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  1. He won Season 8 which was 5 years ago. He turned 16 during the run of the show which makes him 21 now.
  2. He’s not a teenager anymore. He’s 21 yo. Time flies!
  3. Nobody who follows Sawyer even slightly casually should be surprised by his political leanings. His upbringing was anti-establishment new age hippie!
  4. Not her, for obvious reasons, but the show has hired some alums to work BTS. For example, Luke Wade is pretty much Michelle McNulty’s deputy at Casting. ETA: If she’s at Disney, the odds are greater that Rebekah would end up working with Idol contestants than with fellow Voice alums.
  5. Their Block is different. You don’t have to decide when you turn, you can wait until you see who else has turned. Delta blocked George from getting Stellar Perry, but At the end once she was a 4 chair turn.
  6. If you asked 100 people to name an original JHud song, not from the Dreamgirls soundtrack, how many could? 5 at most? I surely could not.
  7. You must not be following Sawyer lately. He has a band that he tours with and his music isn’t at all the quiet, sit on a stool, coffee-shop stuff you describe.
  8. There are reasons why most hit songs are co-writes.
  9. His original song was soporific.
  10. She held back vocally and avoided the screamer label.
  11. i think Carson just messed up. At least no one thought he had a stroke on air! (Reference to Idol and Seacrest for those who didn’t hear about it.) PS: I told you all that TStorm had Matt Schuler energy.
  12. That’s really the worst part of it, that they steal precious time from the artists. In retrospect, I’m sure they’d all rather have been unsigned than spend the year right after their wins twiddling their thumbs.
  13. Why did you choose Andra Day’s version of What the World Needs Now...? She isn.’t associated with the song.
  14. Josh can sing, so comparing him with Todd Is ridiculous.
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