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  1. 01. Khrystyana 02. Liberty 03. Jeana 04. Coura
  2. This is why I left him alone because I figured she would do it.
  3. King Triton And the person who made these noms wonders why they were selected to go first. Those were some big names in that group but for the most part the right decisions were made. My original cut was going to be the magic carpet but I couldn’t bring myself to actually cut it when it came down to it so I settled on King Triton. King Triton is Ariels’ dad in the little mermaid. He is very protective and doesn’t want Ariel to go to the surface and meet humans. He has good intentions but goes about them the wrong way. I like him but out of the noms left he is the choice I feel the safest with making. Save Chip
  4. Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution tba i feel bad cutting this film because it’s Pokémon related but I just wanted to get this cut in before doctor strange gets cut or something. I didn’t wanna risk it. This movie is a Netflix exclusive and it came out last year. It’s basically rehash of the program Pokémon movie which I enjoyed. This was a good watch but it’s fine film to go at this point in time. If you’ve seen the original this isn’t any better imo. I still love Pokémon but out it goes out of this rankdown.
  5. Save Doctor Strange Cut Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution
  6. I think we are thinking about the same person. I saved Rebecca so Elliott wouldn't get to her when I should have just saved her because I knew once Rebecca was saved, Wally would just save Treyc.
  7. Michaela Baranov I'll fix this later but I just wanted to get this in before Elliott had a chance to eliminate Rebecca Ferguson. I'm sorry to those who are fans of the Australian version of the x factor but I just don't know who she is. I didn't even know she was on The X Factor Australia before I started this write-up. She was a contestant on the 7th of season of the competition series. She was apart of the Girls category (obviously because that was Sola's restriction) and she was mentored by Dannii Minogue. She was eliminated in week 5 and finished in 7th place. I'll do more research on her later one. Save: Rebecca
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