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Finale Predictions - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th



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  1. 1. Winner

    • Carter Rubin
    • DeSz
    • John H
    • Ian Flanagan
    • Jim Ranger
  2. 2. Runner Up

    • DeSz
    • Carter Rubin
    • John H
    • Ian Flanigan
    • Jim
  3. 3. Third

    • DeSz
    • Carter
    • John H
    • Ian Flanigan
    • Jim Ranger

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My Top 5 Predictions:


First Place: Carter Rubin/DeSz

Second Place: Carter Rubin/DeSz

Third Place: Jim Ranger

Fourth Place: Ian Flanigan

Fifth Place: John Holiday


Ideal Top 5:


First Place: DeSz

Second Place: Carter Rubin

Third Place: John Holiday

Fourth Place: Jim Ranger

Fifth Place: Ian Flanigan

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Dream Finishing Line-Up

  1. Desz (we stan a consistent queen) 
  2. Carter (he's talented, especially for his age, and he's kept up well with everyone else competitively - I just prefer Desz)
  3. Jim (great voice, just not great song selection outside of the two rounds he had a heavier hand in)
  4. Ian (I could see him in third, but his tone's slightly more divisive than Jim's and he seems to rely more heavily on song selection to do well)
  5. John (insanely technically skilled, just not my cup of tea - would certainly not be mad to see him higher-up than this, though)

The More Likely Scenario

  1. Carter (seems to be the favorite by social media numbers, has also been surprisingly consistent this season, and would give Gwen her first win)
  2. Jim (if Blake doesn't win, he's usually runner-up, and Jim seems more likely to land here than Ian)
  3. Desz (if she finishes lower than this, I will riot)
  4. Ian (tonally the more interesting from his Team, but the Instant Save puts a damper on his chances)
  5. John (as I said before, he's insanely technically skilled, but I think fourth place is his ceiling based on nothing beyond a gut instinct)
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