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  1. We’re getting the first endurance comp of the season tomorrow night!
  2. You have a point, but Frenchie was still there to bring the chaotic energy week 2 and week 3 being a week-long embarrassment and dragging of Brent was fun to watch. Even though there’s some back-and-forth this week, the week just hasn’t been as fun to watch play out.
  3. Azah saying she wants Whitney out because she’s petty and wants Xavier to herself.
  4. Trying to watch this episode, but uh…a Christian HOH week hasn’t brought as much excitement (or in Frenchie’s case, chaos) as past weeks.
  5. This Twitter exchange between Taylor & Simone Biles.
  6. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but I could’ve sworn it was listed on the front page. But if it really was eliminated in round 1, we’ll choose something else.
  7. Thank you! And sorry, but I had to take a moment to drag people for allowing LWYMMD and Bad Blood into the top 31 over my favorites that just missed out.
  8. Not surprised at all that the 2 rankers I most closely align with are Megan and Chris. Me being the least closely aligned with Wally. Not surprising though, because he’s more pro-singles and I’m more pro non-singles.
  9. QK mixing up what the 31st song to advance was. But I’m okay with that because it gives exile a boost in the ranking. (But not by much I’m sure. )
  10. I hope people take time to read the write-ups because I go into detail about the meaning behind “Clean” and why I think it’s such a great and underrated song.
  11. I knew Clean was gonna get a low ranking here, but it still hurts. Glad it beat out the awful song duo of Bad Blood and LWYMMD at least.
  12. Ugh sorry, been extremely busy with my summer class but it ends this week so this will be back very soon.
  13. I’m guessing 3 of those are the 3 folklore songs.
  14. Unsurprisingly, Christian did not use the veto.
  15. Today is Keesha’s Birthday, so let’s relive this ICONIC moment.
  16. True. I understand in past seasons because they’ve sucked lately, but this one’s actually the best we’ve had in a while.
  17. Ok, I need Hannah to survive this week so she can win HOH and go after Christian & Alyssa.
  18. Claire is safe until jury! The Queens celebrating in the storage room.
  19. Azah going as slow as possible in this comp. Yay for Claire wining the wildcard!
  20. And right on cue, Alyssa and Sarah Beth are pushing really hard for Hannah as a target to Christian.
  21. New episode and it’s a quiet thread.
  22. She made the right decision since her team wasn’t in any danger of being nominated this week.
  23. Dee wants nothing to do with this round and is just waiting for it to be over, so Megan.
  24. Ugh was hoping Hannah would win for the guaranteed safety because I feel like Alyssa and SB will push hard for a Hannah eviction. Hopefully all these comp wins make the rest of the house want to target him first when they take a shot at the Kings.
  25. In any other season, Brent would’ve been a good pick.This just happens to be a cast that doesn’t want to see the boring white males succeed.
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