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  1. Todd should have sing Taylor Swift's " Shake it off" in the finals It seems appropriate seeing how some reacts on his win. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate ........
  2. Definetely. Its about to backfire on producers
  3. Here's my prediction. 1st - todd 2nd and 3rd in a very close margin to toneisha and tstorm 4th Micah 5th Camwess
  4. I hope there'll be a close competition for 2nd and 3rd between tstorm and toneisha.
  5. I personally think John should be replaced may be for a female coach like Jhud or Alecia keys
  6. Who would you like to see as coaches for next season? Are you happy to continue with these coaches? Lets discuss!!
  7. Agree. Except Winner - Todd Runner-up - Thunderstorm
  8. It is clear TV line root for t'storm over todd. They basically put A's to whatever their favourite sings. However, it is interesting the gap between t'storm and todd is very much closer than when started
  9. It seems there will be some competition for 2nd and 3rd between tstorm and toneisha.
  10. 1) Todd 2) Thunderstorm 3) Toneisha 4) Cam 5) Micah
  11. Zan at 1 ha ha ha lmao
  12. Joanna Serenko - 7.5 Micah Iverson - 8.0 Todd Tilghman - 10.0 Zan Fiskum - 4.0 Thunderstorm Artis - 7.0 Megan Danielle - 5.5 Allegra Miles - 6.5 Toneisha Harris - 9.0 CammWess - 9.0
  13. Collin Rayes "Love, me" is No. 12 in itunes us chart at the moment. Coincidence?
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