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  1. I'd be down for that, maybe! I'm not sure how exactly we'd go about choosing the cast, designing shoots, etc. Perhaps you guys could propose some ideas? Of course, this cycle is probably a good 6 months away, lol.
  2. And the next cycle is... Cycle 14!!! Photoshoot #1 - Custo Barcelona - Alasia Alexandra Angelea Anslee Brenda Gabrielle Jessica Krista Naduah Raina Ren Simone Tatianna - Like always, rank these pictures from best (1) to worst (13). Comments are optional (but always encouraged!). Voting will close Tuesday afternoon, so you have about 40 hours to vote. My Ranking: Brenda - In a week of stunning pictures, this takes the top spot for me. She looks so tall and regal, and I love the hunched over pose and sort of haughty expression. Simone - She looks so long here, and I love how all the little details in the shot (her hand, the pointed toe) come together. It's a fantastic picture. Tatianna - I love how "in your face" her pose is. It's a 10/10 for me. I think if she gave a little more behind the expression, this might be my favorite of the week. Raina - Very expensive. She gave one of the simplest poses, but it shows off the ring well. The face is strong, but I think she could've gone for it even more. Ren - I don't love all the negative space here, but that's not her fault. The pose is genius. Opposite to Tatianna and Raina, I would've liked a slightly softer expression. Angelea - I love that she just went for it in this shot. The pose is so dynamic, albeit slightly awkward. She could've also given a bit more edge in the face. Krista - Lots of people hate on this, and I don't entirely see why. The only thing I dislike is the wig. Otherwise, I love how she elongated herself and positioned her legs. Anslee - Her expression here is killer, and I love how her hair is colored to match the bag. I wish she would've elongated her body a bit more, though. Jessica - She got FCO for this on the show, and I can see why. I just think the pose is a little clumsy and not as intentional as some of the others. Alexandra - It speaks volumes of the quality of this shoot that I have a picture this good down here. It's a strong shot. I just would've liked a more confident expression. Alasia - I actually like this shot! Minus points for not showing off the jacket properly, but it's such a bold picture. It's so wrong that it's right. Hopefully she doesn't leave! Naduah - I wish she would have worn the glasses, and little things about the pose (the hand on her leg) take away from the shot enough to place it down here. Gabrielle - This is actually the only picture I dislike from this shoot. It's a shame, because she was so knowledgeable and eloquent, and I loved her in casting.
  3. That might actually be a fun sort of game to run after we finish all 24 cycles, lol. Maybe that's something to consider.
  4. I'm excited to see everyone's performances!
  5. Winner AnnouncementTwo stunningly beautiful and talented women stand before me, but only one of you can win. Brittany, you came into this competition with a lot of personality. Some might say too much. In the first couple shoots, you had a hard time reining it in, but after that, you grew leaps and bounds. By the time the second half of this competition rolled around, you were hands down the most consistent model. Rarely have we seen a model do such a great job overseas. You stand before me just as vibrant and fun as ever, but you've learned how to be a more restrained Brittany when the situation calls for it. Kahlen, you started off this competition a little green and inconsistent. You took lots of great pictures, but it took you a while to truly find your mojo. Your turning point was in the middle of the competition. After channeling your grief into your 7 Deadly Sins picture, you showed just how passionate you were, and minus a bad top 4 picture, you kept that momentum going. You stand before me still awkward and slightly rough around the edges, but at the same time, you've made those things work for you. Both of you have fought hard for the crown, and it was a pretty close call. By a score of 11-7, the winner of cycle 4... is... KAHLEN!!! Congratulations, Kahlen! It wasn't an easy decision, but despite the fact that not everyone loved you, you still managed to pull through. Your journey has been a true Cinderella story, and I'm glad that you've started to see yourself as beautiful and worthy of great things. You have 100% earned this win! Brittany, you put up an incredible fight, and I think if it wasn't for those few less than stellar weeks at the beginning, this may have very well been a different outcome. Regardless, I know you're not the type of girl to give up, and your tenacity and exuberance will definitely get you places. Now it's time for both of you to get out of here and go make your marks on the industry!~Winner's Portfolio~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmzKdGmKeYg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruG_Ng4RPgA - Here are the results of the portfolio battle: Week 1: Brittany - 3 / Kahlen - 15 Week 2: Brittany - 7 / Kahlen - 11 Week 3: Brittany - 11 / Kahlen - 7 Week 4: Brittany - 10 / Kahlen - 8 Week 5: Brittany - 8 / Kahlen - 10 Week 6: Brittany - 16 / Kahlen - 2 Week 7: Brittany - 3 / Kahlen - 15 Week 8: Brittany - 7 / Kahlen - 11 Week 9: Brittany - 17 / Kahlen - 1 Week 10: Brittany - 18 / Kahlen - 0 Week 11.1: Brittany - 9 / Kahlen - 9 Week 11.2: Brittany - 9 / Kahlen - 9 Final Runway: Brittany - 7 / Kahlen - 11 Winner Pick: Brittany - 8 / Kahlen - 10 And here are the end of cycle stats -Most FCOs: Brittany (4)Most Bottom 2 Appearances: Keenyah (4)Biggest Rise in Placement: Michelle (+3 spots) Biggest Fall in Placement: Naima (-7 spots)Best COO Average: Michelle (3.091) (Kahlen was close behind at 3.182. Brittany's was 3.545).Best Overall Score: Brittany (This is calculated differently from COO Average). - Overall, this was an interesting cycle for sure. I do think that minus Naima's early cut, we pretty much got the order right. I'm personally happy with both the final 2 and the overall outcome, although I know some of you definitely won't be. The next cycle will kick off later today. Here's a hint: it's a "middle ANTM" cycle.
