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  1. Finally, someone sang Unbreak My Heart!! Toni Braxton doesn’t seem to get much respect from music reality singers, so props to whoever chose her and got 4 chairs.
  2. The show that took the Voice’s Tuesday slot was Ellen DeGeneres’ Game of Games and Ellen is currently having some problems.
  3. I don’t think it works like that. The tickets are only good for the person they are issued to.
  4. CCM singer Chris Tomlin has a new album with multiple features including Voicers Cassadee Pope, RaeLynn and Blessing Offor (remember him and his “blind” audition?). The album is currently #4 on iTunes.
  5. He’s not Australian and that may have played a part.
  6. Keep in mind that this was S1, so no one knew if it would work or the level of talent that had been scouted. The coaches were somewhat skeptical. There’s an interview with Adam Levine where he confesses that he assumed the contestants would kind of suck. One of my favorites, Rebecca Loebe has talked about how she booked a European tour for right after the Blinds because she didn’t expect anything to come of it. Combining all that with the fact that they only recruited 33 artists, it makes sense that there were multiple spots to fill. The coaches were actually less picky, since they only rejected 6 artists overall.
  7. One poor girl got no-chaired 2x in the same season. Sonia Rao, her name lives in Voice infamy.
  8. in general, they like to have 2x the number of spots to be filled. Last season, they only needed 40, so they might have cut the pool to 80. Every other time since S3, it’s been 48 spots, so 90-100. They never want a repeat of S1!!
  9. I can’t believe so many picked the Voice UK. IMHO, it’s awful. Terrible as a tv program, terrible as a competition. And the near-constant not turning until the last possible second drives me insane.
  10. So far, Melanie’s success has been as an album artist. None of her songs have been radio hits.
  11. What’s the point of someone like Maelyn winning when she’s stuck in a crap contract and NOT releasing any music? At this point, I’d rather have someone like Todd win because there are zero career expectations for him.
  12. Here’s another one for the list: Koryn Hawthorne—464 k
  13. Completely random tweet from Noel Casler about the Voice. He worked on Celebrity Apprentice and has broken his NDA to talk about Donald Trump. But this tweet is about the hotel that the Voice contestants used to be put up at and their interactions with David Crosby.
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