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Who sang "You Say" better?


Who sang "You Say" better?  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Reagan Strange (S15)
    • Damali (S17)
    • Michael Williams (S18)
    • Carter Rubin (S19)
    • Jose Figueroa Jr and Awari (S20)

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Extremely close between Reagan and Carter. This is my favorite performance from both.


I think I might lean it a bit more towards Reagan. Technically it's Carter's of course but I just love Reagan's tone so much and I think she showed just a bit more emotion.


Also, Jose and Awari were Great as well.

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Jose vs Awari’s the only good one for me.


Carter’s was hands down the most overrated KO of the past few seasons and while it was decent enough vocally, it was very stale.


Reagan’s was not great.

Damali and Michael were flat out bad.

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13 hours ago, iloveadam said:



Yaaas, the best version for me on The Voice franchises, no doubt. Vocally and emotionally.



BUT, if we're talking about The Voice, I'll say Carter definitely, but I feel like his KO was overrated, nothing's special to it imo, but kid's got the chops and the voice (😉)


If it isn't obvious, I did not like Reagan on the show (love her off show though), not bc of the instant save, but because her song choices were too big for her on show, so she's a no for me immediately. But, hers was not the worst, Michael was lmao (he improved massively though).


Damali's rendition was pitchy too, so yeah, no. 


Awari and Jose's idk, I feel like I liked their performance the most among all the choices here, but it was a duet. So, I really cannot compare.

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