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  1. Yeah don’t blame you at all for the cut! I think I would’ve gone the opposite way but honestly I have no idea...
  2. Mourning Sue, Abi, and Danielle btw . I have other faves as well, but they're more understandable/fair cuts.
  3. This is why I stopped asking what's best for everyone in my games lol. I just post them when I'm ready and if you're there great and if not too bad
  4. Front page should be updated. @Solaris or someone may want to double check though.
  5. With that, Season 25 becomes the first full season eliminated.
  6. Just letting @*Chris @*Lily and @Elliott know their cuts are currently invalid and they'll have to redo then when noms are reposted.
  7. I know! But Dee nominated 16 dancers when he should've only nominated 14.
  8. Thanks @Solaris for essentially taking over for the time being lol. I'll try to update the front page this afternoon and post the details for next cycle. There's gonna be a first come first serve sign up so I'd recommend everyone try to be here around 5:30 EST (not an exact time) @Solaris @1234567890 @Steven_ @*Amanda @QueenKalie @FlavorfulFifi @*Lily. We're nearing the end so I'll finish it off. Thanks for letting me take this break and respecting my wishes everyone.
  9. Sorry guys we're gonna have to do a reset! @Deeee you must nominate 14 dancers. Because @Solaris is blocked, only 7 rankers are cutting and saving.
  10. We'll see if we get one more person by the end of the day. If not, I can do it with 7 and we'll just have two peeps be IDF Wildcards.
  11. The draft? I saw you asking what the point was of it, I didn't know you were also interested lol. Hopefully we can find two more people so we can do an 8-person draft!
  12. Also congrats to Kel Mitchell on joining Frankie Muniz and Mirai Nagasu in the winners circle! I'm gonna try to get a collage up tonight or tomorrow.
  13. And with that @Deeee is next to nominate! @Solaris is blocked from cutting and saving and Kellie Pickler is immune from being nominated. Everyone else is fair game.
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