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  1. Jay got cut . I feel like something has to have happened. With Michaela and Michelle on, there’s no way the producers decided not to use him. Maybe Jay has something back home to deal with, or it’s COVID related. And apparently Wes is back. I’m actually kinda shocked, this is gonna be his 5th in a row which I don’t think he’s ever done this many in a row (though granted he was an early boot for two of them)
  2. For round two, we will each be split up into five groups of four. In our groups, we will cut five performances. Everything highlighted in green is safe until round four and cannot be cut. Everything else is up for grabs. Here are the groups: @*Lily @Solaris @JC @*Amanda @Weedy_Speedy @Alex95 @sublymonal @~Tom~ @goofycilla90 @*Wallace @FrogLenzen @~*8Kay8*~ @*Chris @*Diana @Crisis @1234567890 @taylorkat @Steven_ @Elliott @NGM At the end of this round there will be 95 performances left. You all have 72 hours to make your cuts. Good luck!
  3. The way my lunch break has been over 15 mins ago and I'm busy doing this nfdjhsafndsahjfndahjsfeaw
  4. Since I have literally lost the ability to count, can someone confirm that there's 20 performances highlighted green and 120 performances left altogether before we move forward?
  5. Travis Tucker "Every Little Step" you're back out again.
  6. Wait I do have 121 . F*ck it, idk how it happened, but I want 120. I'm eliminating one of the five that just moved on lol, someone pick a number between 1 and 5.
  7. Amanda Avila "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" Joseph Murena "Let's Stay Together" Anthony Fedorov "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" Lindsey Cardinale "Standing Right Next To Me" Travis Tucker "Every Little Step" are safe for this round. Lindsey Cardinale "I Try To Think About Elvis" is safe until round four.
  8. One of Sola’s numbers was 6, I need a different number
  9. Oh no, it is 120 moving on. Idk I've had a long morning lol
  10. There's supposed to be 120 performances moving on but it looks like for some reason there will be 121 . Not sure how an extra performance got moved on, but I'm too lazy to go through everything so idc.
  11. Someone pick 5 random numbers between 1 and 41. Someone else pick a different random number between 1 and 41.
  12. 1 Season 2 Will Kirby - 3 (Moved On) Nicole Nilson Schaffrich - 3 (Moved On) Monica Bailey - 3 (Moved On) Hardy Ames-Hill - 3 (Moved On) Season 3 Lisa Donahue - 3 (Moved On) Danielle Reyes - 3 (Moved On) Jason Guy - 3 (Moved On) Amy Crews - 3 (Moved On) Marcellas Reynolds - 3 (Moved On) Season 4 Jun Song - 3 (Moved On) Alison Irwin - 3 (Moved On) Season 5 Drew Daniel - 3 (Moved On) Diane Henry - 3 (Moved On) Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon - 3 (Moved On) Karen O’Neil Ganci - 3 (
  13. Okay I need all of @~*8Kay8*~'s choice and @*Lily's final choice by in a little under four hours or I'll just randomize them.
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