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  1. 1. Chelle—she clearly doesn’t know that she’s good. Plus she brought Blake fool’s gold! 2.Toneisha—she’d be #1, but she suffers in comparison to the amazing diva singers of the recent past 3. Levi—excellent musicianship, fun audition 4. Arei—she can sing, but not distinctive 5. Zach—if the Voice did joke auditions, he’d be it
  2. This show is not about the contestants.
  3. Or they cut everybody remotely country to avoid a repeat of last year’s winning genre.
  4. Nothing in the MJ premiere spoilers about the 10 v 12 team size.
  5. Because there’s only one Tuesday episode, maybe they are telling them by week and the ones this week don’t know if it’s Monday or Tuesday.
  6. They can turn it down, but I am certain that there are restrictions that come with that decision, such as not being able to sign with another label for a certain period of time. If you want to be independent, that’s not a problem. If you want to sign with another label like Brynn, you have to get the lawyers involved.
  7. The average viewer is less a minivan driving mom than a grandma who buys comfortable clothes from QVC!
  8. The average viewer is 60, but surely you don’t think Team Minivan is that old? Team Minivan is another way to say “ soccer mom”.
  9. Nope. TLC is exactly the kind of thing a 45 yo mother of 3 would sing at karaoke night to seem cool.
  10. We discussed this when they leaked Kim’s video. She was one the most relatable contestants ever. If Team.Minivan could sing, they’d be Kim Cherry!.
  11. Supposedly he takes notes on all the singers. It was in one of the pre-season interviews.
  12. Is Nick the first coach to take notes since Xtina?
  13. Edited: You need to figure in time for the 4 way KO participants
  14. I just updated my app and it says 12 per team in the instruction.
  15. They didn’t say it, but this description is another clue that there will be 10 per team. if there were 12 as usual, after the Battle Round, each team would have an uneven number of members going into KOs—6 Battle winners + 1 steal = 7 artists. They couldn’t do 3 way KOs either! With 10 per team, the numbers work right—5 winners + steal = 6 per team.
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