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Weekly Rank the Houseguests: BB22


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19 rankings for the initial rankings!


Initial Ranking:

1. Janelle Pierzina - 4.3 (Higher than Da'Vonne 11/19 times)

2. Da'Vonne Rogers - 4.3 (Higher than Janelle 8/19 times)

3. Keesha Smith - 4.4

4. Dani Donato - 4.8

5. Kaysar Ridha - 5.5

6. Kevin Campbell - 6.9

7. Nicole Anthony - 7.7

8. Ian Terry - 7.8

9. Memphis Garrett - 8.6

10. Bayleigh Dayton - 9.1

11. Cody Calafiore - 9.8

12. Nicole Franzel - 10.4

13. Enzo Palumbo - 12.4

14. Tyler Crispen - 12.8

15. David Alexander - 13.1

16. Christmas Abbott - 14.1


Initial thoughts ranking will go until Saturday, August 15th at 8 pm (48 hours after the eviction)

-Please no "strategic ranking" (this isn't a game, no need to rank a popular contestant you like low just because you wanna see someone you like more rank higher overall)

-Please don't edit your posts. I like adding up the rankings as I get them. If you feel you have to change something, just rank again and let me know that you're ranking again. I'll use everyone's final rankings in the tally at the end of the week.

-Please include all sixteen houseguests in your rankings, including the houseguest evicted the past week, in your rankings.

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1.  Queen Keesha ❤️


2. Janelle - She is the Star of this show, everyone else can keep swaying in background.

3.  Kaysar - Yep, moved up a lot in my rankings. Love him and Janelle together.

4.  Da'vonne - Disappointed me this week but I still have hope.

5. Ian - So far he's laying low, still rooting for him.

6.  Nicole A - She's the more likeable Nicole.

7.  Dani - She's more likeable when not around Nicole F.

8.  Bayleigh - I like her well enough.

9.  Kevin - I like him, but I really wish it was him who left yesterday.

10.  Christmas - Never thought I would warm up to Christmas during this summer.

11. Taylor Trevor Tyler - He's just there for me.

12. David - I really want to give him a chance, but then he proves he has no clue what game he is playing.
13. Enzo - Reminded me why he was so boring to watch on BB12. Well, nothing's changed.

14. Memphis - What a disappointment. I was really excited to see him back, but now all I can compare him to are poor ratings of his restaurants exposed on twitter!

15.  Nicole F - It only took her a week to remind me why I could never fully root for her on BB18. She's whiny, catty and fully of janelleousy jealousy. You can go honey, you can go.

16.  Cody - Please educate yourself on past seasons before trying to win the next HOH. Which hopefully won't happen again. Keesha's eviction will be avenged. #knowthat

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  1. Cody Calafiore
  2. Da’Vonne Rogers
  3. Bayleigh Dalton
  4. Memphis Garrett
  5. Ian Terry
  6. Kaysar Ridha
  7. Dani Briones
  8. Keesha Smith
  9. Kevin Campbell
  10. Nicole Anthony
  11. Janelle Pierzna - Steadily growing on me but I feel like they haven't shown much of her in the actual episodes?
  12. David Alexander
  13. Nicole Franzel
  14. Tyler Crispin
  15. Enzo Palumbo
  16. Black Friday
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1. Kaysar (+4) - He is so nice and #woke and a crack'd cutthroat bitch always thirsty for war :wub:. Also the sex appeal is just forever off the charts.

2. Janelle (+4) - I wasn't over the moon about her in casting because I didn't think she had anything new or interesting to bring to the show. While I don't think anything about that has changed my mind yet, Janelle doing the bare minimum is still greater than anything 90% of BB houseguests could ever dream of giving to us.

3. Keesha (-2) - Forever a legend. IT took a while for her to find her footing and just when I think she was about to bring It, she gets cut. What a shame. She brought the lolz to the feeds at least!

4. Da'Vonne (-2) - Justice! For! Breanna! Taylor! I was confident in her game for a while, but I'm starting to feel a bit shaky about it. But Da'Vonne at her messiest is Da'Vonne at her best.

5. Ian (+2) - An angel :wub:. I loved watching him open up about his autism and I love seeing a more mature version of him. Give him three or four weeks in the game, and he's gonna become a DANGEROUS player.

6. Kevin (-3) - I found myself really relating to him and his struggles this week. As sad as I am to lose Keesha, I'm glad we get more Kevin. I really hope to see more of BB11!Kevin slaying Jeff though.

7. Dani (-3) - It's hilarious to me that everyone's SHOCKED that Dani's a bitch. Like...have you seen her other two seasons :dead:. I'll agree it's more fun when she's a bitch to people we don't like, but she is who she is. I still love her.

