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  1. She's saying that because Elliott's cutting it so you have to make a new cut.
  2. As if I wouldn't have this masterpiece in the game
  3. Released in the US in 2010. I said at the beginning of the game that festival runs or international releases in 2009 that get a full US release in 2010 are eligible.
  4. Then you can’t confused react when you have the most tragic decision of the cycle under your belt
  5. Yeah I had to save this Not this
  6. Remember how Ryan Starr got saved causing this robbery?
  7. Yeah but Nico saved George last round. Could happen again.
  8. Will be getting a Kradam battle
  9. Can Jena be nominated two rounds in a row @sublymonal?
  10. @NGM can now close off the cycle and nominate 18 films that are rated PG-13 or higher!
  11. @Deeee has Submarine vs. Win Win. However, 24 hours is up so @aliasocfan can make the final decision.
  12. @Deeee @*Chris Conviction Made In Dagenham Submarine Win Win
  13. Alicia Calaway Darrah Johnson Leann Slaby Bobby Jon Drinkard Yul Kwon Sundra Oakley James Clement Alexis Jones Matty Whitmore John Fincher Sash Lenahan Spencer Bledsoe Julia Sokolowski JP Hilsabeck Nick Wilson Dean Kowalski
  14. 1. Nastasia 2. Laura 3. Allyssa 4. Leila 5. Kristin 6. Brittany
  15. Yes! I don't know why I was so surprised because I mean she's literally amazing in everything. But she's just so funny and had the perfect amount of heart.
  16. Well I just watched Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. Dan Stevens and Rachel McAdams Academy Awards when?
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