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  1. Pete just passed Kenzie on youtube views I think more people watch as the title says "Blake's old band-mate"
  2. In Kenzie's blind audition, Blake really didn't care about his block. He knew from the second Kenzie started singing, he would get blocked. May be he wanted Kelly to have a win
  3. 1st - Carter 2nd - Jim 3rd & 4th - between Desz and Ian 5th - John
  4. With the help of a good song, he can pass Desz and become the runner up.
  5. Social media numbers of Jim seems to threaten Carter. He is doing well in YT and FB. Jims performances were uploaded earlier. A finale performance by Jim like " Mary, did you know? " will make it more interesting.
  6. No way Cami getting the PV. Jim might get the PV over Ian and Ian/Ben will win IS
  7. I'd say Jim was a frontrunner till the knockouts. He has a good fan base. But, his PO performance was so bad, Ian sneaked the PV. I think blake wisely saved Jim and if, he goes to the finale, he could easily end up as the runner up (We all know Carter has already won S19)
  8. Harry Nilsson - Without you have reached to itunes chart top 20 from no where. I feel like Jim would get the PV over Ian. But, it might be a close battle between him and Ian. If that happens, Ian has high chance to win the IS.
  9. Out of top 9, I see Carter has the highest possibility to flop his performance. Don't get me wrong, he is really good. But I feel he may over do his song and Ben might have a shot at PV. Still, he will win IS.
  10. Do not underestimate the duo in team blake. If there would be only one country artist in the finale, Ian may have a shot at winning.
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