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  1. Cast Ranking: Definitely a step down from last episode, which was a tough act to follow. We got makeovers, but not much drama came from it, besides the usual of girls getting destroyed by the producers lol. 1. Victoria - Victoria is one of my favorite early boots. She was a great voice of the people and we'll be missing out not having her for the rest of the cycle. May Victoria & Twiggy reappear on our screens for The Challenge: Rivals IV 2. Bianca - Poor Bianca went through makeover hell, but she handled it like a champ, much better than I ever expected. 3. Heather - Queen of third place rankings! Heather is a reliable narrator. 4. Ebony - Ebony's resting bitch face . Loved seeing her turn into a great model out of the blue! 5. Lisa - Likable background presence. 6. Jenah - Likable background presence. 7. Janet - The Liza Minnelli lewk . 8. Sarah - Congrats on your challenge win gurl! 9. Ambreal - Yay for her, she's getting content next episode! 10. Chantal - Her meltdown was kinda funny, but I also think a more interesting girl would've had a bigger and funnier meltdown. 11. Saleisha - Saleisha's downfall . Should've ended in an elimination. Photo Ranking: Another great photoshoot. Some terrible makeup here and there, but overall it was surprisingly strong. A few girls absolutely crushed it and produced iconic photos. What a breath of fresh air these shoots have been since C8. 1. Jenah - Once again, duh. Iconic. The way she blends into the tree is just gorgeous. She goes for simple, but brings all the power to her eyes to give it edge. Amazing. 2. Ebony - Where the hell did Miss Ebony come from??? She is modeling right down to the tips of her fingers. She managed to blend the bird concept and the flower concept together flawlessly. 3. Heather - I feel bad for Heather getting stuck with the ugly one, but it's still a strong ass picture. 4. Victoria - Unpopular opinion? I love this. I think the neck is so wrong it's right. It's awkward, but that's who Victoria is and I think it fits the cactus concept well. 5. Janet - Just a bit more life in her eyes and this could've been great. 6. Ambreal - I liked what Ambreal was doing on set, not sure why they chose this picture. It's good, but not great. 7. Lisa - I used to like this picture more, but I've gone down on it. As weird as this sounds, I think her face is almost too strong, it's a bit jarring. I also don't like the missing arm. It's still good, but I like the other ones more. 8. Sarah - I think she's a bit too blended into the plants that she's getting lost. 9. Bianca - Bad. Thank God she finally gets good soon. 10. Chantal - Bad. 11. Saleisha - Lol.
  2. Cycle 9 - Episode 4 - The Girl Who Goes Bald Victoria is adjusting to wanting to become ANTM. Saleisha declares she's never gonna be in the bottom two. I can't believe Bianca was supposed to get this Dora is coming! "I am a Black girl going platinum blonde...I'm gonna look like a street walker!" They are struggling with Miss Ebony Meanwhile, Heather got, like, nothing done They are pulling a Jael on Bianca and switching her makeover and cutting everything off. They are nasty for this wig Chantal's too happy...they should've cut that shit off we were robbed of a meltdown! Janet runs out onto the runway in the wrong dress because she can't find hers Apparently this girl named Sarah exists, and she won the makeup challenge. The girls are happy someone besides Saleisha won a challenge "Everybody else gets to be a princess and I get to be a witch " "I JUST WANT TO PUT ON SNEAKERS AND A T-SHIRT AND GO TO THE LIBRARY!" "Being a cactus is so ridiculous. High-fashion modeling is sometimes ludicrous...it's a strange world" Chantal melts down because Jay and the photographer were telling her different things "I could've done really good if they would just shut up for two seconds " "It's interesting you were given cactus which is quite prickly because-" "Can I get one thing straight? I don't have a prickly disposition!" "You don't? " "No I do not " "I actually think you are a little bit prickly " Wowwww the photographer tells Jenah he's gonna work with her again when she's inevitably signed! This is so bad Tyra allows Bianca to continue on without the terrible wig lol Ebony making this face at panel every week Look how close we were to a Saleisha & Chantal bottom two! But we say goodbye to Victoria for being "abrasive" Victoria has gained an appreciating for modeling, but her heart wasn't in this And then there were 10...
  3. Kenya should've stayed for quote tweeting this Miz hate tweet
  4. I've been consistently ranking him in my top 5 in the rankings thread, this isn't new lol.
  5. I just watched Iman’s dance and yeah it was amazing. People on here always underrate the difficulty of lifts for the men in these dances. We’ve seen plenty of strong men flop the lifts, just because you’re strong doesn’t mean you have that kind of power or control, nor does it mean you inspire that level of trust in your partner thar Iman has successfully done with Daniella. That was not an easy dance and Iman nailed every single lift. And he’s no actor, yet managed to get into character and the spirit of the dance flawlessly. Y’all decide you’re gonna hate the men’s dances before they even start, so going into them with that mindset will never help things.
