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  1. So we still need both cuts from @1234567890 @*Amanda @*Chris and one cut from @QueenKalie Maggie Ausburn Chelsia Hart Adam Poch JoJo Spatafora Derrick Levasseur Christine Brecht Jace Agolli Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams Isabella Wang Danielle Alexander Kenny Brain Dallas Cormier Ryan Ballantine Maki Moto
  2. 1. Amanda 2. Michelle 3. Megg 4. AJ 5. CariDee 6. Anchal 7. Melrose 8. Eugena 9. Christian 10. Megan 11. Brooke 12. Monique 13. Jaeda
  3. Jourdan and Nina were a lot more even than those final results want us to believe tbh.
  4. Jaleel White I f*cking hated Jaleel when the show was airing. I don't know why anymore since it's been years, but his personality rubbed me the wrong way. Jaleel came out of the gate with a strong Foxtrot which propelled him to the top of the judge's leaderboard. He got the pimp spot and he came out of the premiere looking like the one to beat. I think Jaleel thought he was the sh*t after that and it wasn't a good look. After that first week, Jaleel definitely lost some steam and was really just riding off the high of that first week and him being Steve Urkel. With others rising, he
  5. Svetlana Shusterman What an underdog queen! Svetlana's only season was The Duel, but she managed to make it to the finals despite being a rookie and looking physically weak! Svetlana had such an impressive showing on her only season and it's such a shame she didn't do any more seasons. My only issue with Svetlana is that she didn't fully commit to the underdogs. While I loved her relationships with Aneesa and Wes, she did not let Beth into her heart like she should've. Svetlana choosing to duel Beth for her first elimination is unforgivable and something I've never gotten over! But a
  6. It wasn’t even a homophobic remark it was multiple. Obviously #Dumbledoregate got the most traction, but he called Russell a f*ggot during their technotronic fight which got edited out.
  7. You can't just move Hayden V on with one vote
  8. It'd only be a BB22 if I accidentally leaked it's a triple eviction halfway through this cycle
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