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  1. My driver’s license appeared to be expired (it was extended due to the pandemic) and there was no issue.
  2. I wouldn’t read to much into the lack of covers. Adam’s songs were never really chosen very frequently. What I found most telling was that he wasn’t asked to perform at all last season, despite having a huge hit (Memories).
  3. Songs blowing up on TikTok are confirmation that the music industry is a giant crap shoot.
  4. AngelaKD

    4 KOs

    Why? Songland is awesome.
  5. AngelaKD

    4 KOs

    Where did people get the idea that they have committed to using a Songland song going forward? Has Songland even filmed a new season that they need to cross-promote?
  6. It’s nearly impossible to argue a counter factual, but I wish she would have been given a clean shot. S3 brought a lot of changes to the format (steals introduced, no more 1 finalist per coach). There were 16 artists per team that season, so it was easy to get lost in the shuffle. I believe that Loren was one of the first to be double montaged. She was certainly the first to be double montaged and then win the next round and move on. The guy that got the second public vote on Adam’s team (no one was beating Amanda Brown) wasn’t particularly compelling. There’s a good chance Loren could have gotten that slot if she hadn’t been hidden. We’ll never know!
  7. I think it’s important for us to keep in mind that only a small minority of the contestants actually want to win. Winning the Voice in 2020 is a trip to nowheresville for a commercially viable winner. They almost literally drop off the face of the earth. So getting to the semi-final without being montaged is probably a good deal for most of the singers.
  8. Another Voice UK act getting a US record deal: https://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=323150&title=VOICE-UK-STAR-SIGNS-TWO-U.S.-DEALS-
  9. Technically, you are correct, but 99% of people reading your post would assume “new” to mean just released.
  10. That’s not a new album. It came out months ago.
  11. A tie between Katrina Parker and Loren Allred Katrina: During the convoluted S2 semi-final, the Coaches got to score their 2 remaining contestants. 3 coaches said 50/50 and let the public decide. Adam, OTOH, put his thumb on the scale for Tony Luca. It turned out that Katrina beat Tony head to head, but lost because of Adam’s decision. Loren: For reasons never very clear, she was double montaged in the Blinds and Battles. Then she slayed during her KO, but it was too late. She had no fan base at all.
  12. TPTB don’t care because Gwen doesn’t care. She’s not naturally competitive like Adam or Kelly, she’s not trying to leave the show without the humiliation of never winning like Xtina. She’s perfectly happy to wear quirky outfits and get paid to hang out with “Blakey”.
  13. Enough said. There are many things they could have done over the years if they wanted to be smart about managing the show.
  14. TFW you think you heard a different battle. I thought Marisa sounded like a wedding singer and I loved the tone and fullness of Ryan’s voice.
  15. He didn’t DO anything wrong, he’s just not particularly interesting.
  16. They need new blood on the panel. Kelly, Blake plus 2 completely new coaches.
  17. I have remained as spoiler free as one can in a spoiler thread. I have NOT listened to any of the singers (except one song of Carter because someone compared him to Jordan Smith). I thought Sid won the battle, but mainly because the song suited him more. In fact, I assumed it was chosen for that reason, until the results. I did not come away from the battle thinking that Sid was an amazing singer. Let’s just say that he was very lucky that his battle was so early in the lineup.
  18. No other coach picked Bailey—Kelly and Blake picked Sid, Gwen wouldn’t choose. iMHO, if it wasn’t for the Steal, this would be a good montage candidate. It was meh.
  19. He liked and respected Cass, but he LOVED Danielle. She was the very first “most important singer on the Voice”, lol.
  20. During his commentary, Blake compared Taryn to Cassadee Pope and he compared WTW’s lead singer, Mia to Danielle Bradbery. In general, the coaches were effusive in their praise of Mia’s raw talent.
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