasmine Mills Instagram | YouTube Jeff Martinez Instagram | YouTubeJeff Toth Instagram | YouTube not foundKeilah Grace Instagram | YouTube not foundLexi Stojack Instagram | TikTok Mando Instagram | YouTubeMarco Salvador Instagram | YouTube not foundMichael Venia Instagram | YouTube (Band)Nicole Renee Instagram | Youtube not foundOlivia Minogue Instagram | YouTubeShreya Acharya Instagram | YouTube | TikTokNot likely in/appear to have left early:Alex Lambert (AI9) Instagram |Annie Kemble Instagram | YouTubeBrooke Beucler InstagramChayse Pannell Instagram |Danny O'Grady Instagram | YouTube | TikTok TEAM SPOILERS Team Kelly (12/12)Girl Named TomAaron Hines Wyatt Michael Carolina Alonso Kinsey RoseJeremy Rosado Xavier Cornell Holly ForbesGymani Jershika Maple The Cunningham SistersParker McKayTeam John (12/12; TBA 2) Jonathan Mouton Brittany BreeJack Rogan Samuel Harness KJ Jennings Samara Brown Joshua Vacanti TBA (Likely Keilah Grace) Sabrina Dias Paris Winningham Shadale Johnson TBA (female) *TBA (taping 7 female, is either Samara Brown or TBA "D" name)Team Ariana (12/12)David Vogel Bella DeNapoli Raquel Trinidad Hailey Mia Ryleigh Plank KCK3 Vaughn Mugol Sophia Bromberg Chavon Rodgers Katherine Ann Mohler Jim & Sasha Allen Katie Rae Team Blake (12/12; TBA 1) Hailey Green Clint Sherman Manny Keith LiBianca Wendy Moten The Joy Reunion Carson Peters Peedy Chavis Tommy Edwards Lana Scott Berritt Haynes TBA (female) Unplaced: Kaitlyn Velez BLIND AUDITION SPOILERS *contestants are not listed in order of performance, with the exception of the final audition** "turned [coach]" means that they are confirmed one chair, "turned at least [coach]" means that there may have been more chair turns, but the sources did not recallTaping One: David Vogel - breathin' (Ariana Grande) - turned ARIANA.Girl Named Tom - Helplessly Hoping (Crosby, Stills, and Nash) - Four chairs. Picked KELLY.Aaron Hines - Heartbreak Anniversary (Giveon) - Four chairs. Picked KELLY.Bella Denapoli - Damaged (Danity Kane) - turned Ariana, John, and Kelly. Picked ARIANA.Clint Sherman - TBA - turned BLAKE. Hailey Green - Home (Marc Broussard)- turned BLAKE.Manny Keith - TBA - turned at least Blake and Kelly. Picked BLAKE.Wyatt Michael - TBA - turned Kelly and Ariana. Picked KELLY.LiBianca - Good Days (SZA) - Turned Blake and Ariana. Picked BLAKE.Zyan Campbell - Yesterday (The Beatles) - No chair turns. Taping Two: Carolina Alonso - El Triste (Yuri version) - KELLY turned. Raquel Trinidad - TBA (Frank Sinatra) - John, Kelly, and Ariana turned. Picked ARIANA. Lucas O'Reilly - TBA (James Taylor) - No chair turns. Hailey Mia - You Broke Me First (Tate McRae) - Ariana and Kelly turned. Picked ARIANA. Joe (?) - TBA (possibly Midnight Rider) - No chair turns. Jonathan Mouton - Leave the Door Open (Silk Sonic) - John, Kelly, and Ariana turned. Picked JOHN. Kinsey Rose - Cowboy Take Me Away (The Chicks) - Kelly and Blake turned. Blake BLOCKED by Kelly. Default to KELLY.Wendy Moten - We Can Work It Out (The Beatles/Chaka Khan version) - Four chairs. John blocked by BLAKE. Picked BLAKE. Taping Three:The Joy Reunion - Boondocks (Little Big Town) - turned John and Blake. Picked BLAKE.Jeremy Rosado - Here Comes Goodbye (Rascal Flatts) - turned Kelly and Blake. Picked KELLY.Brittany Bree - Call Out My Name (The Weeknd) - Four chairs. Picked JOHN.Jack Rogan - House of the Rising Sun (The Animals) - turned Kelly and John. Picked JOHN.Austin Percario - TBA (Niall Horan) - No chair turns.Bubba - How Am I Supposed to Live Without You? (Michael Bolton) - No chair turns.Jojo & Wo - TBA (Lil Wayne) - No chair turns.Jared Brasher - Wanted (Hunter Hayes) - No chair turns. Gracie Nourbash - Control (Zoe Wees) - No chair turns.Serenity Arce - TBA - No chair turns. Davis Gestiehr - TBA - No chair turns. Taping Six:Holly Forbes - Rocket Man (Elton John) - Four chairs. John blocked by Ariana. Picked KELLY.Gymani - pov (Ariana Grande) - Four chairs. Picked KELLY.Carson Peters - TBA - Four chairs. Picked BLAKE.Ryleigh Plank - Anyone (Demi Lovato) - turned Ariana and Kelly. Picked ARIANA.Taping Seven:Vaughn Mugol - The A-Team (Ed Sheeran) - turned Kelly, John, and Ariana. Picked ARIANA.KCK3 - No Tears Left to Cry (Ariana Grande) - ARIANA turned.TBA (middle-aged male, long hair, rock) - TBA - BLAKE turned.Jershika Maple - Never Alone (Tori Kelly) - KELLY and JOHN turned. Picked KELLY.KJ Jennings - TBA - possibly BLAKE.TBA - Anyone (Justin Bieber) - at least JOHN turned.Katherine Anne Mohler - We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off (Ella Eyre version)- turned