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  1. That leaves @NGM with The Report vs. Spy
  2. 3 and a half hours left for @Elliott @NGM @aliasocfan before strikes are doled out and anyone can swoop in to cut and save 20th Century Women High Life Mirai The Report 12 Years A Slave Spy
  3. Lmao the champs are a bunch of legends and then they just have Ashley K randomly there
  4. So the Champs don't have to do sh*t at first...? So dumb. Wild seeing Shane back after all this time. Obviously I knew it was coming, but it really is crazy to see. LaToya and Marie are fun and unexpected returns as well. It's been a bit for both of them, pretty cool to see them! And now I'm seeing Kailah and Hunter on their first season...yup I'm definitely in the current era of The Challenge!
  5. Not shocked by Miguel's placement, but shocked the public put him in last.
  6. Shocker, Kevin is the target. Kevin & David noms likely. Maaaaaaybe a Christmas backdoor if someone wins veto, so rooting for that.
  7. Kaysar already tweeted about giving it to Day! I hope Janelle tweets something similar. She already knows America loves her and she doesn't need the money. It would be huge to see someone like Da'Vonne win AFP.
  9. I think the two S5, Kat and Daughtry.
  10. We're still waiting on @aliasocfan @.Rei @NGM @Elliott 20th Century Women High Life Mirai Fences The Report 12 Years A Slave Kick-Ass Spy
  11. I'm really baffled by the public #25. Everyone remaining seems generally popular and the public usually follows the consensus. Maybe WALL-E?
  12. Nico's wide open bottom five
  13. Three number ones in the bottom 10 this final ranking is brutal.
  14. I 100% think it will be Ursula. I agree with you that Scar is next, or at least very soon.
  15. Singing literally Sia's biggest song is terrifying. If you f*ck it up, you're pretty much dead. I can imagine them being terrified to take that on.
  16. La'Porsha's a black woman so yes.
  17. What happened to this energy?
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