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  1. 1. Nik 2. Lisa 3. Jayla 4. Bre 5. Nicole
  2. Lol Anne you’re not cutting and saving this round you were blocked. Zendaya and Gilles remain on the board.
  3. All Internationals saved #WorstTwistEver #IF*ckedUp
  4. This. I wish it was BBUK cut over CBBUK though.
  5. @Steven_ you have Big Brother UK cut on the front page and Celebrity Big Brother UK still in even though it's the other way around.
  6. Are we gonna pretend like Band Geeks isn't one of the best episodes of television of this century?
  7. I think if they cut the munchausen by proxy storyline it could've been a lot better. That was the clear weak link of the show for me and it just felt so pointless.
  8. Not mourning House of Cards because of the K*vin Sp*cey of it all and the last few seasons were kinda godawful. But I really did adore that show for the first three seasons. And Robin Wright as Claire Underwood remains one of my favorite characters on television if that last season never happened
  9. The Politician This show had a lot of potential and turned into a colossal disappointment. We're only one season in though. There are some iconic shows out there with a disappointing first season. I think there's loads of room for improvement here and the season finale showed that the show could be good! Unfortunately we had to sit through seven mediocre episodes to get there. The Politician is about a teenager running for school president as part of step one of his multi-year plan in order to one day become president of the United States. They all take this school president race way too seriously which is kinda the point of the show. The movie Election with Reese Witherspoon does it a million times better though! Anyways, the show tries tackling a bunch of different things for some reason (pretty much because it's a Ryan Murphy show). You've got munchausen by proxy, everyone's bisexual, there's a random Gone Girl mini plot, a bunch of relationship drama, unexpected suicide, near murder. It's A Lot. Like I said, this is Ryan Murphy. He has no idea on how to have a good idea and just tell a solid story. He has to throw a bunch of sh*t at the wall and just hope it all lands. And it never all lands. Whew I wonder how many Ryan Murphy shows I have cut or nominated now. The show was just a hot mess. Kinda fun at times, but mainly a hot mess. Three positives though: 1. The cast. Jessica Lange, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lucy Boynton, Laura Dreyfuss, January Jones, Zoey Deutch, the absolutely gorgeous David Corenswet. So much talent on one show. What a shame it flopped so bad. 2. The theme song. "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens is one of the greatest choices for a theme song ever. 3. The season finale. Starring Bette Midler and Judith Light, it set up a second season on a larger scope and it was a million times better than everything season one vomited out. Of course the second season could still be messy as hell because we'll still be stuck with Ben Platt and his friends. But the more we focus on Bette Midler the better off we'll be. I'm gonna check out the second season whenever it comes out and I hope there's a big improvement there. But for now, this is a more than fair spot for this show. Saving Fleabag
  10. Whew can't believe how close we were to losing Fleabag, I Did That.
  11. Save Fleabag Cut Politician
  12. Didn't properly mourn so RIP Penny Dreadful. Despite that godawful series finale, it was a great show. Eva Green's performance here is one of the best pieces of acting I've ever seen in my life. Billie Piper proving she's way more than Rose Tyler! A feminist legend she is here. Also love this incredibly gay scene that was thrown into the show for literally no reason and never addressed again
  13. Here is the final nominating order of the game: So @Solaris is up first and his 24 hours to nominate starts now. He will name 14 nominees of whomever he'd like besides Mya. Everyone will be cutting and saving except @aliasocfan
  14. His undeserved presence on the season is a crime against humanity.
  15. Watched TC. Heartbroken for Ethan, they did him dirty. This boot order has been pretty tragic so far.
  16. 17 rankings this episode! Episode 2: 1. Parvati Shallow (=) - 3.2 2. Sophie Clarke (+3) - 5.2 3. Yul Kwon (=) - 5.6 4. Sandra Diaz-Twine (-2) - 5.7 5. Natalie Anderson (-1) - 7.0 6. Kim Spradlin-Wolfe (=) - 7.5 7. Ethan Zohn (+1) - 7.7 8. Michele Fitzgerald (+1) - 8.9 9. Tony Vlachos (+3) - 10.2 10. Denise Stapley (+3) - 10.5 11. Rob Mariano (=) - 10.7 12. Danni Boatwright (-5) - 11.1 13. Jeremy Collins (-3) - 11.3 14. Adam Klein (+4) - 13.2 15. Nick Wilson (-1) - 13.6 16. Sarah Lacina (-1) - 14.1 17. Amber Mariano (-1) - 14.9 18. Tyson Apostol (+1) - 15.4 19. Wendell Holland (-2) - 16.7 20. Ben Driebergen (=) - 17.6 Episode 3 ranking will go until March 3rd at 8 pm. -Please no "strategic ranking" (this isn't a game, no need to rank a popular contestant you like low just because you wanna see someone you like more rank higher overall) -Please don't edit your posts. I like adding up the rankings as I get them. If you feel you have to change something, just rank again and let me know that you're ranking again. I'll use everyone's final rankings in the tally at the end of the week. -Please include all the Survivors in your rankings including those on EOE.
  17. Here's some resources to check out! https://www.bigbrothercanada.ca/houseguests/ https://www.bigbrothercanada.ca/news/ Ika interviews: Bio videos if you're not from Canada and you can't watch them:
  18. Stanning all the women (except Angie) so far. From the guys I like Luke and Kyle, potentially Sheldon (and maybe Chris but COMPLETELY ironically).
  20. I hate her so far lol
  21. Go to the ET Canada youtube page! The Ika interviews are already up!
  22. Hopefully McKenziegoddess wins Jeopardy tonight again in honor of Jeopardy being the last game show.
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