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  1. Mike "The Miz" Mizanin & Witney Carson - "Wicked Games" (Paso Doble): 9 Kenya Moore & Brandon Armstrong - "Take My Breath" (Argentine Tango): 7 JoJo Siwa & Jenna Johnson - "Anything Goes" (Jazz): 10 Cody Rigsby & Cheryl Burke - "There Will Be Blood" (Cha-Cha): 8 Jimmie Allen & Emma Slater - "Say Something" (Contemporary): 9 Olivia Jade & Val Chmerkovskiy - "Beggin’" (Paso Doble): 8 Melora Hardin & Artem Chigvintsev - "Hound Dog" (Jive): 8 Iman Shumpert & Daniella Karagach - "I Got 5 On It (Tethered Mix)" (Contemporary): 9 Suni Lee & Sasha Farber - "Bad Habits" (Tango): 9 Amanda Kloots & Alan Bersten - "Paint It, Black" (Argentine Tango): 10
  2. - Week #2 Theme Announcement Last week, we explored the realm of fantasy. This week, we're back down to earth and itching to have a barking good time! Your next theme is... Cycle 4's 1-800 Flowers! This week is all about the realm of commercial! Bold colors, big attitudes, and above all, widespread appeal. If you can find a picture with dogs and/or flowers, that's great, but the biggest benchmark to hit is that commercial approach. You want something charming, sellable, and memorable! Photos will be due Thursday evening, so you have about three days to submit. Have at it!
  3. Elimination #1 15 models stand before me, but I have just 13 photos in my hands... as this week was a predetermined double elimination. The first name I'm going to call this week is... Jeana! This picture is absolutely stellar. You were a FCO queen in your original cycle, and just like Khrystyana last cycle, you're picking up your reign right where you left off. Here's hoping you make it even further than she did. Congratulations! Your score this week was 43. Also safe are... Danielle - 67 Mamé - 67 India - 76 Sophie - 81 Eva - 91 Katarzyna - 104 Jaslene - 106 Molly - 120 Lacey - 121 Lio - 125 Raina - 126 Will Jourdan, Lenox, and Nicole please step forward? Only one of you will make it through. Jourdan, I thought your contemporary take on the brief was really interesting, but evidently, the voters weren't on the same page as me. You didn't quite go all out in the way people might have expected. Lenox, I liked your artsy approach this week, but just like with Jourdan, the voters weren't a fan. You have to remember you're a model, too. Nicole, you entered this competition with one of the biggest reputations, but your picture this week fell flat. Do you not have the same spark you had the first time? All that said, one of you will yet again be granted another chance. And by just one vote, that person is... Congratulations, Lenox. Your picture was a risk that didn't quite pay off, but what most likely saved you is that at least it was a risk. Remember to bring more of a model to your pictures moving forward. Jourdan and Nicole, this means you are out. I think you both had a lot to live up to, and unfortunately, you just didn't do that this week. With stakes as high as they are, you need to be at the top of your game every single time. All that said, the two of you definitely have memorable legacies, and even though things didn't work out this cycle, there's no taking away from what you've accomplished over your reloaded journies. Best of luck to you. - ~Eliminated Model's Portfolio (15th Place)~ - ~Eliminated Model's Portfolio (14th Place)~ - ~User Unmasking~ Since Jourdan and Nicole have been eliminated from the game, I can now reveal their users. Drumroll please... Jourdan: @Gonzalo Nicole: @1234567890 @Gonzalo, I know you really liked your picture this week, so it sucks to see Jourdan go. I was feeling it, but the other voters, not so much apparently. If you've got any other models in the running, I hope you can crush it with them! @1234567890, this is definitely a shock after you've placed so high in previous cycles! Then again, maybe there's a reason Nicole was saved for last (and it took you guys like almost a week to claim her, lmao ). Same with Gonzalo, I hope you crush it moving forward if you have any other models! The new theme will be posted in just a bit, so stay tuned!
  4. Voting is now closed. Results and the next brief will be posted in just a bit!
  5. Advancing: Felicia’s Candy Brittany’s Gender Swap
  6. Yay, cycle 9! Mila obviously wasn't long for the competition, but I do wonder how her character could have played out if she lasted longer. Also, I've always wondered about the colors you choose for the girls on the chart. Are they assigned randomly, or are they supposed to match the girls' ~auras~? Because I would have pegged Mila as being yellow, lol.
