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  1. Watching Carter’s blind audition, I realized that the minors still get someone on set with them instead of just Zoom support group.
  2. If I could choose a new coach, I’d pick Seal. He was an original coach on the Voice AU, won a bunch, took a break, then returned. He got renewed attention here in the US after his time as Leopard (yes, Seal was a leopard) on the Masked Singer.
  3. The most hilarious part is that he got on that show by claiming to be an Idol alum, but he got zero air time on that show.
  4. Oh, FGS, every season they tell at least 10-15 people that they will make the 4 person final. If you can’t distinguish pitching like a used car salesman from actual critique, you’re a naive idiot. And Marisa has been at this too long for that excuse.
  5. No, it is not. All networks are on VHF. In the old days, the only channels you could get were VHF (2 through 13) and UHF (through 99). The UHF channels were usually local and played syndicated shows. When cable came in, that’s when the niche channels started (all news, all cartoons, all game shows, etc). The fact that the cable companies include the original networks in their packages does not make them cable channels. It’s just that most people wouldn’t buy cable without access to them.
  6. The Voice isn’t on a cable channel. It’s on network television.
  7. if anyone’s politics were going to affect the Voice ratings, it’s Mark Burnett. He pushed the mythology of Trump as super competent businessman during the Apprentice and is keeping the show‘s outtakes secret.
  8. Britton Buchanan combined his two loves, music and horror movies, in the video for his new song, October’s Queen:
  9. Being on a Christian music label makes a lot more sense than trying to put out AC music through Republic. BTW, what’s the status of the relationship between Jordan and Roma Downey’s production company?
  10. As I mentioned in an earlier post, country tours are almost always scheduled over the weekends, so Blake can easily tour and do the Voice simultaneously. That is not ever going to be the reason he quits.
  11. Jason Derulo is on Ellen because his career is on fire (he has the #1 song on the Pop chart), not because of the Voice.
  12. Where did you read or see this? When I google “Anne Marie the voice UK” nothing comes up except prior performances. And there’s nothing on TellyMix, a UK website that follows reality tv shows.
  13. Marissa is quite literally a lounge singer, and that’s how she comes off.
  14. Most contestants don’t watch the show. That’s been fairly well established.
  15. There’s no reason for him to leave. The show doesn’t interfere with his singing career at all. He writes and records between seasons. Like most country acts, his touring (remember that?) is on the weekends. Every once in a while there’s an awards show that conflicts, but that’s a small price to pay for $25 million a year. Pop acts tend to have less amenable schedules since their tours don’t easily allow for a weekly TV show. When Katy Perry joined Idol, they had to schedule the first season around her international tour.
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