  6. It's not the audience I trust lol. I'm just saying there's only four men left and four spots in the finale. At least one remaining man will have to be in the bottom two at least once this season and when that happens, the judges are cutting him asap.
  7. TPTB would never allow an all-male finale. Say what you want about the judges scoring, but with Kenya's elimination literally all the remaining women are higher than literally all the remaining men on the leaderboard average-wise.
  8. If the top five were truly the four men and a woman, whichever man landed in the bottom two with the Final Woman would be eliminated. I still think Jimmie's fanbase is not that large and he's gonna be whisked off in a double. The other three men...they're in it till the semifinals the latest.
  9. Cody is the true evil of the season. The other mediocre men are fun.
  10. Says the Michael Yerger/every boring white guy on Survivor stan
  11. Cast Ranking: I enjoyed the episode! I've decided just to embrace the negative undertone of the entire season in a Survivor: South Pacific kinda way. Give me all the darkness and negativity! Fashion-wise, this was the best episode in cycles between the rock climbing shoot and the couture runway show. 1. Bianca - Yes there was fat shaming, there was bitchiness, there was arrogance. Her behavior was bad. But geez, was she legendary. So many amazing quotes come from her fight with Saleisha. If you're gonna be mean, be the best at it from a reality show standpoint. Bianca is the best, point blank and the period. 2. Victoria - She is so weird and #overit I love her . Round 2 vs. Twiggy was a rousing success! 3. Heather - I'm not usually a fan of the "sweet" girls, but Heather is naturally funny and just genuinely lovable. There's nothing put on for the show, she just seems like an amazing woman, and I think that's beyond needed in this cast. 4. Ebony - I'm glad Ebony's reigned herself in from the premiere. She's actually turned into the fun bitch while Bianca's the bitchy bitch lmao. 5. Jenah - Queen of rock climbing! 6. Lisa - A cool-down episode, but she needed it. 7. Ambreal - I want to like her more, I wish she had more to do. 8. Chantal - Will Chantal ever climb out of 8th? Stay tuned! 9. Janet - Irrelevant girl trio 10. Sarah - Irrelevant girl trio 11. Saleisha - I'm sorry, but Bianca completely wiped the floor with her. And are we supposed to be impressed by her because I'm not? 12. Kimberly - Irrelevant girl trio . But not actually that irrelevant lol. She was Bianca's partner in crime so I should appreciate her, but I think I have to take out my "Bianca is objectively mean" energy somewhere and I'm taking it out on her because she is 500x less funny than Bianca. Photo Ranking: Amazing shoot, so many dynamic photographs. I didn't love the photography, but the setting and the dresses and some of the shots made up for it. 1. Jenah - Iconic. So simple and stunning. The way her back lines up against the rope is amazing. And her expression is genius and elevates the photo which could've been boring. Love it! 2. Janet - This who? girl took one of the most underrated photos in ANTM history. The way her arm is wrapped in the rope, the angle of her body, the way she crossed her legs, how the dress is flowing. She looks like a dancer here, such an amazing photo. 3. Heather - Her profile! Stunning, amazing, extraordinary, etc. Not the most dynamic pose, but she didn't need it to be. 4. Ambreal - I love this photo! This is Ambreal's strongest photo of the competition. I love the attitude and I think it's a very different vibe from the other photos, but it works. 5. Victoria - I used to hate this photo, but it's grown on me so much throughout the years. I love how she looks scared and, like Ambreal's, it's a different vibe which works. 6. Lisa - I feel like she looks like she's actually climbing it and going on an adventure which is a plus in my book. I think it could've been a bit more graceful, but it's a difficult pose and a good shot. 7. Chantal - It's a B- shot for me. She could've created a better shape and I wish her right arm was doing something more. But she took a risk and it's better than...some other risks below her lol. 8. Sarah - Very middle-of-the-road. Fine, but nothing special. 9. Saleisha - From the waist down, the shot is amazing and I will fight for that! The rest of the shot is a mess though lol, and the judges just ignoring her face was a Choice. 10. Ebony - Legs for days! But she's giving me nothing from the waist up. 11. Bianca - Her face is just dead and she's doing nothing interesting with her pose to make up for it. 12. Kimberly - Her eyes are almost closed and it looks like she was just knocked into that wall lol. She was the right choice to go home.
