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  1. Not Tinashe getting dragged for whatever all this NFT stuff is
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CY8bHKbLI9K/?utm_medium=copy_link Wow so sounds like Taylor & Isaiah flew out and everything for the restart, but then returned home when Taylor’s brother died. How sad
  3. Cycle 13 - Overall Ranking I know shit's about to get crazy with C14, so I feel like this was the wholesome appetizer before the entree. I appreciate some nice, light fun. For God's sake, Erin turned into the villain the second half of the show lmao. If we're using her as our villain, we've got a really sweet cast (orrrrr after the other villains were killed off earlier). I don't feel like I was fully fed this cycle, I may be a bit peckish still, but almost every episode was relatively enjoyable. IF you're gonna have a fun, likable cycle, then the cast really has to be likable. Luckily for us, everyone who made it to the end truly was! Some short girls are just traveling around Hawaii and modeling well. Not exactly what I watch ANTM for, but I can dig it for one cycle. I'm okay with the short gimmick as well! I feel like there's bigger barriers in the fashion world they could have tackled instead (and lol @ them giving the win to the tallest girl, and calling her our first petite winner even though she's taller than Eva), but since Tyra always talks about breaking barriers, it was nice to see her walk the walk for a change. As far as photoshoots go I'd say it was a step forward from C12. There were a few really amazing photoshoots the first half of the competition. Unfortunately it kinda fell apart the second half of the show. The challenges were largely unmemorable outside of the group interpretive dance and the TAR-esque go-sees (and they should never eliminate someone after a Wilhelmina interview ever again). 1. Cycle 3 2. Cycle 6 3. Cycle 2 4. Cycle 5 5. Cycle 1 6. Cycle 8 7. Cycle 4 8. Cycle 12 9. Cycle 13 10. Cycle 10 11. Cycle 9 12. Cycle 11 13. Cycle 7 Cast Ranking: 1. Erin - It was tight between my top two, but my heart is telling me go with the villain (and some warped part of my brain doesn't want any winner to top my rankings because I'm a masochist lol). Erin is very young and immature, and that could make for a really fun or really annoying reality show contestant. With Sam two cycles ago, it was annoying. However, Erin really found the sweet spot of annoying everyone around her without going sooooo far it annoys the audience (or at least this audience member). Erin lacked social grace, but was always the first to judge everyone else. Erin found it appropriate to beat bitches up in a race around a store. Erin convinced herself the judges adored her after four straight bottom two appearances. I'm sorry this is all just hilarious to me. 2. Nicole - My favorite white girl to win ANTM yet, yay!!!! Congratulations to Nicole on perfecting the weirdo archetype, both as a model and a reality show contestant. Allison did a great job, but there were still a few kinks to work out. Nicole is the updated prototype who is more natural than Allison, more believable, and frankly a much better model (and I say this all as an Allison fan don't @ me!!!!!) Nicole had snark, Nicole had wit, Nicole bonded with the outcasts, Nicole inspired fury in everyone around her with her natural talent. I wish Nicole blew up as a model more because she really is talented. 3. Laura - I feel like such a casual with my Laura love. You go small town gurl!!! It's physically impossible to dislike Laura. If you dislike Laura, you have no soul. She is a genuine ray of goodness on this show. She is soooooo charming and so damn likable. If Laura's just a really good actress then give her an Emmy now because she totally fooled me. 4. Jennifer - Jennifer is perfect for ANTM. She can get in some drama, she's got a backstory, she's competent at every aspect of modeling, she's high energy in confessional, she's intelligent, she brings diversity to the show. Jennifer checks off every box for a strong ANTM contestant. She's missing that It Factor for me to stan, but I still love her. 5. Bianca - Very strong early boot. Bianca was definitely the most complex character of the cycle. She's been through some shit and she's got a lot of walls up. Bianca's talk with Nicole is by far one of my favorite moments of the cycle. Also if C13 aired when making gifs were a huge thing, Bianca would deservingly be a gif queen. 6. Sundai - I never realized her last name is Love. How fitting. Sundai is kinda Laura lite. Just really, really likable. She had a few allies here and there I wasn't too crazy about, but that's okay. Sundai's missing her big moment in the sun, but she was still a joy to watch. 7. Amber - I never watched the video about what happened to her . But her one episode was truly great and I'm curious what she would've brought to the house (for three episodes max before I got tired of her lol) 8. Brittany - I kinda talked about her in her final episode that the editors never really figured out what to do with her. She had the mathematician storyline, the Erin rivalry, the ultra-competitive girl, kinda unlikable at times, kinda likable at times. I get what Brittany said about being multidimensional. She doesn't fit fully into any box Tyra wants to fit these girls into, and ultimately I think that's why she got canned. 