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  1. Clue package #2 for the battle advisors has finally been posted! I'm going to tag more users who might be interested in this game: @Someone648 @VintageVoice @Jyn Mycle @B-B @Misirlou @jus.vshn @Jordan Smith Fan @seak05 @thevoicefan12 @Gustavo527 @season1 @pauwis @ammonium @rainbowconnection @VoiceFan! @VoiceFan1234 @TheVoiceFan2 @Teraginn @rhapsody99 @peachfuz@holinessss @ungodlyhour @SNI2 @Agenator333 @Shere Khan @KimberlyxKyla @QueenCami @deszfan88 @AliXRose @Archanium @Hamza Tufail @Daillon @taylorkat @FloorWax @David68 @jarmon @Persy
  2. If your username is "jarmon", I'm going to assume that Maelyn ranks high in your list of snowflakes.
  3. They're all good (I liked all of them tbh ) but they're not the BEST Team Kelly performances imo. Cami: "Never Tear Us Apart" >>> "The Joke" DeSz: "Don't Let Go" >>> "WLGTDWI" Kelsie: "I Dare You" >>> "You Oughta Know"
  4. You'd think someone with the user handle "QueenCami" would vote for Cami but I guess not.
  5. Let's fix that then. @QueenMae16 @jarmon @SNI2 Y'all are needed. Edit: I forgot about @Spurrious and @echoap
  6. I'm the only one who voted for Maelyn. What happened to IDF???
  7. Blake stans may line up behind Cam/Pete but Minivan would still probably prefer Kenzie. If that's the case, we have S17 all over again.
  8. Also, it shouldn't matter what Addison sang and didn't sing. Addison was on the show 4 years ago so I doubt casual viewers would even remember which specific songs Addison sang (if they even remember her at all). IDfers definitely would though because we're all hardcore Voice fans.
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