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  1. Just for fun, I request you all to read minivan comments on Lana Scott's Audition
  2. Damn that Carson kid is one hell of a violene player. But I'm not much into his voice
  3. I think Ethan would have won, given how much minivan got pissed off when he lost KO
  4. My thoughts Team Blake -Kenzie Joins Team Balke. Either Kenzie Wheeler or Ethan Lively end up as the finalist with a high chance of Winning S 20 Team Kelly - Kelly would have stolen a country artist from Team Blake (Avery). Either Avery or Corey ended up in the Finale. Team John - Cam Joins team John and end up being the runner up at best. (Cam has no chance in winning at team John) Team Nick - I don't think anything would have changed.
  5. What would have happened if coach blocks didn't exist for blind auditions? Following are the blocks Nick - Blocked Cam Anthony joining Team John (Nick, John and Blake turned). Cam ended in Team Blake and won S20 Kelly - Blocked Kenzie Wheeler joining Team Blake(Four Chair turn). Kenzie ended up on team Kelly being runner up of S20 Blake - Blocked Gean Garcia joining Team Nick (Nick, Kelly and Blake turned). Gean joined team Kelly, lost the battle. John stole Gean but lost the knock out eliminated. John - Blocked Ciana Palekai joining Team Nick (John and Nick turned). Ciana joined Team John. Ciana lost knock out and eliminated.
  6. @snoopy2003Time to say good bye to Prof. Snoopy. Told you Kenzie has no chance
  7. I think Cam passed Kenzie on fb as well. Could you please update the stats?
  8. I'm sure Prof. Snoopy2003 is the one throwing the fit
  9. Mine will be John. I don't agree with his choices most of the time. Replaced by Usher
  10. Suppose the same four coaches are to coach the next season, but you are given the opportunity to let one coach go and replace with a previous coach. Who will it be and why? With whom you fill the spot?
  11. What about coach duet studios. I haven't heard them yet. Would the duets have an impact on voting?
  12. Social media numbers are leaning in favour of Cam. Decisive minivan has a neck to neck competition between Kenzie and Cam.
  13. Cam is well recieving in minivan. I'm positive he will win tomorrow
  14. 1). Cam 2). Kenzie 3). Jordan 4). Victor 5). Rachel
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