9. Rae - One amazing episode, one heartbreaking backstory, some fantastic pictures, and a whole lot of invisibility lands you here. 10. Ashley - So I'm even surprising myself with this ranking of Ashley because I did not like her on the show. However, she won me over a bit in her boot episode. Tyra so wanted to make her a thing and Ashley just did not have the ability to play ball. I'm far from a fan because I was anti-Ashley in literally all her rivalries, but I've come to appreciate what she brought to the show. 11. Lulu - I guess since I have a newfound appreciate for Ashley, I should rank her partner in crime next to her. 12. Rachel - Justice for Rachel! In the running for the most screwed over ANTM girl ever? 13. Courtney - Lol poor Courtney. I don't remember what her voice sounds like at all, but I feel bad for her. 14. Lisa - She can join Atalya and Christian as the most irrelevant ANTM girls ever. 15. Kara - While I had a mini renaissance for Ashley, that unfortunately did not happen for Kara. I did not miss her when she's gone and pretty much all her content was hating on Nicole. Clever editing? Yeah maybe. But idc. I don't like her. Top 10: Despite not liking about half the photoshoots this was a difficult top 10 to figure out. There were a few Jen shots that just missed the cut (her underwater and baby photos). Also considered throwing a topless horse picture in there, but I didn't like the shoot enough to make room for it. 1. Erin's Fabric Beauty 2. Laura's Cirque du Soleil 3. Rae's Baby Photos 4. Brittany's Fabric Beauty 5. Jennifer's Elongating 6. Erin's Elongating 7. Nicole's Elongating 8. Nicole's Baby Photo 9. Nicole's Underwater 10. Sundai's Fabric Beauty
  4. Cast Ranking: So the penultimate episode double elimination was an experiment. We tried it...and it doesn't work (but I know we're stuck with it). Having a whole ass 40 minute episode for two girls is a snooze. While I'm glad it gave us the opportunity for Tyra one-on-one's, they can easily squeeze that into a normal finale episode. I also think CoverGirl judging is a bit awkward when they do it as they're picking a winner. CoverGirl Ranking: Photos: 1. Nicole - I don't like either of them. This isn't very CoverGirl, but I think it's objectively better. 2. Laura - I thought she would nail this but she didn't really. Laura's never really figured out her lips. Commercials: 1. Laura - While this is messier, I think she looks beautiful and it's really authentic and believable. 2. Nicole - She delivered her lines well, but it was a bit robotic and I think Tyra was completely right that she forgot to model during it.
  5. Cycle 13 - Episode 12 - America's Next Top Model Is... Nicole & Laura can't believe they're the top two y'all!!!! Lol the dog is not feeling that hug at all. Laura struggles with memorizing her script for the CoverGirl commercial. Teyona is back to talk CoverGirl! Laura stumbles through multiple takes, but gets through it! Jay calls Nicole out for sounding like a snob and not caring about the product at all lol Laura explains to Nicole that she uses big words and it makes her sound snobby. "Hiiiiiiiii ladiessssssssss" Laura is feeling confident about runway because her walk is stronger than Nicole's. Even though they're friends, Nicole wants to keep her cards close to her chest since Laura is her competition. Seasons later, Tyra finally returns for another one-on-one! LEGEND!!!!!!! The rest of the top six returns to do the runway show with Nicole and Laura! Lol @ this totally not preplanned moment of this designer asking Teyona for her autograph This walk was a bit awkward for Miss Nicole... Lol poor Laura @ them using this picture as one of their comparisons. It's jarring seeing the CoverGirl judging during final judging without final three. Nicole wins! Laura's reaction to losing is heartbreaking "I'm a dork and I'm America's Next Top Model!" Nicole didn't have to go and eat Tyra up like that!
  6. Eternals was good. They were just doing Too Much. It’s like making Avengers your first Marvel movie without being introduced to the characters first.
  7. Me and @*Lily @ y'all mourning our cuts. Faith Hill already has a song in the end and whocurr about Blake Shelton, we figured it'd be fair cuts
  8. @*Lily and I are cutting "Austin" - Blake Shelton and "There You'll Be" - Faith Hill
  9. Episode 4: 1. Akbar & Sheri (+4) - "You *deserve* to shut up ". I mean Sheri's a legend obviously. And the two of them arguing in those "focus on the love" shirts is comedy gold (as is Sheri somehow doing another heights roadblock next week ) 2. Raquel & Cayla (+2) - Lol the fact that I was worried about a Raquel & Cayla + Ryan & Dusty alliance but instead the girls find the guys to be cocky aholes <333333. Gurl power! 3. Lulu & Lala (=) - Doing it for their grandmother . The field thinning out is very good for them and I could actually see them potentially upset a frontrunner and make the end . 4. Arun & Natalia (-3) - Underdog lowkey trainwrecks . They're so fun to watch and so rootable. 5. Kim & Penn (+3) - I'm genuinely surprised by how much I'm not hating them. They've been calmer than I've expected and genuinely enjoyable at times. 6. Ryan & Dusty (+4) - I flirted with putting them last, but Ryan's legs saved them. I genuinely enjoy the other 5 teams so I'm relatively okay with them sticking around for thirst reasons (and by them I mean Ryan only from the neck down) 7. Michael & Moe - Lol forever at them losing twice in the same season.
  10. There’s like 500 reality shows to watch if you wanna see straight white men succeed so bad lol.
  11. Lmaoooooooo. These losers coming back is now worth it
  12. Michael & Moe being the first boot twice in one season would be iconic
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