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  1. Is Sarah Potenza (Season 8 ) and Reagan Strange (Season 15) the only singers that performed a song from a previous contestant Sarah did "Wasted Love" by Matt McAndrew Reagan did "Worth It" by Danielle Bradbery
  2. Karli VS Addison Reagan VS Emily Joei VS TMH Todd VS jon
  3. I don't remember which performance, but i started watching in Season 5 the semifinal instant save
  4. Josh Gallagher Craig Wayne Boyd Todd Tilghman Adam Wakefield Sundance Head the rest
  5. S13 Addison Agen and Karli Webster S15 Reagan Strange and Emily Hough S18 Joei Fulco and Todd Michael Hall
  6. I know this will not happen but here it goes Each team starts with 10 singers for a total of 40. 2 weeks only for both battles and knockouts with (steals/saves) Bring back the 3 night playoffs 5-7 weeks of live shows with 1 eliminated each week till semi finals and then have a 4 person finals On the results shows: Scrap the instant save and the singer with the lowest votes leaves the show Bring back past contestants to sing/help mentor teams
  7. If Adam did not break out of his voice contract how would seasons 17 & 18 be any different. my questions: Who would have been his battle round advisor in 17/18. Did Adam work with James Taylor before? In S17 Rose only got Gwen and kelly to turn their chair. Would Adam had turn for Rose, if not, how would Rose do in Kelly's team when she had Jake Hoot Would Adam had been a better coach for Todd Michael Hall.
  8. Adam and Blake's contract was to the end of season 18. if Blake returns, this would be the first time renewing his contract without Adam.
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