8. Nicole F (+4) - I'll be the one to say it, Nicole F is a straight-up STAR. Yes she's the absolute worst, but I really enjoy rooting against her as opposed to a lot of BB houseguests I'm absolutely miserable watching and rooting against.

9. Nicole A (+1) - She needs to clean up her act, fast in that house! Theres hints of her that peek through every once in a while that I really love. But it's not enough.

10. Bayleigh (-2) - Impeccable week one game, if she keeps it up, she's not going anywhere before final five.

11. Enzo (+2) - I guess he makes me lol at times.

12. Christmas (+3) - Not bad yet!

13. Tyler (+3) - Not bad yet!

14. Memphis (-5) - His #overit angry dad vibe was lolzy at first, but then the second half of the week he did pretty much everything I didn't want him to do. I do not want to watch him morph into Jerry MacDonald.

15. David (-4) - I wanted to give him a chance........but lowkey such a waste of a casting spot so far.

16. Cody (-2) - White privilege personified.

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1. Da'Vonne (=) - The Breonna Taylor shoutout ❤️ Already hit a bit of a rocky patch in the game but I'm staying hopeful with her social game, I think she's still pretty well-liked.

2. Janelle (+1) - She's a star....excuse the pun.

3. Kaysar ( +3) - I'm enjoying him a lot once again and really hope he can slip through the cracks because I'd hate to see him go pre-jury a third time!

4. Bayleigh (+3) - Really impressed with her game out the gate. Bonus points for #BlackGirlMagic

5. Keesha (-3) - Only because we didn't see enough of her as I would have hoped 💔 I know she did some of her campaigning, I just wish she did more and honestly, did better at it! I feel like she was just getting her head back in the game and I'm sad we'll miss that.

6. Ian (+6) - He's such a sweetheart. Ian & the hammock - the power duo we deserve.

7. Nicole A. (+1) - She hasn't been much of a standout to me yet but I still like her.

8. Kevin (-3) - I haven't been too crazy about him just yet, but hopefully surviving the block will light a fire underneath him and we can see him step it up.

9. Dani (-5) - Kinda middle-of-the-pack for me right now. I'm not crazy about her allies but I still enjoy her and I'm excited to see what she does next.

10. Enzo (+4) - His story about being a crayon salesman... hilarious. :haha: Otherwise I'm not mad about him yet but he's had some good funny moments!

11. David (-1) - Kinda boring, hoping he can maybe break out of the pack but at this rate I'm not sure I see him being long for the game.

12. Tyler (+1) - Lol at him already having a final 2 with like half the cast :wub: He's doing a good job right now at settling in despite his threat level.

13. Memphis (-3) - Definitely wouldn't have been one of my top choices to win HOH, lol. I guess we'll see how it goes.

14. Christmas (+2) - She's been fine, so far. I feel like she's not really been in the episodes much, but I feel like she's generally in a good spot from what I've seen and I'm definitely more open to her than I was.

15. Nicole F. (=) - I feel like I should be ironically stanning because she's so messy? Like, the three-season story arc of Nicole from small-town likable superfan to over-the-top messy influencer is kinda what I dream for in a contestant. I'll give it time because I'm lowkey enjoying her, but at the same time she's doing stuff which makes it hard for me to even ironically root for her.

16. Cody (-5) - Lol absolutely a bad call from me trying to stay optimistic when he won HOH! I mean I don't think he's a bad guy by any means. But... dare I say I almost wish they cast Paulie instead? Can't believe I'd ever say that but at least he could have been terrible and had a messy flame-out. I'd almost prefer him to Cody at this rate because Cody's just boring.

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1. Janelle - The highlight of the season so far. She's entertaining, rootworthy, and she is there to play the game without being a sheep. I pretty much only watch live feeds when Janelle is featured in one of the rooms. She's fun to watch.

2. Keesha - Robbed. :broken: We finally got Keesha back, and she goes out first. She's a sweetheart and I would've loved to have seen her make it much further.

3. Kaysar - He's intelligent with a good read on the house and ready to play hard. He might overplay his way to another early elimination, but I hope to see him win an HoH and shake up the house soon.

4. Enzo - He's funny. I don't care for his taste in allies, but at least he makes me laugh.

5. Tyler - I rarely see him on the feeds, but he hasn't done anything to annoy me so far.

6. Nicole A. - She would be higher than Enzo and Tyler if she didn't keep doubting Janelle and Kaysar - two people who actually have her back!

7. Ian - I didn't like him at all throughout BB14, but he's more mature and not desperate for camera time now.

8. Bayleigh - She's playing a good game so far. I feel pretty confident in picking her as a draft pick right now.

9. Dani - She would be higher if she had better taste in allies. Enabling the guys and throwing Janelle under the bus? No thanks!