  12. Cycle 9 - Episode 3 - The Girls Go Rock Climbing Kimberly gets the opening confessional...HMM I wonder what that could mean! Bianca gives Kimberly bad advice on her runway walk lol The girls give Heather a makeover! But Bianca doesn't like the amount of attention she gets Bianca finds Saleisha annoying and hopes she doesn't get far in the competition The girls cower in fear as Miss J makes her dramatic entrance like its a horror film The girls have to walk in straightjackets lol "I made it to the top history program in Yale but I can't walk in a runway show properly...?" "When Miss J was redoing my walk I was like JUST SHOOT ME NOW AND SEND ME HOME!" "Saleisha did a good walk but I still feel her face is very commercial. Nothing special that stood out" Kimberly & Bianca confront Saleisha over having a leg up in the competition from her prior experience and Saleisha gets offended. "YOUR BODY TYPE IS NOT BETTER THAN ME, YOU'RE BORDERLINE PLUS-SIZE!" "YOU LOOK LIKE A BRATZ DOLL! PLEASE STAND ON YOUR TOES!" "CHECK YO THIGHS OUT IN THE MIRROR, AND I'M DONE!" Lmao yeah Bianca's horrible in the fight, but she can DRAG! She is soooooo good at this. The C8 girls had to do a high school fashion show while the C9 girls gets to do a couture runway show for a chance to walk in Paris Lol Ebony don't give a shit And Saleisha won her second straight challenge (too lazy to get a better screencap lol) "Ohh that's good!!!" Mr. Jay, lying "I felt like I was a sea nymph on acid scaling the wall in the sunshine " Heather is sad about eliminations because she's become friends with everyone "Heather is learning a lot in this competition, she's building self-esteem. She's gonna go far...and Imma have to stop her before she gets there " Twiggy: You've very, very unsual Victoria: What is unusual about me? Miss J and Tyra giggling as Victoria comes for Twiggy again "She's out to get me that Victoria!" Ebony snatch'd that photo out of Tyra's hands! Aww Kimberly's final words about just wanting everyone to be proud of her are actually kinda sad And then there were 11...
  13. Lol that's interesting. Jenah seems like your kind of model so I'm surprised you originally hated her. Lol exactly. I'm sure it exists and I want it too! Victoria didn't pretend to hate the show but secretly love it like Elyse. She just flatout loathed it openly Such amazing models and personalities! Mila could've added some levity to this cycle that it desperately needed. I just don't know how far she could've skated by if she never took a good picture lol. Lmao the colors are completely random. I try to give the girls who go far colors the more basic colors for my own ease lol.
  14. Nope, not till top 8. Two more single eliminations, then two doubles, then finale.
  15. Lol I think there's a 0% chance of that happening . Len's a lock for Melora and I think at least one other judge would keep her as well, likely Derek. Olivia vs. Kenya with Olivia staying is my biggest realistic fear that I can totally see happening tonight.
  16. Watch out for a "shock" Melora B2 appearance tonight. She got stuck with a safe song and style compared to all the other dark/spooky numbers we'll get tonight. Whoever she's in the B2 with is f*cked though (unless JoJo or Amanda somehow find themselves down there, and if that's the case it'll just be chaos on the judging panel and on this board)
  17. Wholahay - Four Personalities (because that's the episode that gave us the iconic name) Jael - Candy
  18. 1. Melora & Artem (=) 2. Kenya & Brandon (+1) 3. JoJo & Jenna (-1) 4. Miz & Witney (=) 5. Mel & Gleb (+2) 6. Iman & Daniella (-1) 7. Suni & Sasha (-1) 8. Amanda & Alan (+1) 9. Olivia & Val (+1) 10. Jimmie & Emma (-2) 11. Cody & Cheryl (=)
  19. Olivia Jade & Val Chmerkovskiy - "Summer Nights" (Foxtrot): 7 Melora Hardin & Artem Chigvintsev - "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee" (Viennese Waltz): 9 Iman Shumpert & Daniella Karagach - "Hopelessly Devoted To You" (Viennese Waltz): 5 Mike "The Miz" Mizanin & Witney Carson - "Greased Lightnin’" (Jive): 7 Amanda Kloots & Alan Bersten - "Beauty School Dropout" (Viennese Waltz): 9 Suni Lee & Sasha Farber - "Born to Hand Jive" (Charleston): 8 Jimmie Allen & Emma Slater - "Sandy" (Foxtrot): 6 Kenya Moore & Brandon Armstrong - "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" (Rumba): 10 JoJo Siwa & Jenna Johnson - "Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee (Reprise)" (Foxtrot): 10 Melanie C. & Gleb Savchenko - "You’re The One That I Want" (Quickstep): 8 Cody Rigsby & Cheryl Burke - "We Go Together" (Quickstep): 6
  20. Mel: crying in rehearsal over lack of self-confidence Gleb:
  21. Lolol the way Olivia Newton-John had no idea what was going on and just read some script in front of her
  22. https://www.thewrap.com/travis-wall-sexual-misconduct-break-the-floor-dance-company/
  23. Shoutout to Mudbound though which is a great film that I just ruthlessly sacrificed when it had no votes against it . I liked all the films in the final voting round so it was tough (A Fantastic Woman unseen).
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