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Weekly Rank the Houseguests: BB22


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Yes it's back, another rank the houseguests thread. Usually I like to do a preseason ranking, but of course we didn't get a pre-season. So instead we will do a quick initial thoughts ranking. I will tally these results in 48 hours. Then we will do the regular week one rankings as our feelings on them change due to what we see on the show and feeds.


Initial thoughts ranking will go until Friday, August 7th at 11 pm.

-Please no "strategic ranking" (this isn't a game, no need to rank a popular contestant you like low just because you wanna see someone you like more rank higher overall)

-Please don't edit your posts. I like adding up the rankings as I get them. If you feel you have to change something, just rank again and let me know that you're ranking again. I'll use everyone's final rankings in the tally at the end of the week.

-Please include all sixteen houseguests in your rankings

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Forgive me if I have problematic faves. I’ve literally never watched BB before and I don’t know any of these people. I had to look up their names.


1. Cody

2. Da’Vonne

3. Bayleigh

4. Nicole A.

5. Kaysar

6. Memphis

7. Keesha

8. Kevin 

9. Dani

10. Nicole F.

11. Ian

12. Janelle

13. David

14. Tyler

15. Enzo

16. Christmas

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Pre-Season ranking:

1. Keesha Smith - While she's not my favorite of the cast, she's easily the most excited I am to see again. Frankly just because I never thought it would happen. Keesha Smith playing Big Brother in 2020! We are blessed!

2. Da'Vonne Rogers - My mom just doesn't know how to make bad television! She doesn't!

3. Kevin Campbell - He's already queening about all the queens in the case #me. He's such an underrated BB cast member and, like Keesha, I never thought we'd see it again. I love it though!

4. Dani Donato - 100% a legend, 100% deserves to be on this season. No wait of Evel Dick holding her back this time around. I think we're gonna see a new Dani this season and it'll be an amazing Dani.

5. Kaysar Ridha - WHAT UP KAYSAR?! Another surprise in the cast! I always love Kaysar, how can you not love Kaysar?! I hope he makes it to the jury!

6. Janelle Pierzina - Obviously a legend, an icon, etc. I have her a bit lower because I'm a tiiiiiny bit worried that she's most likely to Neda out and take a huuuuuge fall in popularity. I'm cautiously optimistic though!

7. Ian Terry - I loved him on BB14, I'm here for him again! He's older and more mature now, but still that socially awkward doof as we saw in the premiere. Hoping for big things from Ian!

8. Bayleigh Dayton - Definitely a controversial cast member. She has a lot to gain and a lot to lose. She could really rise to be a star and fan favorite, or be A Lot and flame out. I think no matter what, we're going on a journey with Bayleigh. And I'm excited to see her start the season without Swaggy for the first time.

9. Memphis Garrett - My love for BB10 definitely helps him here! Not the most exciting human being in the world, but Big Brother has produced some of the worst straight white men in the world so if Memphis has to be one of those representatives, I will certainly take it!

10. Nicole Anthony - A sweetheart ❤️ but I totally could've done without her.

11. David Alexander - Lol I guess we'll see how this goes.

12. Nicole Franzel - Honestly should be higher for all the pre-show messiness :wub:. I just stan too many cast members to ironically rank her higher.

13. Enzo Palumbo - I didn't really like him the first time around.......but also don't really remember why so I'm open-minded!

14. Cody Calafiore - Similar to Memphis where I'll take him because his archetype has soooooooo many worse options, but I hate BB16 so I'm ranking him lower.

15. Christmas Abbott - Look I'm open-minded on her too. She was drugged up, she lost her physical game, and she broke up an engagement right before going into the house and fell in love with Paul. She has a lot of room for improvement and to show a different side of herself.

16. Tyler Crispen - Pass (though the fact that TYLER of all people is my most hated cast member is :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:)

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3 minutes ago, sublymonal said:

Forgive me if I have problematic faves. I’ve literally never watched BB before and I don’t know any of these people. I had to look up their names.

