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  1. You have been on fire in this thread lately
  2. Idk I thought the noms were fine
  3. Marcus, Charlie, and Corinne ignored Crystal (and maybe Ken too) at Ponderosa and completely isolated her refusing to talk to her. When RANDY’S acting nicer than you, you gotta re-evaluate.
  4. Chris Graebe I can't tell you this for sure because sadly my Battle of the Sexes 2 notes are gone forever in the Great Crash of IDF. However, I'm about 70% sure now that this was the dude who pretty much quit right after getting married. I kinda liked the old days of The Challenge. They were so lax with the rules. Like there was that one chick in the first Battle of the Sexes that just casually brought her baby to the house with her . Can you imagine that now . Nany accidentally throwing a cup of noodles at a newborn baby . Anyway, this guy was engaged when he went on the show and apparently his wedding was scheduled during the filming times and he thought it was still a good idea to participate in the show. How did he perform? NO CLUE! He left in the middle of the show to go home and get married. And then he came back and was like "That was fun, you guys can vote me out and I'll be with my wife " and they obliged lol. Looking forward to Jenna Nichols doing the same thing on The Challenge 38! Save Lacey she was c00t
  5. https://dlisted.com/2008/12/12/hot-slut-of-the-day-29717/ Hot slut of the day Susie Smith
  6. Though I support another Cars character getting cut, Larry the Cable Guy being the highest placing character in the sage is a Choice.
  7. Bashful Honestly we should've combined like five out of seven of the dwarves into one character lol. I know Sneezy was just cut and I just want to use the sneezy writeup but change all the sneezing adjectives to bashfulness. Bashful is the dwarf that is bashful. He's shy and coy and self-conscious. Honestly the entire writeup should be one damn word! He's bashful! That's his personality. There's nothing more to him or any of these dwarves outside of their one word name. Maybe someone who likes the movie more feels passionate about these dwarves but I certainly don't. What's his storyline? Snow White breaks into his house and they keep her there. She protects them and they protect her. She dies and they're all sad. They do nothing. But I can promise you that Bashful remains bashful throughout the entire movie. Save Captain Hook and Mr. Smee
  8. Save Hook and Smee Cut Bashful
  9. Vom. (Though Brice calling him young Frank Gallagher from Shameless in the comments is KILLING ME )
  10. Jeremiah Wood I used to haaaaate Jeremiah, but now he's kind of just an irrelevant bore to me. During the premerge of Cagayan I stanned the sh*t out of Brice & Morgan (spoiler alert, I still do) so I was heartbroken when Jeremiah backstabbed them and chose to side with LJ, Jefra, and Alexis over them. Luckily Morgan dragged him to #filth after the Brice vote and I kind of enjoyed him as Morgan's punching bag. At the swap, Jeremiah ended up on the tribe with all the Brains and tried to link up with them. Their only tribal council vote turned into Jeremiah vs. Alexis as they both threw each other the bus trying to convince the brains they were loyal to them. Jeremiah won and successfully got Alexis booted. After Kass flipped on his alliance at the merge, he was kind of just treading water the rest of the time. Spencer got the big underdog edit, with Tasha getting a bit of it as well, so Jeremiah was irrelevant. He had a funny scene where he "came out" as a model to Spencer & Tasha and they were just like "...........k". He got voted out in 7th place and I haven't thought about him since till this very moment. Save Laura Boneham
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