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  1. I’m still in the hospital but feel better.
  2. I was just about to post that I was able to continue.
  3. Whoever made deals with me please remind me within the next 24 hours because I’m going to gather up the strength to rank.
  4. American Dad TBA As I lay in the hospital bed I think to myself why can’t I just not worry about this game and go to sleep. I have issues obviously. I’m going to do a bullsh*t write-up in the meantime and fix it up when I am discharged from the hospital. American Dad. I think it’s a show produced by Seth Farelene in the same vain as Family Guy. I want to say the dad is undercover of some kind? I’m currently to weak to fact check. It was on Fox I believe and it’s unfortunately now gone. I’m sorry to any fans.
  5. 01. Sophie 02. Catherine 03. Annaliese 04. Laura 05. AzMarie 06. Alisha 07. Eboni 08. Ashley
  6. I was here before Wally and know his old username.
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