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  1. Libra would’ve stayed loyal!
  2. Idk if I have to wait for Sola but figured I’d post noms before I go to bed if I can Sean Kenniff Greg Buis Tom Westman Stephenie LaGrossa Yul Kwon Stephen Fishbach Sierra Reed Christina Cha Sarah Lacina Kelley Wentworth Mike Holloway Adam Klein Davie Rickenbacker Janet Carbin
  3. The QUICKNESS in which BB cut the feeds
  4. I'd do it if she left [redacted] alone
  5. By a vote of 5-4... Ant-Man has won the battle! Klaus has been eliminated and @aliasocfan is responsible for its writeup. @NGM is next to nominate!
  6. The way you still haven’t sent me your films vote
  7. Why am I still waiting on @Elliott @1234567890?
  8. Last Memphis said on the feeds was Ian and Bayleigh noms (with Bay as his pawn). He’s been gunning for Ian hard since day one. We’ll see if everyone gets in his ear to target Kaysar and Janelle though.
  9. Still need @Elliott @totes4totes @1234567890
  10. I'm not mad about Kaysar's proposed noms of Christmas & David should he win. Though it's not taking a shot at the power players like we'd want, these two are giving the least to the show. Also, they're both closely aligned with different power players who would want to push for them, so watching the power players subtly push for their opposing agendas would be interesting.
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