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  1. "No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)" by 3LW
  2. The sad part is that even with your 20th rank you didn’t lie.
  3. @jarmon, you came out of the gate swinging and you should have nothing but admiration at your journey. You warned us with your first photo. You were an amazing competitor.
  4. @rdhaley96, thank you so much for running this game. It’s been an amazing ride. After losing Nicole so early I was worried I would be an early casualty. I’m glad to have won the season of winners. Thank you to everyone who voted for Raina and to even those who didn’t.
  5. Are we eliminating Idol performances now?
  6. I hope those who ranked The Golden Girls last or low don't come out of the woodwork coming out that they are a fan now that Betty is gone. Keep that same energy.
  7. The Golden Girls is actually TGG so this shade is inaccurate.
  8. Although they were apart of the original Making The Band, they aren't associated with Puffy. The first season was on ABC and all seasons thereafter were on MTV. Dream was an act signed to Puffy's label though.
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