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  1. Don't mind me. I'm suddenly in the mood to rewatch Carter and Gwen's duet, even though it's the end of February.
  2. Probably the one whose profile image is his reaction to winning the season lol
  3. I'm curious, who was the certain member?
  4. Kenzie and Zae would be a phenomenal top 2 for Queen Kelly!!!
  5. This is probably not going to happen but I would love Blake's top 2 to be Cam and Queen Anna Grace. I couldn't care less if Pete and Jordan were eliminated tbh.
  6. That wasn't Kelly's fault. That was the third-chair curse lol
  7. I love how we're assuming that Gihanna will automatically be Kelly's save. Most of IDF thought that Kelly would keep one of her indie girls. That clearly didn't happen. Neither did Corey being battle/KO fodder lol
  8. Wishing people to flop is so below me. Instead, I'm going to perform that Zae has one of the best performances of the night (excluding Kenzie's ofc).
  9. Tip for Zae to get Kelly's save during the POs: Choose a super emotional song and make Kelly ball her eyes out during rehearsal.
  10. Tip for Zae: Choose a super emotional song and make Kelly ball her eyes out during rehearsal.
  11. I gotta be honest: Part of me is wishing that we've been fed some misinformation Γ  la S16 spoilers. There's no way Nick can be this dumb.
  12. They also would've been the logical pairings. But Nick apparently lacks common sense.
  13. I'm a huge Cami fan and I frankly don't care about it. I know @QueenCami expressed similar sentiments about the matter.
  14. If Zae was paired with Keegan and Rachel not with Raine, Rachel would've been paired with Dana. RIP Rachel in that situation lol
  15. Besides, he learned his lesson and hasn't talked about contestants since. Better to learn it then than now, when the public now actually knows who he is. Back then, as far as the public was concerned (excluding IDF), he was just a normal Voice fan like any of us.
  16. You do realize that most of the viewers of that livestream were either his friends or the S20 contestants, as it was done well before reveal day. It wasn't like he told 500 K Voice viewers that he wasn't on board the Cami train. There were maybe around 15 people watching the livestream that night lol
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