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  1. It’s kind of odd that both major spoiler errors involved a positive result for Katie reported as a negative result.
  2. Ed’s the male TSwift. Known for his songwriting skills, not his vocals.
  3. Are you saying she doesn’t look older than her chronological age? How is that mean?
  4. I think Kelly meant, only 23 even though she looks middle-aged
  5. She said the song reminded her of her husband, not God. She secularized it.
  6. Rita Ora has a song titled Poison. That makes a little more sense given her BA song.
  7. There’s absolutely no reason for a power ranking before the Coaches finish their cuts.
  8. They are portraying themselves as folk singers, IMO. With the make-up of the group, they re the Voice’s version of Peter, Paul & Mary.
  9. i don’t think Holly’s voice is a good match for Brandi Carlisle at all.
  10. Matt would have won, but for the change in rules. It had nothing to do with being montaged.
  11. Lauren performed Katie’s song choice just this past Friday night at the Dove awards ceremony.
  12. If she came on the Voice to resurrect her non-country career, she may never sing country.
  13. Conspiracy theory: If Ariana wins on her first try, she’ll rest on her laurels and never come back. They want her again, so they don’t want her to win right away.
  14. why is everyone so hung up on the Make-a-Wish thing? Half the contestants have sob stories that are much more tragic than having a childhood disease that you recovered from.
  15. people always talk about not singing Whitney or Mariah because of the vocal comparisons, but for a non-power singer like Holly, Karen Carpenter is just as difficult a comparison. That may be the reason she lost to GNT. She couldn’t quite pull off the feat.
  16. okay. Did he actually put it out before the Carpenters? Or he wrote it and then started performing it after they made it a hit?
  17. what? i would think the Carpenters/Luther Vandross song! Eta : I guess they are one and the same.
  18. No they haven’t. They switched up the order starting with the first Tuesday of Battles.
  19. For the longest time would have been S3 when Lauren Allred’s first appearance was in the KOs.
  20. it’s not his current single, so it’s not going to help him that way. But someone singing his song vs someone singing a song Blake wouldn’t sing in a million years does set up a very stark choice for him.
  21. Tamara Jade sang at the 10th anniversary of the MLK memorial’s dedication:
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