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  1. I’m putting this here, not Carter’s thread because this isn’t a fan question. Does anyone know about his interactions or lack thereof with Republic Records?
  2. I listened to an interview Vedo did with a radio station in Sacramento, CA and almost in passing he mentioned that the Voice contacted him about having his song “You Got It” performed on the show. He said for an audition, but it might be for one of the later pre-live rounds.
  3. Nobody was rooting for Kelly Clarkson since her first audition because they didn’t put it on television. S1, the auditions lasted only 1 or 2 episodes and there were as many terrible auditions as good ones. The early producer-favored contestants were clearly Tamyra and Justin. Anyone who has seen Kelly’s audition has seen it only because they dug it out of the old footage and put it on America Idol Rewind.
  4. Cassadee didn’t sing a country song until T10 week. She went through Blinds, Battles, KOs, playoffs and T12 week before she sang “Over You”. She went back to pop for T8. It wasn’t until the final 3 weeks that she went country heavy. It seems like a lot because there were multiple songs per week at the end.
  5. Amanda wasn’t on the main Voice US. She was on (and won) S2 of La Voz Kids, a Spanish language version of the show on Telemundo in 2014, when she was 11.
  6. Cassadee morphed into a country artist ON THE SHOW. However, it still came as a surprise when she announced that she was signing with a country label. If she had announced she was going to pursue her original genre (emo pop), no one would have batted an eye.
  7. Looking like we may finally get a Voice alum with a #1 album. HDD posted their 1st week estimates. https://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=324674&title=NEW-RELEASES%3A-A-DOUBLE-DOSE-OF-DANGER FYI, Jordan Smith’s debut was #2, behind Gwen Stefani (oops) and Melanie Martinez’s sophomore album was #3, behind Post Malone and Taylor Swift.
  8. The poster child for this phenomenon is Sarah Simmons from S4. Her BA (One of Us) went viral and she was a front runner. She wasn’t really terrible after that, but she was always chasing the impact of her initial impression.
  9. It’s also pretty obnoxious, considering that Kane’s unofficial “rival” for up and coming country star is Morgan Wallen, who is an actual Voice alum.
  10. Would you have predicted a Joseph Soul steal if you didn’t know he was in the second battle overall?
  11. Trying to predict Steals without knowing the order of Battles is futile. The coaches have notoriously itchy trigger fingers. Of the 8 Steals and/or Saves in a given season, at least 1 is completely undeserved and only happens because the battle was early on and at least 2 others are marginal.
  12. The show is on 1x per week and Blinds take 7 weeks, Battles 3 weeks. The ratings tank at the end. Better to just get it over with.
  13. We had Ellie Goulding as an advisor (Team Adam, S8) and she was the most god-awful one ever. Even worse than Selena Gomez.
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