10. Da'Vonne - The way she threw Janelle under the bus makes her rank this low. What she's doing to Janelle reminds me of what she did to Tiffany. Why is Da'Vonne trying to ruin the game of someone who would actually have her back?

11. David - He's nice, but I realize I wouldn't be sad if he were to be evicted. Sorry.

12. Memphis - I thought Memphis would be Top 5 in my rankings at the start of the season, but his horrible taste in allies and the way he turned his back on Keesha gets him this low of a ranking. He might rank higher next week if he doesn't target Janelle and Kaysar this week.

13. Kevin - He was so mopey all week long. I'm sure it can't be easy to be nominated week 1, but I can't say I enjoyed watching him this week.

14. Christmas - She's been invisible on the episodes so far and I don't watch her on the feeds. So, I'll rank her this low since I remember how she was on BB19.

15. Cody - Boring, boring, boring.

16. Nicole F. - Whiny and annoying crybaby. I don't like her at all.

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Lmao I feel so out of the loop reading comments regarding feeds stuff. :dead: 


1. Janelle Pierzina (=)

2. Da'Vonne Rogers (=)

3. Kaysar Ridha (+3)

4. Bayleigh Dayton (+4)

5. Keesha Smith (-2)

6. Ian Terry (-2)

7. Kevin Campbell (-2)

8. Tyler Crispen (+2)

9. Dani Briones (-2)

10. Nicole Anthony (+1)

11. Memphis Garrett (-2)

12. Enzo Palumbo (+3)

13. Cody Calafiore (=)

14. David Alexander (=)

15. Christmas Abbott (+1)

16. Nicole Franzel (-4)

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01. Janelle Pierzina

02. Kaysar Ridha

03. Keesha Smith

04. Ian Terry

05. Dani Briones

06. Cody Calafiore

07. Nicole Anthony

08. Da’Vonne Rogers

09. Bayleigh Dayton

10. Tyler Crispen

11. Memphis Garrett

12. Enzo Palumbo

13. Christmas Abbott

14. Nicole Franzel

15. Kevin Campbell

16. David Alexander



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3 minutes ago, JC said:

I’m so confused initial rankings go until 8/15 but people are already doing second rankings??? :whut:

The first rankings were pre-show rankings and the second rankings are from this full week of Big Brother so include Keesha in your vote.

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After Week 1/Episode 4


1. Janelle duh

2. Kaysar duh

3. Cody - he actually had a great week and great gameplay with his HOH, he left the week with minimal blood and many strong alliances and final two deals where the counterparts seem really intent on honoring, he's in prime position right now to go far

4. Kevin - felt bad for this guy, actually glad he stayed and I felt he played it pretty well to get himself to stay in this house. Gotta root for my gays, and at least he's one that's likable this time

5. Memphis - still rooting for him but I do not feel as big a fan of him without Dan

6. Tyler - dude are you literally doing the exact same strategy as last time? LMAO well I hope it works for you this time if Cody/Janelle can't pull through since I drafted you. IDK if I like you more now that I'm invested and rooting for you :giggle:

7. Ian - I honestly had no idea that he was autistic but so glad he brought visibility to people on the spectrum, he's definitely dangerous but I would totally align with him since he's so smart, and I enjoy his vibe

8. Nicole A - I hope she and Kevin can make it far together with their offbeat selves #teampurple #teamrainbow #teamunicorns #teamblessings

9. Da'Vonne - #justiceforbreonna loved her shoutout and I am all here for it! She is definitely playing a smarter game compared to her previous seasons and still entertaining in confessionals

10. Keesha - girl I was rooting for you but you should've done more or at least been more aggressive in finding out what was going on, I understand not rocking the boat, but girl, you need to be more perceptive as an all star!

11. Bayleigh - I am interested in this Black Girl Magic, and also intrigued by them trying to use Enzo/Cody as shields, I think this is really smart, and also that foursome is very unexpected. Unfortunately Day seems to be going to bat for Cody now, and he actually has many more people in his pocket than Day/Bay have so it is more likely that Day/Bay will be targeted first, we shall see how this plays out. I see Bay as Day's sidekick though so she hasn't impressed me yet.

12. David - other than being hot, who?

13. Christmas - other than one pool table scene, literally nonexistent floater

14. Daniele - does she even exist on the show? here by default I guess, playing the floater game well I guess. If it weren't for the feeds, I would think she's just sleeping all day

15. Enzo - there is just something slimy about him, I am really not a fan.

16. Nicole F - I am just finding her super annoying from the feeds and youtube, she actually does not seem that bad on the edited show, but anyone who is against Janelle has to look like Cody to get away with it in my book. And Nicole F falls unbelievably short of that.


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