  6. Voting is now closed. The winner reveal and next cycle will be posted today!
  7. I spent the day helping my sister move (which included 4 hours of driving), so I'm way too tired to close votes now, lol. Voting will remain open until tomorrow morning/afternoon.
  8. Da'Vonne Ian Dani Janelle Kaysar Kevin Keesha Tyler Nicole A. Enzo Nicole F. Christmas Memphis Bayleigh Cody David
  9. Week 1: KahlenWeek 2: KahlenWeek 3: Brittany Week 4: Brittany Week 5: Kahlen Week 6: BrittanyWeek 7: Kahlen Week 8: Kahlen Week 9: Brittany Week 10: Brittany Week 11.1: Brittany Week 11.2: KahlenFinal Runway: KahlenWinner Pick: Kahlen
  10. Final 2 Portfolio Battle: Brittany vs. Kahlen - Week 1: Aliens in Manhattan - Week 2: 1-800 Flowers - Week 3: Zodiac Signs - Week 4: Got Milk? - Week 5: Gas Station Attendants - Week 6: Wonderbra - Week 7: 7 Deadly Sins - Week 8: Lubriderm - Week 9: Kloofing - Week 10: African Dance - Week 11.1: CoverGirl Ad - Week 11.2: CoverGirl Commercial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I02KbAz6wgE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmzKdGmKeYg - Finale - Final Runway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruG_Ng4RPgA (Show starts around 4:00. I couldn't find a clip for Brittany, so use your imagination/memory for her performance). - Here is the template - Week 1:Week 2:Week 3: Week 4: Week 5: Week 6:Week 7: Week 8: Week 9: Week 10: Week 11.1: Week 11.2:Final Runway:Winner Pick:As always, the winner of each battle will earn 1 point. The exception to this rule is the winner pick battle; the winner of that will get 3 points instead of 1. Your winner pick does not have to be the person who got more points in your battle. Have fun!
  11. Elimination #113 models stand before me, but I have just 2 photos in my hands, and these photos represent our two finalists this season! The first name I'm going to call this week is... Kahlen! It was another very close call this week between you and someone else, but you edged them out by just one vote. Minus a few hiccups throughout your run, you've been quite the formidable competitor, taking some of the strongest pictures of the entire season. I think you've earned this spot fair and square. Congratulations! You're a finalist. Will Brittany and Michelle please step forward? Only one of you will make it through. It's interesting seeing the two of you before me, as you both have what the other needs. Brittany, you take incredible pictures and have such an exuberant, lively personality, but that personality can get you into trouble. You could use some of Michelle's restraint. Michelle, you also take very strong pictures, and it's clear that you want to win this. What's getting the better of you are your insecurities. You could use some of Brittany's confidence. Based on overall scores, only one of you can continue on. And that person is... Congratulations, Brittany. You have the stronger history compared to Michelle, and that's what has earned you a spot in the finale. With four FCOs under your belt, we'd be crazy not to give you a spot. Congratulations! You too are a finalist. Michelle, this means you are out. You did so well to make it this far, and I think you surpassed lots of people's expectations. I think regardless of whether or not modeling is something you'd like to pursue in the future, working on your confidence is going to be the most important thing. Once you start making improvements in that area, I see great things ahead. Best of luck to you. ~Eliminated Model's Portfolio~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erGHSsrFZMM
  12. Voting is now closed. Results and the final 2 portfolio battle will be posted today.
  13. I remember we had this exact argument about Kahlen in the original Reloaded like 8 years ago. Some things never change.
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