The good thing about this cast is that it's shockingly unproblematic considering BB's track record (probably on purpose). A few of them have had some #yikes moments, but nothing that's sooooo cancel-worthy or anything imo (well maybe Christmas with her post-show drama)

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Dani is going by Dani Briones now according to her CBS bio.


1. Janelle Pierzina

2. Keesha Smith

3. Da'Vonne Rogers

4. Dani Briones

5. Kaysar Ridha

6. Kevin Campbell

7. Nicole Anthony

8. Ian Terry

9. Memphis Garrett

10. Bayleigh Dayton

11. Nicole Franzel

12. David Alexander

13. Enzo Palumbo

14. Cody Calafiore

15. Tyler Crispen

16.  Christmas Abbott

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Preseason rankings


1.  Janelle Pierzina - Icon

2.  Dani Briones

3.  Kevin Campbell

4.  Kaysar Ridha

5.  Keesha Smith

6.  Da'Vonne Rogers

7.  Nicole Franzel  

8.  Nicole Anthony

9.  Memphis Garrett

10.  Ian Terry

11.  Bayleigh Dayton

12.  Cody Califiore

13.  Oh Christmas Abbott

14.  Tyler Crispen

15.  David Alexander

16.  Enzo  Palumbo

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01. Cody Calafiore

02. Da’Vonne Rogers

03. Bayleigh Dalton

04. Dani Briones

05. Keesha Smith

06. Ian Terry

07. Memphis Garrett

08. Kaysar Ridha

09. Kevin Campbell

10. Nicole Anthony

11. Nicole Franzel

12. David Alexander
13. Janelle Pierzna
14. Tyler Crispin
15. Enzo Palumbo
16. Arbour Day

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1. Janelle

2. Cody

3. Kaysar

4. Memphis


5. Keesha

6. Kevin

7. Enzo

8. Davonne

9. David

10. Nicole A.

11. Nicole F.

12. Bayleigh

13. Ian

14. Christmas


15. Tyler

16. Dani #TeamJen


I only remember actively rooting against Tyler and Dani so there are a lot of people in the middle with room to make an impression on me!

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1. Da’Vonne - Honestly I think Day might be my all-time favourite. She may not be the greatest player but she has so much potential to do well each time she plays, and she is reality TV gold. I’m so excited to see how she plays.
2. Keesha - I cant believe we’re getting Keesha 2.0 omg. Whoever decided to cast her at what almost seems like the eleventh hour is my hero.

3. Janelle - Legend!

4. Dani - Icon!
5. Kevin - I’m ready to stan.

6. Kaysar - Can’t believe he’s back, very excited to see him play modern BB!
7. Bayleigh - I’m giving her a chance again this season, I hope she plays well!

8. Nicole A. - I’ll be interested to see how she plays back-to-back and in this group.
9. Memphis - I liked him last night and it’ll be interesting to see how he does in this group.

10. David - Total wildcard but he showed potential last season so I’m excited to see how he does!

11. Cody - I like Cody well enough, I think he’s a good casting as he does have something to prove, hope he doesn’t make poor choices with his first HOH.

12. Ian - I feel like even as one of two former winners he could do a great job this season, he’ll be interesting to see!

13. Tyler - I don’t mind Tyler, not my favourite player but he did a good job last time and it’ll be interesting to see whether he can adapt.