  7. 1. Jeana - Absolutely stunning. She took a risk with that angle, but it really paid off for me. Such a dynamic picture. 2. Danielle - Slayyyy. The styling, the attitude... I'm in love with everything about this. 3. India - Compositionally, it's probably my favorite shot of the week. I'd place this even higher with a bit more fire behind her expression. 4. Lenox - Minus points for the grainy quality, but I think she did a great job conveying the brief. I love the somber quality of the picture. 5. Mamé - Her styling is some of the best of the week, and I love how she's filling the frame. 6. Sophie - She looks absolutely gorgeous, and she's definitely getting the vulnerable part of the brief across. 7. Lio - At first, I wasn't entirely feeling this, but their expression won me over. I definitely get a sense of anguish from the picture. 8. Eva - There's something really intriguing about this picture. I don't necessarily see "angel," but I love the Vegas glam sort of feel. 9. Jourdan - I like that this feels like a more contemporary take on the brief. Definitely a risk to not go for fantasy, but I think she pulled it off. 10. Katarzyna - It's odd and quirky, and I like that. Not the biggest standout in this bunch, but I think she did well. 11. Lacey - She looks gorgeous here, and I love her styling. I would've just liked her to commit more emotionally. It's a bit vacant. 12. Jaslene - She definitely went for it, but I think the picture is a bit on the "hoochy" side. That approach might sort of work for the brief, but I'm on the fence. 13. Raina - I love her body language, but the overall picture feels just too casual. I would have liked to see more of a risk from her. 14. Molly - Something about this picture reads a bit stiff for me. She looks great in the styling, but it's not my favorite picture from a modeling POV. 15. Nicole - She definitely nailed the forlorn aspect of the brief, but for me, she lost the model. I feel really sad placing her last.
  8. Photoshoot #1 - Fallen Angels - Danielle Eva India Jaslene Jeana Jourdan Katarzyna Lacey Lenox Lio Mamé Molly Nicole Raina Sophie - Like always, rank these pictures from best (1) to worst (15). Comments are optional (but always encouraged!). Some of you might have expected this, but this cycle, we're kicking things off with ANOTHER double elimination. Unlike last time, though, the two who leave are out for good. Please try to keep your votes as unbiased as possible. If you have a model or two in the running, you'll need to remember you're supposed to be anonymous and therefore shouldn't be ranking your models first every week.
  9. All of the photos are in! The first round will be posted in just a bit.
  10. Amber Holcomb "My Funny Valentine" - 2 (Alex, Richard) Breanna Steer “Bust Your Windows” - 2 (Alex, Richard) Angie Miller "Never Gone" - Kree Harrison "Stronger" - Candice Glover "Ordinary People" - 2 (Alex, Richard) Kree Harrison "Crying" - 1 (Richard) Kree Harrison "With A Little Help From My Friends" - Angie Miller "Yesterday" - Candice Glover "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" - Kree Harrison "Don't Play That Song" - Kree Harrison "What The World Needs Now Is Love" - Candice Glover "Straight Up" - 1 (Alex) Kree Harrison "She Talks To Angels" - Kree Harrison "Stormy Weather" - Candice Glover "One" - Candice Glover "Next To Me" - Candice Glover "Chasing Pavements" - Kree Harrison "All Cried Out" -
  11. (0) - Brittany - Casting Party - (0) - Cassandra - Casting Party - (0) - Jael - Political Issue - (0) - Kathleen - Political Issue - (0) - Natasha - Political Issue - (3) - Dionne - Candy - Alex, Victoria, Zoey (0) - Jaslene - Candy - (0) - Renee - Candy - (0) - Dionne - Crime Scene (0) - Jaslene - Crime Scene - (0) - Diana - Gender Swap - (0) - Whitney - Gender Swap - (2) - Dionne & Kim - ANTM Moment - Rei, Wallace (0) - Jael & Rebecca - ANTM Moment - (0) - Whitney & Shannon - ANTM Moment (9) - Brittany - Women’s Magazine - Derek, Megan, Akshar, Gonzalo, Chris, Sola, Dee, Lily, Richard (5) - Jaslene - CoverGirl - Gigi, Diana, Victoria, Zoey, Wallace (0) - Natasha - CoverGirl - (12) - Renee - CoverGirl - Derek, Gigi, Diana, Akshar, Gonzalo, Chris, Sola, Dee, Lily, Alex, Rei, Richard
  12. We're still waiting on a few people who asked for extensions.
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