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  1. It would be tragic if Emma won after that performance. She was not even in the neighborhood of good,
  2. If HR consistently drops the winner or doesn’t put out music while they are signed, winning Idol will soon be seen as much as of a negative as winning the Voice.
  3. Something Just like This seems suited to Arthur.
  4. why would he want to win? Either HR snubbed him or he turned them down—I’ve read both versions. But the players are the same and I can’t imagine either party would be happy if they had to sign him.
  5. He definitely expected to win last year, but I don’t think he’s quite so confident this time around. Paul, OTOH...
  6. It’s the normal recap of each coach’s team, but with reminiscing about past seasons. For example, each coach talked about their first chair turn or team member.
  7. Willie Nelson covered the Scientist, so Casey might fight for that. eta: yikes, I meant Caleb, the country dude. Too many C names
  8. it has nothing to do with liking him. It was just a joke about a non-existent Voice comeback opportunity that actually materialized on Idol.
  9. Making fun of something is hardly being terrorized, but Ok.
  10. There were 5 singers in the finale show. Arthur outlasted Louis by one week, that’s it.
  11. How do you get Maddie & Tae from that clue? It’s landing in NYC.
  12. I’m sure she’ll be performing waaay before end of next season.
  13. I was wrong. Melanie is in. Season 3 was full of talent!
  14. The elimination of studio recordings for their entire body of work is truly the worst thing TPTB have done to the later season contestants. The winner’s “prize” was always suspect, but those recordings were worth a lot. Now most of them get bupkes.
  15. IMHO, the song requires the vocalist to be able to pull off “melancholy”. I nixed Ryleigh and Rachel for that reason. They both seem too naturally bubbly.
  16. it seems tailor-made for Anna. But it would be kind of neat to have someone one older sing it, recalling their first heartbreak.
  17. I didn’t say he wouldn’t win. I said the likelihood of his winning is due to his genre.
  18. A great vocalist? Uh no. He’s a decent singer. The only reason people think he’ll win is because he sings country. The same guy with the same voice singing middle of the road pop wouldn’t stand a chance of winning.
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