14. Enzo - I have no idea what he’ll be like in this group but I’m excited to see it.

15. Nicole F. - If she is a mess I will maybe have to stan.

16. Christmas - The weak link of the cast, but I’m trying to stay open-minded here and hope she comes across better!

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  1. Janelle Pierzina: A queen that I am worried about but still a queen.
  2. Dani Briones: One of my all-time favourite and so excited to see her slay the game.
  3. Kevin Campbell: He's giving me life, and he's literally me. Can't wait to see him play!
  4. Kaysar Ridha: I really can't believe that Kaysar is back ❤️ 
  5. Keesha Smith: One of the houseguests that I am the most excited about!
  6. Da'Vonne Rogers: An icon and I will forever stan.
  7. Ian Terry: I really enjoyed him on his season, and like Alex, I am looking forward seeing how he is adapting in the game now that he is mature.
  8. Memphis Garrett: Here for Memphis; hope he can shine.
  9. Nicole Anthony: I enjoyed her on her previous season, but not sure how much her game has evolved. 
  10. Nicole Franzel: I enjoy her but she's among some great legends whom she doesn't measure up to.
  11. Bayleigh Dayton: I am still on the fence with Bayleigh as a contestant but I do think she's a good addition
  12. Cody Calafiore: I don't hate Cody but I stan alot of these contestants and I don't really stan him beside his looks.
  13. Enzo Palumbo: Not sure how I feel about him being in this cast, though.
  14. David Alexander: I could have done without him cause he hasn't really done anything to deserve to be among this cast.
  15. Tyler Crispen: I cannot stand him. 
  16. Christmas Abbott: Girl, bye!
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1. Keesha Smith - I mean, I still feel like it's a dream to see her again on TV. :wub: She's still gorgeous! BB10 is one of my favorite, if not my favorite seasons out of all I have watched, and Keesha was a huge part of that. So seeing her play again is like a dream come true. I really hope she can socialize and get a lot of allies in the game soon, because I feel like she's either going to be the first boot or make it pretty far, if she lays low after craziness hit the fan and everyone else starts coming at each other. Hopefully it's the latter because I really want her to go all the way. And I can't believe we missed her birthday this year, damn! :haha:
2. Da'Vonne Rogers - How can you not stan this Queen? She's serving realness and is such a great character. Her jury footages from BB18 are EVERYTHING. :rofl: I love her for telling it like it is, for her sense of humour and for amazing gifs we're blessed with thanks to her. ❤️ Absolute legend and I really hope she can go very far this time.

3. Janelle Pierzina - Another legendary Queen. ❤️ And she looks more beautiful than ever! An amazing comp beast, and one of the best, if not the best, female players in BB history. What's not to love? Again, it feels surreal to have her back once again, especially being surrounded by all those other legendary women. I really hope she is not one of the first ones evicted because she can definitely slay again.

4. Dani Briones - I mean, this cast is fantastic so far. Dani is another one of my all-time favorite players, and I love that she likes to play strong and is not afraid of big moves. I was rooting against her in BB13 because I was team Rachel, however she was still one of my favorites of the season. Love her and Dom together, what a beautiful couple. ❤️ Anyway, I'm very interested to see who she is going to work with, and I think she has potential to go really far.

5. Ian Terry - So adorably awkward. :wub: Nothing has changed since BB14. Ian is actually one of my favorite winners, he's very intelligent and I loved him on BB14. His goodbye message to Boogie was epic. I also remember him stanning Jessie Kowalski with me on BB15, and I think he actually follwed my fan account that I created for her. 😄
Nicole Anthony - Oh sweet Nicole. ❤️ Would I consider her one of the best players? Absolutely not. I am still shaking my head over her and Cliff evicting Tommy last year instead of Holly. However, she is just so endearing, she is a super fan, and you can tell she is so happy to be there. She's just so rootable, I don't know how can anyone dislike her. She's one of the BB alumni I follow on social media post-BB and I always enjoy her content.
7. Kevin Campbell - Love Kevin! He's so hilarious. I would say he is probably the best gay man representative they could have chosen to play this season. Loved his DRs when Lydia, Natalie and Chima were crying over Jessie's eviction. :rofl:I'm really interested to see how he is gonna do this season.
Memphis Garrett - Once again, I loved BB10, and I loved trio of Dan/Memphis/Keesha. As Keesha fan, I understand why he had to evict her back then, but I hope they are on good terms now and can work together this season! He's good a great sense of humour and he already showed he is there to play by getting close to winning that first HoH.
9. Kaysar Ridha - He seems like a very sweet guy, and I loved his and Janelle reunion. Once again, I'm team oldschoolers all the way.
10. Bayleigh Dayton - Now here is someone I was definitely surprised to see on All-Stars, but so far I really liked her. Her season was boring af, but I think she has potential to do well this time around. You can tell that her and Day are going to be tight already, and I'm all for it.
11. Nicole Franzel - Oh Snacole. :giggle:Big Meech calling her out in her eviction speech still gives me life. She wasn't wrong though. Nicole ain't gonna align with girls for too long, but I do think she is really good player. I can see her go far once again, because she is very sneaky! I remember when she pulled off keeping her and Cory safe from the block when Natalie was HoH, which was shocking to me back then. I think she's probably be going to be the villain for the fans this season, but let's hope she can bring some fun to it, too.

