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  1. I feel like it’d be more fair for Cam to decide alone if the only reason we’re waiting is cause he can’t get a response from Dee.
  2. Aaron Carter Poor sweet, innocent Aaron Carter. What the hell has happened to you? I'll try to use a lot of compassion in this writeup because he's seriously addicted to something or going through something and I just hope he gets some sort of help he needs. Aaron Carter's complete breakdown is definitely not fun to watch at all. I was very excited when Aaron was announced to be on the 9th season of DWTS, partnered with Karina. I grew up listening to a lot of Aaron Carter so he was definitely one of the celebrities I was most familiar with going into the season. While watch S9,
  3. RIP Controversasha but Jana and Arike as the final two Gleb partners as they should be
  4. It's called working from home and just having IDF up on your home computer while you're working on your work computer
  5. I would've cut A*ron if I wasn't desperate to cut a Derek partner.
  6. Cycle 3 ~Never Nominees~ In Big Brother 17, Vanessa Rousso nominated 10 different houseguests, more than any other houseguest has ever nominated in Big Brother history I think. She nominated James Huling and John McGuire twice, but other than them, each of her nominees was a houseguest she hadn't nominated before. For this twist, you will all have two switch up your strategies and nominate houseguests you had not nominated in the first two cycles of the game. I have written down all the houseguests you have all nominated before and will reveal them when it's your turn to nominate. An
  7. That leaves @1234567890 with about 5 hours for Clay Honeycutt vs. Nick & Phil Paquette before we end the cycle!
  8. @*Amanda and @1234567890 each have one cut left Clay Honeycutt Nick & Phil Paquette Alec Beall Godfrey Mangwiza
  9. I didn't so can I still come for you
  10. Oh lord I forgot about that Zach and Jozea OF collaboration until now!
  11. No the Zach cut was very righteous though
  12. Agreed! Jase’s slow realization that he wasn’t getting saved but getting screwed is amazing. And Jase’s face when Natalie walked through the door as Adria’s twin five minutes after he railed into Adria for betraying Scott is ICONIC
  13. JASE . One of the best prejury villains ever.
  14. Winston's also waaaaaay hotter than Brett imo
  15. I hate Brett more than Winston just because Brett lasted longer (and his postshow friendships with Jack and Jackson)
  16. Winston and the furniture being the final three from L6 is the exact opposite of what I expected lol.
  17. Sam ages so well for me. She is an absolute psycho
  18. Ohhh okay lol. Like you said to each their own. I thought you were coming at me for a second haha. Your feelings of course are valid!
  19. Umm I've never criticized someone for not coming out of the closet?? Kenny was open with the audience the entire time and he did end up coming out to the house when his game was over anyway.
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