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  1. For instance, Alicia Keys and Usher both ended up being phenomenal coaches, despite not having won their rookie season on the show.
  2. You know what's really hilarious? The fact that you're judging/mocking a coach's coaching ability based on their rookie season, especially when half of it was shot remotely in the midst of a global pandemic. Not everyone has to win the show on their first try. Even Blake didn't do that.
  3. Understandable. Luckily, there's also a lot of talented pop and R&B singers this season.
  4. It could've been TPTB or Gwen. But it could've also been Blake searching up random popular pop songs online lol
  5. The battle tapings were SUPPOSED to be this upcoming Monday, not 10 days from now
  6. My ideal finale would've been both of the girls in the top 2. After Kennedy somehow ended up in the IS (what's wrong with America ), I wanted Chevel to win S15 and Kennedy to pull a Britton and become the runner-up lol In other words: Chevel Kennedy Chris Kirk
  7. I can't comment on earlier seasons but Chloe definitely deserved to win S13 imo, even if I liked Addison a bit more. S14's finalists and finale results were literally my dictionary definition of "ideal" and the results couldn't have been better imo. My ideal S15 finale would've been this: Chevel Shepherd/Kennedy Holmes (they both deserved to win imo) Chevel Shepherd/Kennedy Holmes Chris Kroeze Kirk Jay (he flopped hard in the finale)
  8. If anything, you could argue that I mindlessly vote for powerhouse divas and indie-pop singers lol
  9. I wanted Kelly to win S19 because she had two of my favourite artists. As much as I liked Micah, those same words wouldn't have ever come out of my mouth in S18 because Toneisha and Thunderstorm outperformed him in the finale imo. In S16 and S17, I wanted Team Legend to win because John had Maelyn and Katie on his team, respectively. I wouldn't call myself loyal to any coach because I simply vote for the coach that has my snowflakes on their team that season.
  10. The difference is I'm not loyal to Team Kelly the way some people are to Team Blake. I have voted for artists on other teams and will always continue to do so. I wanted either Thunderstorm or Toneisha to win S18 and neither artist was ever on Kelly's team. Kelly just happened to have my two of my three favourite semi-finalists in S19 (the other being Carter on Team Gwen). Cami was one of my snowflakes since the blinds and I didn't read the spoilers that season.
  11. Because Carter and DeSz were WAY more deserving of those spots and because I'm tired of Blake in the top 2?
  12. Cami was initially on Team Legend. Not my fault that she ended up on Team Kelly lol
  13. Also, how did John and Nick not realize that Kelly had already used her block button? The coaches are usually pretty aware of that stuff, especially John and Blake. Do they now have brick walls in between them for COVID safety lol
  14. TPTB would be going through a lot of trouble to avoid Kenzie overhype. I think it would honestly be easier to keep the block buttons and just put a disclaimer message at the bottom of the screen that says that only one block can be used per audition lol
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