12. Enzo Palumbo - I genuinely like the dude and I think he is really fun, however once again he was pretty boring to watch on his season with the Brigade dominating everything and him just sitting pretty and doing nothing. Which is what I think he could be doing again, which is why he is not higher for now.
13. Cody Calafiore - The eye candy of the season. All I want from him are some shirtless gifs, that's it. 😘 He's a nice guy, and definitely the better half of Calafiore brothers, but I can see him going after my favs which automatically makes him place this low. But he's got a full week to prove he's got some brains.

14. David Alexander - I think he's a nice guy, however he didn't last long enough for me to ever get attached to him.

15. Christmas Abbott - Oh my gosh, her season is probably my least favorite BB season, ever. Such a vile cast. 🤮 They were all such bullies to Jess and Cody, I can't even. And she also took a part in that. Which is why I can't forgive her that. But so far, she actually seems pretty likeable without Paul around her. Watch her being the underdog this season that surprises everyone and ends up being one of the favorites. :rofl:I'm being open minded about her.

16. Tyler Crispen - Like I previously said, his season was boring af, and so was he. I actually liked Angela much more than him and if one of them were to come back, I wish it was her. But oh well. Anyway, I think he's probably the most boring player and I am the least attached to him. But it's not that I dislike him. I actually don't dislike anyone in this cast so far, so yay for that. I'm just happy that Paul and Josh are not here. :haha:

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01. Janelle Pierzina

02. Dani Briones

03. Kaysar Ridha

04. Keesha Smith

05. Cody Calafiore

06. Ian Terry

07. Nicole Franzel

08. Da’Vonne Rogers

09. Nicole Anthony

10. Tyler Crispen

11. Memphis Garrett

12. Enzo Palumbo

13. Kevin Campbell

14. Christmas Abbott

15. Bayleigh Dayton

16. David Alexander

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These rankings are very much so based on pres-show thinking and my excitement level of them being on and factoring in their All-Star level. These rankings will DEFINITELY chance next week but I wanted to be true to my initial thought before and after just episode one.

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01. Nicole A

02. Christmas

03. Bayleigh

04. Ian

05. Kaysar

06. Kevin

07. Keesha

08. Da’Vonne

09. Enzo 

10. Daniele 

11. Cody

12. Nicole F

13. Janelle

14. Tyler

15. David

16. Memphis

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Goodness this is so difficult to figure out. :lmao: I like mostly everyone… this is a great cast!


1. Janelle Pierzina

2. Da'Vonne Rogers

3. Keesha Smith

4. Ian Terry

5. Kevin Campbell

6. Kaysar Ridha

7. Dani Briones

8. Bayleigh Dayton

9. Memphis Garrett

10. Tyler Crispen

11. Nicole Anthony

12. Nicole Franzel

13. Cody Calafiore

14. David Alexander

15. Enzo Palumbo

16. Christmas Abbott

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