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  1. The poor kid went to therapy to deal with the after-effects of his Voice experience, especially the image the show pushed on him.
  2. imagine how much more draining it would be if the outside world actually cared about the show. There would be more press and photo ops to deal with.
  3. First time in seasons that a non-country act has label-supported music out.
  4. Agreed. I’d go as far as saying that this was the worst IS competition in the history of the show. The audience was just a little bit more done with Gymani than with Jim & Sasha. They’ve been voting her down since the POs. J&S are out next week for sure.
  5. There’s nothing to get out of if you don’t sign. Brynn was the only one who had to get out of the deal, because she signed with Republic before Kelly figured out that they were useless. After that, her winners didn’t bother with Republic.
  6. Do you mean with what’s left of her team or do you mean a promo slot for herself?
  7. I think they care a whole hell of a lot more about the potential legal fallout from manipulating a vote for 10th place (10th place!) on a tv show that doesn’t even support its winners, than they do about a 15 minute story about 2 Black woman in the B2.
  8. If TPTB weren’t so focused on getting Xtina a win before she left the show, Alisan probably would have lost. Chloe won primarily because of the nostalgia fest of her song choices. Which of course, manifested itself in her fans being utterly confused by her post-show music.
  9. Wendy has years of experience in the industry. Plenty of time to absorb that wisdom.
  10. Jershika is one of the few who made it to the T200 on iTunes. That usually requires some amount of support.
  11. while checking itunes, I noticed the #2 song behind Adele (natch), is a metal band’s cover of Blake’s “God’s Country”.
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