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  1. Just for fun, I request you all to read minivan comments on Lana Scott's Audition
  2. Damn that Carson kid is one hell of a violene player. But I'm not much into his voice
  3. I think Ethan would have won, given how much minivan got pissed off when he lost KO
  4. My thoughts Team Blake -Kenzie Joins Team Balke. Either Kenzie Wheeler or Ethan Lively end up as the finalist with a high chance of Winning S 20 Team Kelly - Kelly would have stolen a country artist from Team Blake (Avery). Either Avery or Corey ended up in the Finale. Team John - Cam Joins team John and end up being the runner up at best. (Cam has no chance in winning at team John) Team Nick - I don't think anything would have changed.
  5. What would have happened if coach blocks didn't exist for blind auditions? Following are the blocks Nick - Blocked Cam Anthony joining Team John (Nick, John and Blake turned). Cam ended in Team Blake and won S20 Kelly - Blocked Kenzie Wheeler joining Team Blake(Four Chair turn). Kenzie ended up on team Kelly being runner up of S20 Blake - Blocked Gean Garcia joining Team Nick (Nick, Kelly and Blake turned). Gean joined team Kelly, lost the battle. John stole Gean but lost the knock out eliminated. John - Blocked Ciana Palekai joining Team Nick (John and Nick turned). Ciana joined Team John. Ciana lost knock out and eliminated.
  6. @snoopy2003Time to say good bye to Prof. Snoopy. Told you Kenzie has no chance
  7. I think Cam passed Kenzie on fb as well. Could you please update the stats?
  8. I'm sure Prof. Snoopy2003 is the one throwing the fit
  9. Mine will be John. I don't agree with his choices most of the time. Replaced by Usher
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