Ariana and Blake. Picked ARIANA.The Cunningham Sisters - TBA - Kelly and John turned. Picked KELLY. **Ariana and Blake completed their teams during this taping.Taping Eight:TBA (AA female) - TBA - John and Kelly turned. Picked JOHN.TBA/TBA/TBA (there was another chair turn here; unconfirmed whether John or Kelly had that spot)Parker McKay - TBA (Niall Horan) - KELLY turned. (final audition)**Only John and Kelly had remaining spots on their teams Other (taping unknown): Katie Rae - The Bones (Maren Morris) - Kelly, John, and Ariana turned. Picked ARIANA. Peedy Chavis - Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley) - Blake and John turned. Picked BLAKE. Lana Scott - hole in the bottle (Kelsea Ballerini) - Kelly and Blake turned. Picked BLAKE. Samuel Harness - Here Without You (3 Doors Down) - John, Ariana, and Blake turned. Picked BLAKE. Chavon Rodgers - drivers license (Olivia Rodrigo) - Ariana and John turned. Picked ARIANA. Joshua Vacanti - Into the Unknown (Idina Menzel) - Josh and Ariana turned. Ariana BLOCKED by John. Default to John. Jim & Sasha Allen - Leaving on a Jet Plane (John Denver) - Ariana and Kelly turned. Picked ARIANA. Paris Winningham - Superstition (Stevie Wonder) - John and Ariana turned. Picked JOHN. BATTLE SPOILERS -Each coach has ONE SAVE and ONE STEAL -As of right now, there has been no mention of a 4-way Knockout between the saves -Battles are not listed in order of their specific taping Taping One: K: Holly Forbes vs. Wyatt Michael K: Girl Named Tom vs. Kinsey Rose - Seven Bridges Road (Dolly Parton version) - Kinsey SAVED. J: Brittany Bree vs. Samara Brown - Samara SAVED. A: Bella DeNapoli vs. Katie Rae - Katie SAVED. B: Hailey Green vs. Lana Scott - Lana SAVED. B: Peedy Chavis vs. The Joy Reunion - Joy to the World (Three Dog Night) Taping Two: K: Jeremy Rosado vs. Jershika Maple - Jershika stolen by John and Ariana. She picked JOHN. J: Samuel Harness vs. KJ Jennings J: Joshua Vacanti vs. TBA (Kayla/Keilah) - Good 4 U (Olivia Rodrigo) A: Raquel Trinidad vs. Hailey Mia - Car Wash (Rose Royce) - Hailey stolen by KELLY. A: Jim & Sasha Allen vs. Sophia Bromberg B: LiBianca vs. Tommy Edwards - Save Your Tears (The Weeknd ft. Ariana Grande) Taping Three: K: Xavier Cornell vs. Carolina Alonso - Telepatía (Kali Uchis) K: Gymani vs. Aaron Hines J: Sabrina Dias vs. Jack Rogan - Cardigan (Taylor Swift) J: Paris Winningham vs. Jonathan Mouton - Jonathan stolen by BLAKE. A: David Vogel vs. Chavon Rodgers - TBA (Fall Out Boy) B: Wendy Moten vs. Manny Keith - Manny stolen by ARIANA. Taping Four: K: The Cunningham Sisters vs. Parker McKay J: Shadale Johnson vs. TBA (female, name with "D") A: Ryleigh Plank vs. KCK3 A: Katherine Ann Mohler vs. Vaughn Mugol B: Carson Peters vs. Clint Sherman B: Berritt Haynes vs. TBA (female, white) KNOCKOUT SPOILERS -ONE STEAL PER COACH -Ed Sheeran is the advisor -Knockouts for Taping 1 and 3 are not in exact order Taping One: K: Gymani vs. Kinsey Rose K: Girl Named Tom vs. Holly Forbes - Holly STOLEN by Ariana and John. Holly picks ARIANA. J: Samuel Harness vs. Brittany Bree - Brittany STOLEN by Ariana and Kelly. Brittany picks KELLY. A: Raquel Trinidad (Valerie - Amy Winehouse version) vs. Katie Rae B: Wendy Moten vs. Jonathan Mouton Taping Two: B: Lana Scott (Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift) vs. Carson Peters (TBA - George Strait) J: Jershika Maple vs. Paris Winningham (Tennessee Whiskey - Chris Stapleton) - Paris stolen by BLAKE. K: Hailey Mia (Arcade - Duncan Laurence) vs. The Cunningham Sisters [Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) - Hillsong UNITED] A: Ryleigh Plank (Midnight Sky - Miley Cyrus) vs. David Vogel (Lose You to Love Me - Selena Gomez) - David stolen by JOHN. B: LiBianca (everything i wanted - Billie Eilish) vs. Hailey Green (God’s Country - Blake Shelton) Taping Three: K: Jeremy Rosado vs. Xavier Cornell J: Shadale Johnson vs. Samara Brown (TBA - Tina Turner) J: Joshua Vacanti (Falling - Harry Styles) vs. Sabrina Dias (Photograph - Ed Sheeran) A: Bella DeNapoli (Chandelier - Sia) vs. Katherine Ann Mohler A: Jim & Sasha vs. Manny Keith (Golden - Harry Styles) B: Peedy Chavis vs. Berritt Haynes LIVE PLAYOFFS TEAMS: Team Kelly: Girl Named Tom Gymani Hailey Mia Jeremy Rosado Brittany Bree Team John: Jershika Maple Joshua Vacanti Samuel Harness Shadale Johnson David Vogel Team Ariana: Bella DeNapoli Jim & Sasha Allen Raquel Trinidad Ryleigh Plank Holly Forbes Team Blake: Lana Scott LiBianca Peedy Chavis Wendy Moten Paris Winningham
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