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  1. House of Cards I just wanted to let Alex know I had no malice with the Fleabag cut just chose to cut something I'm unfamiliar with. You got to save it so all is well. Someone is really mad The Voice got cut my nominating a lot of reality tv shows. I did nothing against CGF but these nominations would make you think I did. LOL. On to House of Cards. I know this show is very good but given that is has Kevin Spacey; I figured it was a cut I could make and no one could be very upset. House of Cards is an American political thriller web television series created by Beau Willimon. It was a Netflix original and lasted 6 seasons. I think season 6 was the last season anyway before Kevin Spacey tarnished the show. The show is set in Washington, D.C. and follows the story of Congressman Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey and his wife Claire Underwood played by Robin Wright. The show deals with manipulation, politics, betrayal and power. In 2017, following sexual misconduct allegations against Spacey it was decided that Frank Underwood would be killed off in the final season.
  2. Ginger Zee I'm glad I'm the first to come make a cut / save because I don't want to be at the end and have to make a hard decision. By getting here first I can make the very easy decision of saving Baby Spice and cutting Ginger Spice Zee. Ginger Zee was a weather presenter on Dancing with the Stars 22. I believe she was a presenter for ABC which explained why they treated Ginger like a frontrunner when she clearly was not. The best thing she had going for her besides being on Good Morning America which aired on ABC was being the partner of Val Chmerkovskiy. She did manage to get a perfect score twice with her Viennese Waltz, Argentine Tango & Freestyle. She got to third thanks to all the rigging her favor.
  3. Felicity It's so nice waking up to having both of you immunity choices nominated and the tv show you just brought back being nominated as well. Lovely. I was going to cut Good Omens or Merlin because Tom cut Charm School but I ultimately decided not to. I will give them the fighting chance he decided not to give that show. #dramatic The only thing I know about Felicity is that is stars Keri Russell. The show was created by Matt Reeves and J.J. Abrams. The series revolves around the fictional college experiences of the title character, Felicity Porter as she attends the "University of New York" which is based of New York University. The show aired on The WB which brings back memories. The show ran from 1998 to 2002 and lasted 4 seasons.
  4. Yul Kwon The only cut I would have made out of the remaining noms was Yul or Natalie and seeing how the Yul cut got changed to a Elissa cut I'm going to cut Yul right now. You can't even claim it's petty out of these nominations because every choice is a hard one. Since Elissa got cut then I must save Rachel. Yul Kwon is a Survivor legend and he is really hot too I might add. Yul Kwon is the sole Survivor of Survivor: Cook Islands and he later competed on Survivor: Winners at War. He is Survivor's first Asian-American winner so that is really special. He won in a 5-4-0 vote. Survivor: Winners at War is currently still airing so all I can tell you is Yul is still competing on that show.
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