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  1. Who’s going ro sing this Oscar winning song?
  2. Are these spoilers from a taping session with an audience or is this a genuine leak?
  3. Becky Hill did a great cover of OTR, but her raspy voice isn’t a great match for Zania’s smooth stylings.
  4. I googled “Ariana Grande wedding” and after the typical gushy People mag type articles, but still on the first page of search results is the sports betting line on whether she actually stays engaged and gets married!
  5. Or because she flat out won that battle, but that doesn’t really make much difference.
  6. Chances are she’ll be performing on the finale, so they’re probably right.
  7. If he turned them down, the Idol contract would have prevented him from putting out original music for at least 3-6 months. But he released original music less than 3 months after Idol ended.
  8. Any of the potential singles or all deep cuts?
  9. About the battle leak—Emma benefited from getting a song originally sung by males. It forced her to sing in her own voice instead of try to imitate the original female singer like she did in her BA with Kacey M’s song.
  10. Caroline Pennell and Anthony Paul’s stripped down version of Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me
  11. This was before he got jaded. Even the set was simpler. Adam won S1 when he got Javier to pick him. But he was truly excited about it. He wasn’t just trying to beat Blake. Heck, he wanted Blake to turn.
  12. S1 of Idol was aired in summer of 2002. Auditions would have been earlier in the year. That’s 19 years ago. 34-19 = 15. The minimum age was 16.
  13. First of all, “Arianators” is such a clunky name. Is that really the best they could come up with? She’s a singer, so why not the “Arias”, at least that has a musical connotation.
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