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  1. Tina Scheer *Will add picture later* Tina is the easiest cut for me to make, as she was the first boot from Survivor: Panama and y’all know I always go on a crusade to get rid of the fodder. She was placed on the Casaya tribe, which initially consisted of the older women before it became the iconic mess that we know and love. They lost the first immunity challenge, and she campaigned for Cirie to be voted out but she became the first boot instead. Tina making it this far as a first boot is impressive, but it’s her time to leave the rankdown now. SAVING: Kathy Vavrick O’Brien
  2. Sorry! My brother’s visiting from out of state and leaves on Friday, so I’ve been spending time with him these past two days
  3. Alec Christy After debating between the two for a bit, I have decided to cut Alec. He was a castaway on San Juan del Sur, the second blood vs. water season along with his brother Drew. Alec would end up out outlasting Drew, who went down in burning flames and was voted out pre-merge for throwing a challenge. He made the merge and for someone who made it to day 32, I'm really struggling to remember anything he did. He didn't pull anything crazy like his brother, somehow always found himself in the minority, and just wasn't as memorable as some of the others this season IMO. He was voted out as a victim to Queen Natalie's revenge plan on Jon. At least Edgardo was part of a memorable alliance that added something to the season. I can't say the same about Alec, so I'll cut him now. SAVING: Edgardo Rivera
  4. I don't care about either one, so not sure who I want to cut here.
  5. Sorry for the delay everyone! I have reached out to Richard on twitter. Once I find out whether or not he is able to continue on in this, I will figure out a plan to move forward. Hopefully this will be back up and running very soon!
  6. NOMINATIONS Tribe 1 Ramona Gray (Borneo) Brady Finta (Vanuatu) Margaret Bobonich (Guatemala) Stephannie Favor (Cook Islands) Cecilia Mansilla (Cook Islands) Erik Cardona (Samoa) Tyrone Davis (Nicaragua) Tribe 2 Alina Wilson (Nicaragua) Mikayla Wingle (South Pacific) Roberta "R.C." Saint-Amour (Philippines) Rodney Lavoie Jr. (One World) So Kim (One World) Nick Nairano (Kaoh Rong) Jennifer Lanzetti (Kaoh Rong) Tribe 3 Alan Ball (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers) Chris Noble (Ghost Island) Bradley Kleihege (Ghost Island) James Lim (Ghost Island) Natalia Azquoa (David vs. Goliath) Reem Daly (Edge of Extincton) John Hennigan (Island of the Idols)
  7. I meant to make my cut last night and forgot. But I was planning on either of the two that got cut. My nominations will be up later today.
  8. Sorry for the delay. I’m sure you’ve noticed from my lack of posts that I have been super busy lately. I’ll save tribe 1.
  9. Yes! I’ve been super busy lately with my summer classes, but I’m gonna try to get this back up and running as soon as I have time to.
  10. Darnell Hamilton *Will add picture later* I will fix this and my other write-ups later, but right now I’m just gonna make my cut. I am choosing to cut Darnell Hamilton, the first boot of Kaoh Rong. Darnell was placed on the brawn tribe.He caused the brawns to lose the first immunity challenge when he dropped the goggles while trying to untangle paddles in the water. This made it difficult for the rest of the tribe to complete this portion of the challenge. At tribal council, Darnell and Alecia ties in the votes and he was voted out unanimously in the devote. Thank you for being so awful at the challenge to spare Alecia, Darnell. But as a first boot, I think this is a fair spot for him to go out at. SAVING: CeCe Taylor
  11. #1 Ashley Taylor Dawson & Ola Jordan - “You Give Love a Bad Name” (Paso Doble): 1 Abbey Clancy & Aljaž Skorjanec - “Walking on Sunshine” (Quickstep): 29 Susanna Reid & Kevin Clifton - “Les Toreadors” (Paso Doble): 30 Natalie Gumede & Artem Chigvintsev - “Bang Bang” (Charleston): 30 + Natalie & Artem - Ashley & Ola
  12. #1 Mýa & Dmitry Chaplin - "They" (Argentine Tango): 59 Mark Dacascos & Lacey Schwimmer - "Diablo Rojo" (Paso Doble): 20 Donny Osmond & Kym Johnson - "Tango a Pugliese" (Argentine Tango): 21 + Mýa & Dmitry - Mark & Lacey
  13. Katie Gallagher UGH this was a hard decision, but the only person I saw voice a preference between the two was Alex so I'll give Alex what he wants and save Scout. Sadly, this means Katie is being cut here. Katie was on Survivor: Palau and was a member of the extremely dominant Koror tribe. She had a strong alliance with Tom and Ian that helped carry her to 2nd place this season. She made it to Top 2 after a guilt-stricken Ian sacrificed his own spot in the game to make amends with Tom and Katie after they felt he betrayed them by voting out Tom at Final 4. Katie told the jury that her strategy was always to ride the coattails of stronger players, hence why she aligned with Tom and Ian. Not the best way to win over the jury TBH, especially when you're up against Tom and the jury thinks you're lazy around camp and that you treated them badly. Unsurprisingly, Katie placed 2nd to Tom, only receiving a vote from Coby. I like Katie, but a choice had to be made, so sorry to her fans. I'm sure someone else could give her a better write-up and feel free to if you want, but I'm just trying to get this cut done so we can keep this game moving along. SAVING: Scout Cloud Lee
  14. @Solaris can I have an extension? I won’t be able to do a write-up until tonight.
  15. I don’t really care for any of the remaining options, but I will choose Kat Edorsson for my EOE for the lulz.
  16. Yeah, I haven’t seen him around at all lately, so I hope everything is okay with him.
  17. I haven’t even looked at the quiz yet, so I’m definitely not meeting the deadline even if there is an extension. Also, @Solaris you have “VOID” listed next to Jeremy but I thought Tony was brought back instead of him?
  18. Sorry I’ve been MIA today! @*Lily can make the cut. If Richard doesn’t show up by his first nomination round, we’ll have to find a way to move on without him.
  19. Ruth Marie Milliman *Will insert picture later* Ruth Marie is a castaway on Sutvivor: Panama. Now, I love Panama and think it’s a great season, but I’m struggling to remember Ruth Marie. Probably because she placed 13th out of 16. She started on the Casaya tribe (which at first consisted of older women). Shewas swapped to the very boring La Mina tribe. Ruth Marie ended up being voted out in a 4-2 vote because the men of the tribe viewed her as week. Nice person, but forgettable so she can go.
  20. Yes! And as I predicted, he gave like 20 nominations per category. Except pro dance. Looks like that category will be mostly whatever I put in.
  21. I think that you're the only person who hates season 3.
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