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  1. Just randomized the list. This might be a tough round . As always though, a little sneak peek of those who just missed the bottom 18 and are safe for the random round:
  2. Lol whoops I meant the two eliminated people anyway
  3. @rdhaley96 Cassandra and Diane's B&W pics aren't working!
  4. So a few seasons ago we watched a ripoff version of Survivor and this season very much felt like a ripoff season of Big Brother lol. It was all about the warring alliances and who holds the power and what not. It was a solidly good season of Big Brother at least! And it didn't last 30+ episodes so that's a positive lol. I think Exile was greatly improved from the first Fresh Meat. The challenges were actually kinda different and not just based on who packed smartest before coming out there lol. The regular challenges were solid. Nothing all that amazing that's sticking with me, but also not egregiously terrible that I feel the need to complain. The politics kinda sucked because I was living for the majority alliance and then they f*cked it up majorly. It kinda helps that it was almost completely their fault. But any sequence of events that allows Kenny to think he's the best thing ever is a big no in my book. I'm not over the moon about this season or anything, but it was solid. A little on the boring side at times, but maybe I'm just getting worn out and have watched way too many seasons of The Challenge in a row these past few months lol. Season Ranking: The Inferno The Inferno III The Gauntlet The Duel Fresh Meat II Battle of the Sexes The Gauntlet II Fresh Meat The Inferno II Battle of the Seasons The Ruins The Duel II Battle of the Sexes II The Gauntlet III The Island (I swapped a few seasons around here as they're aging a little better or worse) Gonna rank the teams in their partnerships since they all won and lost together. 1. Evelyn & Luke - LOVE them . Luke, the lazy stoner with the big dick is pretty much what one could hope for out of him and he delivered in that way. Evelyn was a star. She is three seasons in a row of being almost godlike. She has COMPLETELY redeemed herself from that Gauntlet III disaster and then some. She played the role of the hypercompetitive BB strategist perfectly who went out in a blaze of glory. 2. Wes & Mandi - Wes' moves were slightly questionable at best lol. And him hooking up with KellyAnne right before coming on and f*cking Theresa was ugly. But he's really passionate and rootable. My eyes just go straight to him when he's on the screen. Mandi had a great debut and I hope we can see more from her! 3. Katelynn & Brandon - Hilarious trainwreck duo . Icons, the both of them! 4. Danny & Sandy - My favorite Danny season by far. I felt really bad for him when he slowly realized just how pathetic he is at this show and his best friend was ready to sell him to the wolves. There was a lot of humanity and humility Danny showed this season and I was here for it! Sandy's entire personality was just hating Danny and I found that hilarious! 5. Landon & Carley - They were the best choice to win in the end so....yay for that? Landon's thing of not wanting to play the game is very tiresome. Like, you signed up for a game dude, get over it. His move to turn on Wes was understandable because he managed him as an ally terribly, but he had a clear shot at Kenny for the first time in weeks. I can't believe he didn't take it! But he beat Kenny in the end somehow so I guess his instincts were fine enough lol. Carley sucked so lol @ her being a Challenge winner . I love the narrative the show was trying to push that "Carley defied the odds even though no one believed in her". Nah it's more like Landon dragged Carley's dead carcas to the finish line. 6. CJ & Sydney - CJ is hot and Sydney seems cool enough. So yay top half placement! Lol forever @ their lie about the exile they didn't compete in. 7. Ryan & Theresa - Theresa seems fiery and pretty cool. Bitch totally slept her way into a storyline and I am HERE FOR IT! And she put up with A LOT of slut-shaming so good for her. Ryan still sux but what else is new? 8. Jillian & Pete - I was happy to see Jillian back . Disappointed to see her as a Kenny minion, but the majority alliance isolated her so what was she gonna do. She kinda sucked the whole time, I'm shocked she made the finals . 9. Darrell & Cara Maria - Lololololol 10. Jenn & Noor - Noor is the token finalist whose voice I have no idea what it sounds like. Jenn was pretty meh. Mayhaps her breakthrough season I kept waiting for is not gonna happen...? 11. Paula & Jeff - Paula was as pathetic as ever, just in a very short amount of time. 12. Kenny & Laurel - Kenny's dead last obviously, but I dragged them slightly above last place thanks to Laurel. She was kinda gamebottish, but also socially awkward so I was pretty intrigued. Kenny was godawful, what else is new, what else do I have to say? Still not impressed with his challenge skills. I know he dominated the season, but I'm crediting Laurel with the domination. He's above average competitively and that's the nicest thing I'll say about him. 13. Sarah & Vinny - They both kinda sucked and then they got owned by Katelynn goddess and left. Kthnbai. I'll start Cutthroat tomorrow! I like the name but I also liked the name of The Ruins and we saw what happened there
  5. Also congrats to Courtney Act for surviving that whole cycle! A difficult twist to navigate.
  6. (My like of your post isn't liking the news, just sending you love lol)
  7. That means @Solaris is next to nominate!
  8. Cycle Six ~The Quarterfinals~ We're in the homestretch people! It's the quarterfinals which also means it's also your last chance to nominate! Wildcards this is one of your last chances to be petty. You will have two tasks to talk over @*Diana @*Wallace @totes4totes @Steven_ @rpryor03. First, each ranker will have one other ranker blocked from cutting & saving during their round. It will be up to you who is blocked from cutting during whose round. Just note that every ranker can only be blocked once so make sure it evens out in some way! Next, you will also be blocking each ranker from nominating one dancer of your choosing. Are you worried one of your faves is in danger with a certain rankers nominations? They will be immune during that ranker's nominations. So you guys will have a lot of time to talk things over because coming up tomorrow night........ The randomizer! Everyone's favorite round! The randomizer is rearing its ugly head tomorrow night at 8:00 EST. 18 dancers nominated based solely on random chance. 9 will stay and 9 will go. And if noms aren't posted at exactly 8:00 I have a life so don't be bitchin. So random nominations tomorrow night! After that, the judges can reveal their decisions on who will be blocked from whose nominations. Then we will get started on the final nominating round of the game!
  9. @*Amanda can make the final decision if she’d like now that @1234567890’s 24 hours is up.
  10. About four more hours for @1234567890 and then a wildcard can make the final decision.
  11. Danni #dragging Ethan in the comments section of his Insta
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