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  1. Mourning the Cook performances that aren't gonna get advanced while some random finale performance is there................
  2. Alright everyone, it's time for round four. And as always, time to start filling out our top 20! With 26 players, we will be placed in 13 pairs of two. In our pairs we will cut two performances and send one performance straight to the top 20. The wildcards are highlighted in blue and are off-limits. Everything else is free to be cut or saved. Pairs: @goofycilla90 & @Steven_ @rdhaley96 & @JORDAN_FAN @Solaris & @~Tom~ @FrogLenzen & @1234567890 @.Rei & @Alex95 @taylorkat & @NGM @Crisis & @*Lily @JC & @hayden98 @totes4totes & @Bk1234 @*Diana & @QueenKalie @Weedy_Speedy & @Elliott @*Amanda & @sublymonal @*Wallace & @*Chris You have 48 hours to make your cuts and save. If you go more than 24 hours without hearing from your partner, you can move on without them. Good luck!
  3. I think Heather - Garden of Eden is our third cut, unenthusiastically though.
  4. Less than 24 hours left @1234567890 @*Wallace and @*Lily still need their save. @*Chris @FrogLenzen and @goofycilla90 still need their cuts. @*Amanda @sublymonal and @JC still need everything.
  5. We're cutting Xiomara's promo and Bethany's garden of eden. We need a new third.
  6. I never thought about it like that, but that is true Tea. I agree, I got where she was going for it and it did almost work. I think she was doing more dynamic stuff that they didn't pick for her so it could've been sabotage. Either way, I think she was getting sent home in 4th. I don't think they were ready to lose Shandi or Mercedes yet so I think it came down to Yoanna and April and Yoanna pulled ahead at the right time.
  7. Not doing a cast ranking for the recap episodes I've decided. They'll just be something I watch. So tomorrow we'll get to the good stuff!
  8. Cycle 2 - Episode 9 - The Girl Who Is Afraid of Snakes We're not quite at the climax of the season yet, it's recap time! Look how far Shandi has come Miss Camille encouraging Jenascia not to get herself down over being late, we stan a motivational hero! Goodbye to Anna. No new scenes with her. The refresher on the Camille vs. Yoanna fight is always appreciated. "I suggest you lay off the attitude it is not necessary ". I do not remember Mama TyTy getting testy with Bethany, she was screwed from that moment. And Bethany was gone second. I feel like she could've brought the drama, but really she was just a h8r. Sara gives Heather five dollars to run around naked, that woman is truly an enigma. Omg Aprilbot melting down fearing there might be snakes at the photoshoot . And poor Jenascia having to help her again "I NEED TO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE, THEY CAN'T SNEAK UP ON ME!" Never before seen footage of Janice #dragging Mr. Jay, I love to see it Heather is gone third and I'm left as confused about her as ever. Camille not participating in the group cleaning because she was cleaning for two hours last night...while everyone was asleep so no one can verify Jenascia gone fourth...I still have a random soft spot for her. This time around, we get Yoanna's sob story with the psychic as she misses her grandmother who got her into fashion. Janice asking if the girls would sleep with a photographer for money or fame. April: Is he attractive You just know Nigel was watching this at home like We say goodbye to Xiomara fifth Mercedes on Camille's lip emergency: I just can't remember how big your lips are to begin with And next we lose Catie, these recap episodes really are a snooze huh Wow aren't they ~quirky~ Umm the girls learning to walk the runway like drag queens should not have been cut for a screening of Tyra's dumbass music video at the end of the episode! Okay the recap was worth it for Camille KILLING the freestyle dance at judging, no way that should've been edited out! Poor Sara couldn't even get a bonus scene in the recap episode Welp last week's recap had literally no new footage so goodbye to Camille again.
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