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  1. I think I'm gonna sit out of season 9, too (I just don't care enough about it ), but I'll join again for season 10.
  2. Just waiting on @1234567890 and @goofycilla90.
  3. Not surprised at all by this outcome. Great winner and top 5! Also, to get into the spirit of the season, I was looking back at some old American Idol recaps from Idolatry (great stuff!), and I came across this brilliant performance again. Allison
  4. Advancing: ... just kidding. "ACTUALLY" Advancing:
  5. Weird, I don’t remember my name being Solaris in my writeup for Lil, @Alex95. Anyway, minus the “TOMT” cut, I’m quite happy with this top 10.
  6. Yeah, there's no universe where Lil Rounds should ever rank above "Tracks Of My Tears." Hopefully she bounces before top 10, but at this point, I'm not optimistic.
  7. What the actual f*ck @ "TOMT" placing in the bottom 5? Adam was already underrepresented in the top 20 to begin with, and then you guys tank that performance? I can't.
  8. So I want to ask you guys: what do you think a reasonable time frame for submissions would be? Because I've been getting extension requests every week, so I want to make sure that you're all comfortable enough with the deadlines so that extensions aren't needed as much.
  9. Oh, my bad. I didn't realize that clearing out some of my old messages meant I wouldn't be able to see new ones. This site is weird.
  10. I didn't get any photos from you. I only got the one from Jarmon so far.
  11. 1/14 photos in. You guys have about 24 hours left!
  12. He posted a few back in 2019, if you didn't know! That's not to say I'm not hoping for more, though.
  13. jk I know you were tanking it, but... MAKE IT MAKE SENSE xD
  14. Yep, she has a lot to live up to this week. No pressure.
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