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  1. I never said that I was good at it, though I did do a good job with the battle advisors on the All-Stars season thread lol
  2. I'm so tired tonight that I already gone to bed. Hopefully, I will have good dreams because I just found out that I'm not the only person to read this thread. I learned that from the bedtime stories that I read online. Edit: Sorry, my laptop is glitching and it's bolding completely random words for some reason. I don't want to go back and fix it.
  3. It might have to do with management/the new record label, since that was the first album Kelly made out of her Idol contract. Besides, Kelly was kinda painting a different picture of herself with that album and, suddenly, her pop and pop-rock fans are getting a R&B-influenced album. I still wouldn't compare it to Katy's album since it didn't flop.
  4. Except when Kelly became a coach, she had just recently released her "Meaning of Life" album, which was generally well-received.
  5. So I take it that Jordan is country. Both the show and Blake are defining him as country.
  6. I'm surprised she got a chair-turn. That was torture to my ears.
  7. Clue Package #1: Team A-Kid: This artist will surely empower you. Team BK: It wouldn't hurt to have experience on a show like this. Team Disney: This artist's vocal prowess will probably leave you speechless. Team MaeBae: This artist has won an international song competition. Clue Package #2: Team A-Kid: The name of a past Voice winner is in this artist's name. Team BK: Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most beautiful of them all? Team Disney: One of this artist's songs was covered during S20 of The Voice. Team MaeBae: This artist conveys emotion like no other. Love is an important topic to them and they can sing in several different languages.
  8. Clue package #3 (final one!) is finally out! I'm going to tag more users who might be interested in this game: @Someone648 @Jyn Mycle @B-B @Misirlou @jus.vshn @Jordan Smith Fan @seak05 @thevoicefan12 @Gustavo527 @season1 @pauwis @ammonium @rainbowconnection @VoiceFan! @VoiceFan1234 @TheVoiceFan2 @Teraginn @rhapsody99 @peachfuz@holinessss @ungodlyhour @SNI2 @Agenator333 @Shere Khan @KimberlyxKyla @taylorkat @Persy @thevoiceswimmer @MatthewPalermo @mercfan3 @QueenCami @deszfan88 @AliXRose @Archanium @Hamza Tufail @Daillon @FloorWax @David68 @jarmon @thevoiceisthetop @VintageVoice
  9. Flopped (not all of the time but sometimes): Jackie Foster (S14) Either she nailed the song (e.g "Gravity") or it was a disaster (e.g. "Here I Go Again").
  10. Dana's in the KO premiere. How much money did you bribe them with?
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